birds n the beez.

why is everyone convinced that they need a significant other to function?? there are people at my school already asking guys to twirp, which is a good two months away. que la efe?! this is so messed up! i’ve always been a little guy crazy, but really?? REALLY?? also, i don’t deem it necessary to “ask” people to the homecoming dance… it’s NOT a formal occasion. it’s about as informal as school dances get. i’m not going this year, since last year i got so thoroughly disgusted i left three hours early. maybe it’s cuz i’m not a fan of getting dry humped by some sweaty guy i barely know, call me crazy… even without dances coming up, i feel like high school couples act far too couple-y. maybe it’s cuz i’ve never had a boyfriend who goes to the same school as me? i dunno. thinking out loud. kinda the point of blogging.

another thing, i’m really sorry i haven’t posted in like a month. it’s definitely my bad. school has gotten me really busy, which is ridiculous since i’m not in any extracurrics. also, i’ve been sick a lot. and when i’m not doing either of those things, i’m driving. i definitely called it. a while ago i told one of my friends, “yeah man, once i get my cell phone and my car, i’ll never be online!” i was soooooooooooooo right. aside from checking facebook/email and getting my itunes updated, i’m never really on the computer anymore. which i suppose is healthy, but what else do i have?

also, i think i may have depression. so that’s fun. that is all.

love, kelci.

2 responses to “birds n the beez.

  1. People in my class were always obsessed with asking people to Twirp as soon as the school year started. It’s definitely faded a lot since then– I think we’ve all grown up enough to realize that silly things like Twirp and other dances aren’t nearly as important as filling out college applications and writing scholarship essays. I’ve never gone to Twirp (several people did ask me to go last year though), but I always go to Homecoming. I’m not sure if I went last year, but I definitely went Sophomore and Freshman year… And aside from Prom last year, I’ve never gone to any other dance (besides homecoming). I honestly hate dancing (no coordination here, folks) and me and my friends end up standing around on the edge of the crowd looking like a bunch of bored idiots. Homecoming is just an awesome dance because it’s so un-formal. Asking a date to homecoming is kind of silly simply BECAUSE the dance is so informal. Then again, I remember seeing some people roll up in a limo one time… Ick.

  2. hahahahahahaha– a limo. HA. that is riiiiiiiiiiich.

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