Cheap Entertainment.

(Wow kids, i’m sorry i’ve been inactive for a while. busy week.)

No folks, not that kind. i’m talking about the futures of high school and even younger students. again, not that kind. today in Doc W’s class, i realized that billings doesn’t have a lot to do after the hour of 8 besides drink coffee and drive around getting crunk. and drinking coffee is just fine with me, but we all know how old that gets after a certain point. unless our name was spencer, anna, or ashlynn. so that’s not a very valid point. i just named half the bloggers. anyway, what i’m trying to lay down is, billings would be a *ahem* “healthier?” place for cool kids to grow up if we had more things to do. i’m not saying we should rebuild billings, just make sure there are more options for teens on the weekends and nights than drinking, getting high, or sitting on the computer all night… (guilty of the latter).

in other news: I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE! i think i’m one of the very few people who didn’t have a rough time at the DMV when i went. there were four cars in the parking lot, and no lines inside. genius. i was just going to renew my learner’s permit before i had my appointment next week, and as it happens, yesterday was the day of the six months… so i got my license! YAAAAAAAY. i drive like a maniac, people. if you ever see a silver gran marquis, stay offa the sidewalks. 🙂 just kidding. i’m a safe driver. mostly.

Back to you, Janet.

Thanks, Bob.

My uncle Rick and Aunt Dora are coming to town from denver this weekend, and in case i haven’t mentioned, he’s one of the funniest people on this earth. i remember three things he’s ever said to me that were serious. and when he’s serious, he’s serious. I’ll be able to post again soon, hopefully. please comment… i’m a very unorganized person.

Love, Kelci

5 responses to “Cheap Entertainment.

  1. So wait… if you don’t want me on the sidewalks when you’re driving… would it be safer for me to be on the road?

    Good post again, and generally agree to your complaint about the night-life. My mom and dad actually wanted to start something to remedy that, with pool and air hockey and arcade games and live music, all with a juice bar. But they never really found a location they loved. It was gonna be called Baba O’Riley’s, so it’s almost got that bar feel, but it’ll hit the music-part of kids.

    So we were going to try.

  2. Actually, there are several other things to do aside from getting coffee after 8 PM. Many stores are open until 10 PM (ex. Target, Wal*Mart, Hastings) and most parks aren’t closed to the public until after 10. After 10 PM, entertainment options become very limited. As someone who stays out until midnight on the weekends quite frequently, I can say that there are other things to do besides get coffee after 10 o’clock in Billings. You may have to be a little creative and open-minded, but it’s better then “just coffee”.

    The Movies The movie theater is open late, and there are several late night shows on weekends.

    Stores As mentioned earlier, there are a few retailers open after 10 PM. Here’s a few that I can think of off the top of my head: Wal*Mart (open 24/7. Beware of the “creatures of the night that shop this late), Albertsons (open ’til midnight. A little safer then Wally-World, but still be on the lookout for creepers), and Hastings (open until 11 PM). I’m sure there are a few more stores, but these are the big three. You can still be entertained on the cheap at these stores by only window-shopping or buying cheaper items (drinks @ Wal*Mart or Albertsons, and used CDs, books, and DVDs at Hastings). You can also just walk around and talk with your friends. A classic thing to do when you’re out of ideas for stuff to do late at night is to go to Wal*Mart and play hide and seek. Or just go down to the toy department and have a lightsaber fight. Time how long it takes for you to get kicked out, and try to beat your record later.

    Restaurants Some would argue that this is basically the same as getting coffee, but it’s a different atmosphere. You can also order other beverages then coffee, and the food is usually hot and not pre-fab. The big three restaurants to hit in Billings after 10 PM are: iHop, Denny’s, and Perkins. Each of these three have their pros and cons, but if you just want to find a place to sit and talk with your friends without being at someone’s house, you can’t go wrong. A round of pop and an order of fries or the Sampler is usually pretty cheap for a group of 3-5 friends, especially when everybody pitches in.

    Breakers Just when you think that there isn’t a place to hang out during the late night, there is. Breakers is a place in downtown Billings where you can play pool at. It’s usually pretty dead, and it’s not in the crummy area of downtown, so it’s a great place to go with your friends. The inside is very nice with wood flooring and leather furniture. The pool tables are new, and there is a small bar area (it’s a minor-friendly place– they don’t serve alcohol) with pop and energy drinks. It’s pretty cheap too, especially when you have more people. They charge a flat rate of $7.00 an hour, which is hella cheap when split up between three or four friends.

    Parks/Playgrounds Yes, 99.9% of city parks are closed at 10 PM. Cops are also known to patrol city parks often, and nobody wants a loitering ticket. The key to this attraction is to know the right parks to frequent. Many parks that are located inside neighborhoods are a good choice (ex. Grand Ave. & 46th Street West) as cops usually don’t check ’em out that often. Canyon Creek School (by South Frontage Rd.) has a playground that is always empty late at night– I’ve never seen a cop patrol around there, but I would be on the lookout. The main problem with parks is that there is a substantial risk of being caught by the police and having to pay a fine. Also, some parks are notorious for being hubs to illegal activity during the late hours, so it’s probably best to avoid those (the two I mentioned previously are safe– nobody has been there besides me and my friends when we’ve been there). Try to be quiet and don’t do anything stupid (or illegal) and you should have a cool place to kill a few hours at night.

    Stargazing This is an option that requires a little bit of planning and luck, but it’s a good last resort if you can’t find anything else to do. Grab some blankets, pillows, warm clothes, snacks and beverages and drive to an area on the outskirts of town. You may face the same issues mentioned earlier with going to a park (like loitering) and it’s difficult to find a nice place to go. To give you an idea of where to look for places to stop and stargaze at, I would suggest looking for areas near or around the Rims, or Duck Creek Rd. (and the surrounding area between Billings & Laurel). You could also look for places around Lockwood/Huntley, but you have to commit to a longer drive for that area.

    So those are a couple of ideas/places. Billings is still pretty dead on nightlife, but there is more then “just coffee” after 10.

  3. I think Kelci was meaning more “places” and such. Like, I have a few friends back east (North Carolina-ish) that go clubbing at jucie-bars every other night or so, and the clubs are tailored for people under 18 (and 21, though I’m sure there’s no smoking allowed). That’s what she was meaning (I think, sorry if I’m wrong), though you’re options are great.

    Parks is a great idea, that I will totally give you. If you can get a truck (or a Subaru Brat) up onto the basketball court, there’s loads of shit you can do. 1-am B-ball is always amazing, and so is tennis (though I do have a great story about tennis-after-10). But none of go to Breakers anymoree. It was great when it was by Ziggy’s – one summer, we went almost every other night. But once it moved to it’s current location, things seemed to change when we were there. There were a lot of drunks in/around Breakers (though I know they got no alcohol from the store), and, actually, while me and a friend were getting a ride home from my parents, some morons started throwing beer bottles at the car. They had their goggles on, though, so they didn’t hit us. That’s why I now have a pub table at my house.

    Again, you’re right there, are things to do – just not so much places to go.

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