I Hate Rain

This is a quick one.  I actually don’t hate rain, but it’s just because I work today.  And, unlike when it storms, my bosses don’t care about the rain and give me things to do.  But there are absolutely, one-hundred percent, undeniably no friggin’ customers in the store when it rains.  Sooo I don’t get to help people like I like doing (actually, love doing.  I absolutely love retail.)  And that sucks.

Also, a preview for tomorrow’s post (or maybe tonight’s, I dunno, I’m just a baby!): What The Hell!?!  Figure that one out, baby birds.  And don’t worry, I shall feed you soon, my hatchlings.  I shall feed you soon.

3 responses to “I Hate Rain

  1. You like retail?!?

    *left eye twitches crazily*

    WHY?!? If anything, working in retail has made me hate people because they are so incredibly stupid. They’re also really lazy. And sometimes they smell because you gave them the wrong directions to the bathroom.

    I guess the only thing I do like about retail is the feeling I get when I help someone and they actually appreciate it. Other then that, it’s just another paycheck…

  2. Oh yeah, friggin’ love it, son. Even when I do get kinda dicks. Cuz I love characters, man. It’s amazing how different everyone acts depending on what you do. I like studying people. Like, for example, most old ladies that get keys cut are all joking around, being happy and cheery and old; while most young ladies (also known as jailbait and/or Jade’s main “fish pond”) typically just stand there and ignore attempts at friendly convversation.

    Also, I love the stuff I get. I’ll make a few posts about all the random people I’ve met, and the stories I’ve done. It may be because I work at a hardware store, giving me a different product set than you. But who knows.

    • Yeah… I would imagine hardware retail would be way more enjoyable then apparel retail. I seriously need to get out of working with clothes before I lose my mind.

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