Words of Wisdom Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Well hello there, dear blog readers.

My name is Ashlynn, senior in high school, hostess at Famous Daves, grammar snob, and coffee lover extraordinaire. I’m also, obviously, the procrastinator in this bunch of bloggers, as I’ve had this blog post started for at least two weeks and haven’t had the inclination to finish and post it. Huzzah.

A few things about me, before I attempt to wow you with my gloriously mundane views on my gloriously mundane life:

I’m currently reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, and am thoroughly enjoying the feeling of reading a children’s story from the 1800s.

On average, I’d say I drink at least 10 shots of espresso a week. Not including my morning coffee. Yes, I’m that addicted to caffeine, and if I don’t start cutting back I might have to figure out how to start transferring it intravenously through my body.

Jersey Shore might be one of the best shows on television. ‘Nuff said, kids.

My ’89 Pontiac Grand Prix is a temperamental badass. Her name is Jemimah.

The playlist I’m listening to right now includes The Shins, Lady GaGa, and Say Anything doing a cover of the song  “Got Your Money” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Fantastic is a fantastic word.

Normally, I use many more exclamation points in my writing! I’m not sure why I have yet to write a sentence with exclamation points! Good God! It’s almost blasphemy!

And…Well…I suppose that’s the gist of it…

Is it about time to get onto the rest of the blog?

“When you’re only 18, and you’ve got nothin’ to lose,  and your livin’ a dream with the sand in your shoes, falling in love, is easy, it’s easy to do.”

–“Sand in Your Shoes” by This Providence

Yes, This Providence, you can write a fantastic song, but the truth is, falling in love, even when you’re only eighteen, is certainly not easy to do. Why would anyone ever say that it is?

We’re inculcated with the idea of love from our beginning: Disney Princesses, no matter how feministic they are, always manage to end up falling in love with the perfect prince and living happily ever after (even Mulan, and she was a cross-dresser for Christ’s sake). We, as girls, are taught that, to live a fulfilled life, we must find this elusive prince charming in order to find our happily ever after.  As we grow, the media, the movie and music industries, and the modern female young-adult novelist (*ahem*, TWILIGHT!) help us take this budding idea of love as a necessity and nurture it, painting a perfect, untainted vision of what true love is, and causing us as young women to, for lack of a better phrase, fall in love with the idea of love. What girl hasn’t sighed with envy over a movie romance in which the male lead seems to know exactly the right thing to do at the right time? Or a song that professes the undying love of the vocalist for his girl? We crave this kind of altruistic love, the kind that is rarely, if ever, found in the lovely world of reality.

In short, it’s this obsession with finding the perfect relationship that can cause falling in love to be really, truly, irritatingly hard. When someone has so many previously conceived notions about love, they end up being disappointed more often than not with the truth–the perfect, butterfly-inducing moments, coupled with the horribly heartbreaking, oh-my-God-I-will-never-be-happy-again moments–of real-life relationships. Which really, truly sucks for both parties much of the time.

Now, this wasn’t supposed to be a preachy sort of post; this is just something that has bothered me personally for awhile now, even though (or perhaps, because) I am most certainly one of the afflicted, with my affinity for chick flicks and TV shows like Gossip Girl (don’t judge! I can hear you judging through the screen! It’s a good show!!! SERIOUSLY!!!).

Well, that’s basically it. I apologize if this was an incredibly boring post, but my next one will (hopefully) include a bit more humor. Until then, au revior! (Yeah, I don’t really speak French). And remember! Be vigilant! A Zombie Apocalypse could happen ANY DAY!


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