People are so stupid:)

this post is so titled because it’s true. try to prove me wrong.

this is me, lookin like a circus freak on the first day.

<rant> another thing about me, i really don’t care about people who don’t like me. i’m fully aware of the fact that what i wore that day did not go at all. and i loved it. suck a big toe. i’m so done with people judging others for being themselves. i remember last spring, i saw a girl wearing a white dress who was obviously running late since she was running, and as she passed these other two girls, they look at each other and scoff, saying “wow fake bake…” and it just ticked me off! i didn’t know any of them, but i know the girl in the dress was more beautiful than the other two and they had no right putting her down like that. if stuff like that happens all the time, then i’m stuck with zero hope for humanity. </rant>.

i thought that html thing was clever, since my last one was an obvious fail. i love grapes, and i love telling you all about me.

love, Kelci.

2 responses to “People are so stupid:)

  1. Totally. BAM! Conversation moved. Now I can compliment this post because, guess, what? You’re right. And stuff.

  2. WHOA. i can’t even keep up with all this conversation moving! yep, at the good ol’ theater, you develop a quiet hatred for people. not all people, just the stupid ones. which includes a lot of people.

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