Week Two: Frozen Yogurt, Flat Tires, and Sock Monkeys.

The first full-week of high school as a Senior at West High has been eventful. I’ve gone on two field trips for Environmental Science , finished one project in Human Anatomy, aced one AP Stats quiz, created toothpick boat models in AP English, participated in multiple debates about human behavior in Genocide, and changed a flat tire in the movie theater parking lot (and later put the newly patched tire back on in the Wal*Mart parking lot… more on that later).

Life is good. My classes are interesting, but not even remotely difficult. I’m awaiting a huge paper assignment to drop in AP English, but there’s always time for that next week (to be honest, I would have expected her to assign a paper on Friday, that way we would have a three-day weekend to procrastinate working on it). We’re still in the “first-two-weeks-of-school-where-actual-education-is-AWOL” buffer zone though, so the heavy workload should be arriving soon. I’m praying that the ridiculously easy AP Stats homework isn’t temporary. I like only having to spend 15-minutes max. on math homework. It’s nice.

So school’s been pretty good. Nothing beats the 1:55 P.M. early-out, and the days pass relatively quickly. Also, being able to drive the Focus to and from school definitely beats the bus. It’s nice to have the option to go to a coffee shop after school to work on homework or hang out with friends instead of just going home. It makes me feel more independent, ya know? It feels like I can finally take advantage of my license and all of it’s freedoms.

On Thursday, I decided to take advantage of my mobility and join Anne and Jon on a trip to the new yogurt store by the movie theater, Billings Best Yogurt. It’s an awesome place. The atmosphere is nice, and the people working there were very friendly. The moment we walked in the door, we were asked if we had ever been there before, and then given a short tour. The employees there went above and beyond the level of service you would expect at a self-serve yogurt shop, and we’ll definitely be coming back there soon. The frozen yogurt was incredibly delicious, and there were a seemingly unlimited amount of topping choices (gummy bears, M&Ms, chocolate chips, cereal, cherries, and several choices of flavored syrups… you name it, they probably have it). Their prices were also especially reasonable– it only cost a little over $9 for three people with individual cups.

After eating the awesome frozen yogurt, we walked back to our cars and I noticed that I had a flat tire. My immediate reaction was shock, and I stared at the flat for a second completely dumbfounded as to how or why I would have a flat tire.

Then I thought, “I have a flat. Seriously… I have a flat tire… Wow. This sucks.”

I told Jon and Anne about my predicament, and we brought the spare tire and cheap emergency jack out of the trunk. We changed the tires out quickly, and I was mobile again. Jon followed me home in his truck to make sure that I made it home safely on the spare tire, which is of the bike-tire variety and is only designed to go at a max. speed of 50 mph. I made it home without any problems, and life was good. The next day was a little stressful though, as I had to get on the busy South Frontage Road with a speed-handicapped vehicle (the speed limit for South Frontage Rd. is 65 mph, and I could only do 50 mph on the spare). I also had to drive on the highway for a short stretch later in the day for a field trip. I got the tire patched the day after I discovered the flat, so I didn’t have to deal with the spare for too long (thank God).

Here’s a few pictures I took when I was putting the newly-patched tire back on my car (note how small the spare tire is in comparison to the legit tires) :

I’m surprised this stupid thing held the car’s weight.

Gotta love cheap jacks… They give you a sense of security, ya know?

When I was changing out the newly patched tire with the spare tire, only one person in the parking lot stopped to see if I needed any help (which I denied, but thanked the person for offering). I didn’t need any help, but it’s sad that people have become such selfish bastards that they don’t even offer to help someone who looks like they might be having car issues…

Earlier in the week, Ashlynn and I were paired up for a Human Anatomy project. We had to label most of the major regions of the body on a model. The model didn’t have to be human, but something with a similar body type (for example, one group used a toy T-Rex as their model). We were going to use an old doll, but we decided that is was too small for labels. So we went to Target and searched the entire toy section for the perfect model for our project. When we seen the sock monkey, the search instantly ended. We then took the sock monkey to school the next day and covered him in bits of masking tape with various numbers representing the regions of the body we were learning. This is what he looked like after we finished labeling:

That pretty much sums up all of the big events of the second week of high school. I’m going to be posting more videos on our YouTube channel in about a week… I’m hoping to get a new video camera for my birthday. Look for more posts from me and the rest of the blogging crew in the meantime. Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment!

– Will

One response to “Week Two: Frozen Yogurt, Flat Tires, and Sock Monkeys.

  1. I know! It’s amazing how worthless those spares really are!

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