September 8, 2010

So for me, today was the first day of classes. In one word – yes. I saw so many people. It was great. Aside from finding parking in the morning. THAT was not fun. I’ll probably show up early and do some lifting or something, kill two birds with one stone, ya know?

8:10 to 9:10 – Health

So this classs looks kinda meh.  Mostly cuz it’s first thing in the morning.  And the prof seems kinda boring.  And the topic’s will be boring.  It’ll basically be HE2 all over again, with talks about sexuality and drugs and alcohol and so on and so forth, and very little about the actual exercise part of health.  And it’s pretty damn full.  And it’s hella far from my next class (this is in the Phys Ed building, aka the Gym, and my Bio class is aaaaall the way over in the Education building on the other side of campus).  The only pluses I’m seeing are… well, nothing really, other than that it seems like an easy A and it lets me continue down my track.  Onward and upward, I guess.

I did get let out about a half-hour early, so I walked to the LA (Liberal Arts) building and got an Americano with a shot of espresso and some Irish Cream flavoring.  I then added some cream and some milk.  And normally, I’m not a coffee person, but I enjoyed it.  It had this delicious bitter taste, and I sat and drew ears with piercings in them for the next twenty minutes before heading across the way to the Ed building and into my next class.

9:20 to 10:20 – Discover Biology

This seems fun.  It’s all lecture, but there’s so many that I really don’t need to care about any of them (123/130!  I know that that probably has nothing on bigger schools, but that’s a lot of bodies in one room).  He basically will crack jokes and elaborate on the text for an hour, then send us on our way.  This is probably going to be my most time-consuming class because I really should do well in this, and it’ll take a lot of reading and some online homework stuff (which is kinda neat).  He’s a funny guy with a killer beard.  Not upset by any means.

10:30 to 11:30 – Writing 201 (Research Writing)

Went straight to the LA building, I got let out right on time in Bio.  Arrived to a room filled with these creepy half-desks that were joined with another desk.  My face wass less than a foot away from some other guy’s face.  Almost at all times (until I leaned back in the weird rolling foldy-chairs).  It was odd.  Teacher seems odd, but nice.  I talked to the guy next to me for a little while.  I think his name is Cameron, but I’mma call him Beardy until I know for sure.  Because he had a rocking beard that obviously grew out from his chest as well.  Cool guy.  Also, two gorgeous Elementary Ed majors in the desks in front of us.  Simply gorgeous.  The first had such a pretty face (which is attractive) and the second had a pretty face and short hair (which is irrestible) and discreet tattoos behind her ear and on her neck (which is im-freaking-possible to resist).  AND to top off the lookers, it dawned on me and Beardy (almost simultaneously) that, in this class, we only had one paper due.  One.  7-10 page.  Research paper.  In an ENTIRE semester.  That’s it.  That is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be easier than junior term paper, I feel!  I mean, my God, this is going to be my favorite class simply because of all the factors leading up to it!  I sense WIN for me!

And, to make things even better, on my way to the next class, I ran into one of the guys from rugby!  I’m taking it as a sign because I was planning on going tomorrow anyway, so now I totally should!  He’s a cool guy, neither of us remembered the other’s name, but we pressed on without using them.  Had a discussion about a bumper sticker we saw that said “Real men date dancers” and we both agreed that, ultimately, all men would date a dancer.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  It was fun, I hope to see him tomorrow at rugby (which I will unless I make a sudden change of plans…)

11:40 to 12:40 – Foundations of Exercise Science

I dunno about this one.  I sense good things, if hecticnesss.  It’s my second grad-sstudent claass, which in the past has meant good things.  The best part of this class was the two black guys sitting in the front row.  To kill time before the end of class, we discussed Reggie Bush (I know nothig about spelling his name) getting stripped of his Heisman 5 years after it was awarded to him because he took an $80,000 gift from USC for playing well while in college.  And the black guys thought he should keep it (I agree – it’s not like he did steroids).  And then someone brought up if he had used cocaine it would be stripped, and one of the teachers (Izzy? There are two grad sstudents teaching this) asked why, on a related but different note, cocaine was such a stigma in our society.  And one of the guys, without missing a beat, said “Because cocaine is a crazy-ass drug, man.”  Which was hilarious.  And then we left.  talked to Beardy, ran into Deshaun who I used to work at the hardware store, chatted with him for a bit, left campus.  I had a PB&J with my mom at the studio for lunch.

2:00 to 8:00 – Work

Work.  Sucked.

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