Gasoline + Neon Nail Polish.

how about i just explain that title right now instead of ignoring it like i normally do, eh? so i love to drive. like a lot. but only at night, when everyone else in billings is tucked in. any other time is ridiculous, especially due to the massive construction that’s been going on since june. i go through a lot of gas. i also bought neon nail polish this weekend at hot topic. i love it. that’s it.
As mentioned in my section of the music page, One of my favorite bands, Coheed and cambria, is coming to billings on october 14th. i’m literally counting down the days until i get to see/hear the beautiful Claudio Sanchez.

Seriously, how can anyone not love that?

sorry. i have a sick obsession with him. and also Serj tankian, but if you don’t know who he is already, then you don’t deserve to.

I just got my hard plastic license, and i’m not gonna lie, i jumped up and down a little when it came. having a license is definitely a freedom i prize. i’m gonna explode if i don’t find something to do. comment and give me something to write about.

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