Daily Archives: December 16, 1999

you know that feeling?

the one where you can’t help but think that you’re nothing but an inconvenience to everyone? you know… that you’re losing all your friends? that you have no significance at all? this is not a self-pity rant. it’s honestly how i’ve felt the last couple weeks. lord knows it’s not true, but every time i try to text someone just to see what’s up, and all i get it one-word replies for the entire conversation, it’s difficult to think anything but the worst. it seems like all i do lately is sit alone at my house, work, or buy music. which by the way is not true. i’ve had some days where i’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with people. so why do i feel completely alone? either i need to get punched in the gut, or i really need a hobby. i’ll be posting all my birthday stuff later. /rant.

love, kelci.