life is beautiful. (as an American of course)

today, i woke up. then i took a hot shower. after that i put on my clothes and had a hot breakfast. after that i drove my very own car to school, where i sat still and listened to people talk to me all day. after school i helped my best friend drive his friend’s jeep to her friend’s giant house and then dropped him off at his car. then i came home and ate dinner with my mom, while watching tv and reading stupid things people have written on the internet. my mom has to work tonight, so rather than spend the evening sitting on the couch, once again, i got in my car and drove to my dad’s house, where he wrote me a check and gave me some money. i decided i was bored, so i spent the next hour and a half driving around. alone. then i got sad, so i went to dairy queen and bought myself ice cream, because i wanted some. now i’m happy-ish again, and i’m going to put on some sweats and lay in the grass in my big backyard and look at the pretty stars. God Bless.

love, kelci.

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