My Day: A Vlog

If you didn’t know already, the twentyeleven project has it’s own official YouTube channel. We’ve had a channel for a few weeks now, but the first video was posted on it today, by me. This video is basically a short vide0-log (vlog) about my third day as a Senior. It’s on the long-ish side as far as YouTube videos go, and I wouldn’t exactly call it my best work, but it’s something to watch if you’re extremely bored and need to kill ten minutes.

I made the video with my phone, a Palm Pre Plus. The video quality is passable, but definitely not spectacular. My Kodak z8612IS takes better video, but it’s kind of big and not exactly pocket-friendly. (I’m probably going to use it to make an intro video for the channel in a few days, so you can compare the video-quality then.) I’m hoping to buy a Flip UltraHD video camera and Sony Vegas in a few weeks with some birthday cash, so I can improve the video quality and video editing.

What about podcasts? Well, folks, the cash-flow around OP13 studios is a bit on the slim-side at the moment, so podcasts won’t appear until I receive my next paycheck on September 10th. I still have my trusty old Snowball Mic though, so I may bust out a few podcasts on my personal blog* if I feel so inclined.

So that’s it. Remember to stay tuned and check back for fresh posts daily.

– Will


* My personal blog technically ended on August 25th, the last day of Summer vacation. However, I left a big empty space in posts where my summer vacation took place, so I will be updating that blog a bit with those older posts. I may randomly post something on there in the future, but don’t expect daily posts, or even somewhat regular posts.

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