Daily Archives: September 26, 2010

birds n the beez.

why is everyone convinced that they need a significant other to function?? there are people at my school already asking guys to twirp, which is a good two months away. que la efe?! this is so messed up! i’ve always been a little guy crazy, but really?? REALLY?? also, i don’t deem it necessary to “ask” people to the homecoming dance… it’s NOT a formal occasion. it’s about as informal as school dances get. i’m not going this year, since last year i got so thoroughly disgusted i left three hours early. maybe it’s cuz i’m not a fan of getting dry humped by some sweaty guy i barely know, call me crazy… even without dances coming up, i feel like high school couples act far too couple-y. maybe it’s cuz i’ve never had a boyfriend who goes to the same school as me? i dunno. thinking out loud. kinda the point of blogging.

another thing, i’m really sorry i haven’t posted in like a month. it’s definitely my bad. school has gotten me really busy, which is ridiculous since i’m not in any extracurrics. also, i’ve been sick a lot. and when i’m not doing either of those things, i’m driving. i definitely called it. a while ago i told one of my friends, “yeah man, once i get my cell phone and my car, i’ll never be online!” i was soooooooooooooo right. aside from checking facebook/email and getting my itunes updated, i’m never really on the computer anymore. which i suppose is healthy, but what else do i have?

also, i think i may have depression. so that’s fun. that is all.

love, kelci.

Halo: Reach Finale

*Spoiler Alert*

NOTE: If you haven’t finished the campaign on Halo: Reach and wish to finish it without the plot being spoiled, halt reading the following post until AFTER you’ve finished the game. You’ve been warned.

I finished the campaign for Halo: Reach a few days ago. My initial reactions:

  • Holy shit. They seriously ended a game with a firefight match?!? Now way. And it actually works with the plot… crazy.
  • Every time one of the Noble team died, I felt a new wave of mild grief. It was like losing a comrade…. a virtual comrade.
  • Wow. I kind of want to replay the whole series again now. The ending felt somewhat anticlimactic, which is odd considering that I know what happens next… I guess the knowledge of what happens next makes me want to replay all of ’em to refresh my memory.
  • I don’t like seeing my helmet with cracks in the visor…
  • When the hell did the Chief get on the ship? And why the hell didn’t he at least make a cameo appearance in the game?
  • Kudos to Bungie for letting players use their customized Spartan in the campaign. It’s about time.
  • Did you seriously think you needed to tell me about the multiplayer mode after I finished the campaign?!? Seriously. Multiplayer is what the Halo-series is famous for– most people skip the campaign and dive straight into the multiplayer because it’s so awesome.

Although I wish the campaign was a bit longer, I was pleased with how the game ended. I look forward to mercilessly slaughtering hundreds newbs online. This game has some serious replay value, so if you’re on the fence about buying it after a less then perfect experience with ODST, just buy the damned game already. If you don’t now, you’ll cave later when everyone is still raving about how awesome it is.

To everyone else out there who is not interested in silly things like video games, fear not. This blog is not becoming a gaming blog, and this will probably be my last post about Halo, Xbox 360s, and everything else video game-related for a long time.

– Will