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Yes, that’s right kids. It’s homecoming week. Full of little actual schoolwork, a whole lot of glorious whimsy, and of course, outrageous costumes that would usually warrant a funny look or a trip to the dean on any normal day. The rules are slackened, morale is up, and we actually kind of enjoy going to school for a few days.

This year was indeed better than most, mainly due to the simple fact of my seniority. SENIOR YEAR BABY!!

Meaning today I finally got to parade around in a toga and elicit jealous looks from underclassmen. Muahahahahahaha!

Yesterday was fairly great as well, thanks to Montana Vintage, the fantabulous vintage store downtown. It supplied the perfect little black dress for my Audrey Hepburn getup, not to mention a great little hat and a cigarette holder (if I ever take up smoking, I’m for shiz using that thing. It’s the only classy way to smoke a cigarette, just like the only classy way to do shots is with your pinky out. But now I’m getting off track). Anywho, I’ll be sure to post pictures as soon as possible.

Retro and Togas are done though, and tomorrow is my final high school homecoming day (waaaaaaa! 😦 ). It’s hard to believe that I’m actually a senior, and that I’m never going to go through one of these things here again (unless, of course, I end up teaching at West in some distant future, which is too scary to think about so I’m going to stop before I give myself nightmares).

On a fun note, I got impaled by a butter knife in the elbow today at work. Everything was okay though.

On an ever fun(ner?) note, my eighteenth birthday is this Saturday. YEAH! I can buy tobacco, gamble, register to vote, buy bandanas at Hobby Lobby, finally get the good behind the counter cold medicine from the pharmacy…the possibilities are endless. Plus, as it’s a birthday, there will likely be a gigantic chocolate cake, courtesy of my mum’s magical kitchen/baking powers.

I’ll leave you lovely readers with some Ingrid Michaelson lyrics to keep you going through the next few days.

“Let’s get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France. Let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance. Let’s get rich and build a house on a mountain makin’ everybody look like ants, from way up there, you and I, you and I.”


Ashlynn 🙂

life is beautiful. (as an American of course)

today, i woke up. then i took a hot shower. after that i put on my clothes and had a hot breakfast. after that i drove my very own car to school, where i sat still and listened to people talk to me all day. after school i helped my best friend drive his friend’s jeep to her friend’s giant house and then dropped him off at his car. then i came home and ate dinner with my mom, while watching tv and reading stupid things people have written on the internet. my mom has to work tonight, so rather than spend the evening sitting on the couch, once again, i got in my car and drove to my dad’s house, where he wrote me a check and gave me some money. i decided i was bored, so i spent the next hour and a half driving around. alone. then i got sad, so i went to dairy queen and bought myself ice cream, because i wanted some. now i’m happy-ish again, and i’m going to put on some sweats and lay in the grass in my big backyard and look at the pretty stars. God Bless.

love, kelci.

Self-Portrait: One-Month Later

One month into my senior year and I’m already reverting to the basics of the past three years of my life: writing extensively, playing guitar, and dabbling in various forms of photography. After going to Wal*Mart this evening to buy toga essentials (a white flat sheet and a three-pack of sleeveless t-shirts [also known as A-shirts, tank tops, and “wife beaters”]), I went into my bedroom and grabbed the acoustic guitar that got me through the crappy part of my sophomore year. I played for a while, randomly combining chords into a slow, hopeful sounding melody. Then I grabbed my camera.

What do you think? Is it stupid, boring, random, meh… OR is it interesting, unique, cool, legit…  or something else? Let me know.

– Will

P.S. I have some video of a bowling trip I went on with Anne and Jon today that I might put up sometime this weekend… Stay tuned.

Numb (Vlog)

Consider this my personal “David after Dentist”-like experience… I really don’t like it when half of my face is numb.

i’ll kill him. i’ll kill him dead with like, a stone. or like, a rock or something.

exerpt from my favorite movie of all time. kudos and a high five to whoever figures it out.

so this is crazy. see if you can wrap your head around this: i had a GOOD MONDAY. WHAT? i know. i got up on time, got dressed and actually looked good, (which is a plus since it’s picture day) had all my homework done, wasn’t tired, had a deeeeelicious lunch, and i’m confident that my pictures turned out well. which is good, since this is the first time in history my mom has willingly ordered fall pictures. i also officially decided i’m gonna give the homecoming dance a try. that totally started out as me typing i wasn’t gonna, but ok kelci. i guess i really like second chances… who knew? me.

so i got a new bed last weekend. picture this. my big ol car driving ten miles an hour down the street with and ENTIRE BED sticking outta the trunk. not joking. i can fit 6 people in my car, and seven dead bodies in my trunk. and then some. so now my bed is nicer, but smaller. which is what i wanted i guess. i needed more room in my room. haha. sorry. so amongst other craziness, i have to deal with my room being a mess from me moving everything out from under my old bed, moving that to my brother’s room, (by myself) and then waiting til i get everything rearranged the way i want it to move the new one down there. weeee?? suck. it’s so weird waking up in my brother’s room. i don’t like it. it’s his room, not mine!

when i got home from school today, i skyped my uncle. this is an entirely new concept to me. i was like, “EHH? COMO QUE SKYPE?!” i’m pretty technologically challenged. then i made cheesy biscuits. if you’re wondering what can i possibly mean by cheesy biscuits, here.

