Fine. Just Wallow In The Dust. Stupid.

So, I’m taking photo this year at school–and–well, I tried to take one of these to the class…(the one with the brown case)

My teacher looked at me, and said, “Man, that’ll work, but it’s an OLDDDDD camera.”

Grrrreat. I was so thrilled at my obvious advantage in the class already.


Ah, but alas. I found a newer camera my dad failed to mention…TADA.

Well, I loaded up my camera today with some 400 speed film–and it SEEMED to work lovely. I enjoyed the macro and infinity lenses…but they were a TAD dusty. I literally spent an hour and a half dusting the whole thing. Phew. The eighties called, and they want your five hundred dollar camera back dad.

I’ll see how the film turns out when I get it from Albertson’s tomorrow. Lovely place. Not really–especially the one on Grand and 13th. Some intriguing, and possibly questionable characters enjoy perusing for groceries at the locale.

Other than messing with my camera, I finished a little Algebra III homework–fun stuff…Easy–possibly too easy. Afterwards, I went to Caramel Cookie Waffle and purchased two ALMOND HORNS. YUM. YUM. HOLY MOSES. No, golly jee wilikers. It’s basically some sort of almond covered creation dipped in chocolate…ahhh.


I have nothing else to say to you tonight. GOOD DAY! And…


*End Blog Transmission!*-Spencer

2 responses to “Fine. Just Wallow In The Dust. Stupid.

  1. I love Carmel Cookie Waffle. I especially love their Carmel Cookie Waffles, and I would probably be a fat kid if I could eat as many as I want. But my love of CCW is a rant for another comment…

    What brand/type of camera did you bring into your photo class (the one in the brown case)? And what is the brand/type of camera you’re using now?

  2. you’re officially in my phone as sylvania superflash. hahaha.

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