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Golly, Gee Wilikers: The Socratic Method, Coffee, and Hotpants.

HELLO ALL AND EVERYONE. Ah, well I’m enjoying my SECOND weekend as of the start of school. Quite wonderful…especially with Labor Day weekend. (Praise be God) Well, I shall clue you in on my week:

  1. I met the NEW speech coach, Mrs. Fleek. She’s amaz-zu-zing. I was so glad to stop and meet her. I can tell she’s high strung enough that this year’s going to be awwwesome in Speech & Debate. 🙂
  2. My Political Science class at Rocky has been going splendid. My Professor O’Gara is not only hilarious, but I can tell quite intelligent–as in, possibly more so than any other teachers I’ve ever had teach me. So hilarious, yet so relevant to Plato…
  3. Accounting is sheer heaven. I’m treated extra special, since I’m in Accounting 5 and the kids I’m around are in two. Woot, woot. It’ll help a lot for BPA tournaments though this year. :O
  4. Algebra III is still kicking me in the rear end. I can cope, but at an expensive cost to my brain and finger muscles (a lot of writing–quite tedious, but necessary).
  5. AP English–Well, our last discussion included Platypuses and “Omnipotent Children” Yes. It was deranged as it sounds. But all the while, the reason I wake up each and every day.                           

“AP English–Well, our last discussion included Platypuses and “Omnipotent Children” Yes. It was deranged as it sounds.”

Indeed, that was my week in essence. Always fun. Always worth while. I’ll be working on my Speech for Forensics this weekend, and also doing more ALGEBRA III. GOOD GOD HELP ME HELP ME!

Oh, and of course…I had coffee with Molly Brown today.

It was quite grand (no, literally…at city brew…on…grand…ahem). Wow, that was lame. Anyway, I inhaled two luscious and godly Orange-Vanilla lattes, whilst we talked about—what did we talk about–err, old people? Yes. That was it. Nevertheless, I do appreciate that woman. Always a way to brighten any person’s day! 🙂

Golly, Gee Wilikers.



A Great Day

This is my first Saturday off in YEARS. Allow me to say that again because it feels really, REALLY good; this is my first Saturday off in YEARS! I slept in until noon simply because I can! The only other Saturday I got off, I got it off because I had Orientation. So that doesn’t really count.


– Joshua