i’ll kill him. i’ll kill him dead with like, a stone. or like, a rock or something.

exerpt from my favorite movie of all time. kudos and a high five to whoever figures it out.

so this is crazy. see if you can wrap your head around this: i had a GOOD MONDAY. WHAT? i know. i got up on time, got dressed and actually looked good, (which is a plus since it’s picture day) had all my homework done, wasn’t tired, had a deeeeelicious lunch, and i’m confident that my pictures turned out well. which is good, since this is the first time in history my mom has willingly ordered fall pictures. i also officially decided i’m gonna give the homecoming dance a try. that totally started out as me typing i wasn’t gonna, but ok kelci. i guess i really like second chances… who knew? me.

so i got a new bed last weekend. picture this. my big ol car driving ten miles an hour down the street with and ENTIRE BED sticking outta the trunk. not joking. i can fit 6 people in my car, and seven dead bodies in my trunk. and then some. so now my bed is nicer, but smaller. which is what i wanted i guess. i needed more room in my room. haha. sorry. so amongst other craziness, i have to deal with my room being a mess from me moving everything out from under my old bed, moving that to my brother’s room, (by myself) and then waiting til i get everything rearranged the way i want it to move the new one down there. weeee?? suck. it’s so weird waking up in my brother’s room. i don’t like it. it’s his room, not mine!

when i got home from school today, i skyped my uncle. this is an entirely new concept to me. i was like, “EHH? COMO QUE SKYPE?!” i’m pretty technologically challenged. then i made cheesy biscuits. if you’re wondering what can i possibly mean by cheesy biscuits, here.

yeah, i made em. red lobster style. they were delicious, thank you.

what else… oh. today was unofficially “cops and robbers”. oh my god… both guys AND girls were dressed to disgust. this goes out to you guys… EW. i saw too much skin on both guys AND girls. not like i’m really modest or anything, but really??? those are not considered skirts. that’s the width of two rolls of duct tape. when was the last time you saw a cop with black stilettos? i’m not sayin, but i am just sayin.

that’s about it for tonight. i’m kinda sad.

love, kelci

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