baby loves to dance in the dark, cuz when he’s lookin she falls apart.

i’m gonna write to some people. most of them are never going to read these.

1: we’ve been best friends for five years, but let’s both be honest. it’s hanging on by a thread right now. i miss you a lot. what happened?

2: if i lost you right now, i wouldn’t have many reasons to be here anymore. i’m sorry i can’t give you more than that. please don’t leave me. i know you deserve better. i just can’t give it.

3: i always saw the edge of a possibility that you’d do it, but now that you have, it’s tragic. i know it’s not any of our fault, but it’s killing me.

4: i wish you didn’t smoke. i wish your relationship with your mom was better. i wish you were around better people more often. i wish you could tell me so much more than you do. i wish you could be better.

5: i’m so glad we found you. two states away or not, you’re the best thing that’s happened to us. i love you.

6: you’ll never understand how much i appreciate you. i’m sorry i keep letting you down, but i don’t know what you want from me sometimes. i’ll keep trying my best.

7: it still hurts, but i’ll never tell you face to face. it won’t ever stop. we should hang out more than once a month.

8: just admit you don’t like having me around and we can both get on with our lives, k? i’m a big kid.

9: i wish there weren’t consequences. i’m sorry just as much as you are.

i’m not expecting anyone to really understand these, i just had to do them. thanks for reading me you guys, really.

love, kelci.

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