yeah, i made em. red lobster style. they were delicious, thank you.

what else… oh. today was unofficially “cops and robbers”. oh my god… both guys AND girls were dressed to disgust. this goes out to you guys… EW. i saw too much skin on both guys AND girls. not like i’m really modest or anything, but really??? those are not considered skirts. that’s the width of two rolls of duct tape. when was the last time you saw a cop with black stilettos? i’m not sayin, but i am just sayin.

that’s about it for tonight. i’m kinda sad.

love, kelci

birds n the beez.

why is everyone convinced that they need a significant other to function?? there are people at my school already asking guys to twirp, which is a good two months away. que la efe?! this is so messed up! i’ve always been a little guy crazy, but really?? REALLY?? also, i don’t deem it necessary to “ask” people to the homecoming dance… it’s NOT a formal occasion. it’s about as informal as school dances get. i’m not going this year, since last year i got so thoroughly disgusted i left three hours early. maybe it’s cuz i’m not a fan of getting dry humped by some sweaty guy i barely know, call me crazy… even without dances coming up, i feel like high school couples act far too couple-y. maybe it’s cuz i’ve never had a boyfriend who goes to the same school as me? i dunno. thinking out loud. kinda the point of blogging.

another thing, i’m really sorry i haven’t posted in like a month. it’s definitely my bad. school has gotten me really busy, which is ridiculous since i’m not in any extracurrics. also, i’ve been sick a lot. and when i’m not doing either of those things, i’m driving. i definitely called it. a while ago i told one of my friends, “yeah man, once i get my cell phone and my car, i’ll never be online!” i was soooooooooooooo right. aside from checking facebook/email and getting my itunes updated, i’m never really on the computer anymore. which i suppose is healthy, but what else do i have?

also, i think i may have depression. so that’s fun. that is all.

love, kelci.

Halo: Reach Finale

*Spoiler Alert*

NOTE: If you haven’t finished the campaign on Halo: Reach and wish to finish it without the plot being spoiled, halt reading the following post until AFTER you’ve finished the game. You’ve been warned.

I finished the campaign for Halo: Reach a few days ago. My initial reactions:

  • Holy shit. They seriously ended a game with a firefight match?!? Now way. And it actually works with the plot… crazy.
  • Every time one of the Noble team died, I felt a new wave of mild grief. It was like losing a comrade…. a virtual comrade.
  • Wow. I kind of want to replay the whole series again now. The ending felt somewhat anticlimactic, which is odd considering that I know what happens next… I guess the knowledge of what happens next makes me want to replay all of ’em to refresh my memory.
  • I don’t like seeing my helmet with cracks in the visor…
  • When the hell did the Chief get on the ship? And why the hell didn’t he at least make a cameo appearance in the game?
  • Kudos to Bungie for letting players use their customized Spartan in the campaign. It’s about time.
  • Did you seriously think you needed to tell me about the multiplayer mode after I finished the campaign?!? Seriously. Multiplayer is what the Halo-series is famous for– most people skip the campaign and dive straight into the multiplayer because it’s so awesome.

Although I wish the campaign was a bit longer, I was pleased with how the game ended. I look forward to mercilessly slaughtering hundreds newbs online. This game has some serious replay value, so if you’re on the fence about buying it after a less then perfect experience with ODST, just buy the damned game already. If you don’t now, you’ll cave later when everyone is still raving about how awesome it is.

To everyone else out there who is not interested in silly things like video games, fear not. This blog is not becoming a gaming blog, and this will probably be my last post about Halo, Xbox 360s, and everything else video game-related for a long time.

– Will

Thanks Microsoft. (RRoD: Round II)

Dear Microsoft,

I’ve owned my Xbox 360 for a few years now. I’ve had a lot of fun times playing video games like Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Halo: Reach and many other games. The console I owned before my Xbox 360 was the original Xbox, a console that I never had any issues with. I consider myself to be a loyal Xbox fan, but the latest issue I’ve had with my 360 is the last straw. I’ve sent my Xbox 360 to Microsoft’s repair department twice; once for a disc-reading issue and the second time for the RRoD. Both times my 360 was repaired for free and sent back to me with a one-month subscription card to Xbox Live.

I felt that having to send my 360 to your repair department once was an inconvenience. Then, I was forced to send it in again for a known console defect. After sending it in to be fixed twice, I find it completely ridiculous that my Xbox 360 is facing issues again. I never should have had any issues with it in the first place. Producing a product that fails multiple times is dishonest. As a loyal Xbox customer,  I feel betrayed. I feel like my investment into my Xbox 360 console was a complete waste. I’ve purchased four controllers, multiple video games, years of Xbox Live subscriptions, countless accessories, and multiple headsets (that ironically have also gone defective after short periods of use) and now all of those things are useless. Thanks. Now, I’m forced to look on eBay for a refurbished console that won’t cost an excessive amount of money so that all of the money I’ve spent in console accessories and video games won’t be wasted.

So thanks again, Microsoft. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, and you’ve lost a customer.

– Will

Kepp this on the DL, but…

Ssh… It’s a secret… Been so for about a week.


Nicki Minaj is the black Lady Gaga.

that is all.