Me Encanta la Lluvia!

if you tell the truth when people ask if you’re okay, raise your hand. i noticed today in spanish there are several kids who look like they’re on the brink of losing it, i know this feeling because i’ve been there, and when señora asked them how they were feeling, they said “bien” just like the rest of the robots. I know for a fact i’ve done this too many times to count, but it drives me nuts that they can’t reach out for help. this year at school feels so different. i used to know almost every person walking through the halls, now i’m lucky if i get to say hi to one person in between classes. it’s pathetic. this year isn’t really a good time for me to not have people around.

yeah, that's me, essentially standing on the edge of a cliff. one of my favorite pictures.

please comment, if anyone reads this besides my fellow bloggers, who are also welcome to comment… and tell me what i should rant about next.

Love, Kelci.

7 responses to “Me Encanta la Lluvia!

  1. Ah, Spanish. That language I know nothing of. Oh well. All the same, agreed.

    • it means i love the rain. so you don’t agree, since you posted that you hate the rain.

      • Oooh, you are a tricky one, Mr. Grinch.

        Wait… Anyway, I get exactly what you mean about the thing in the place with the lying about how we really are to make it easier. And, like Erin, I too like your perspective.

      • well thanks, that’s a pretty awesome compliment. call me the grinch and then tell me you like my perspective? what kind of game are you trying to play with me, josh??

        jokes. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelci! I’m not sure what you should rant about next, but I like your perspective on things.

    That was a pretty pointless comment…sorry about that. haha

  3. not pointless at all. thanks for saying so, it matters.

  4. Welcome to the epiphany year, friend. Sing ’em loud and proud.

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