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Speaking of Quotes…

…check this one out.

Thanks Kayla for inadvertently sharing this quote with me.

– Will

also, this.

Neil Gaiman quote

Homecoming… also 11 days.

so i did indeed go to the homecoming dance. HA. also the game. because of opie. once again, HA. the game was against butte, so uh… HA. needless to say, we won. opie wanted me to go to the dance so he’d have someone to hang out with, so i left the game early and when i got to the dance, geeze. freshmen, 50%. sophomores, 48%. juniors/seniors, 1.8%. befuddled parents/various other adults, .2%. i left after 15 minutes and opie, jon, anne, and i went to some park in the boonies and stargazed for a while. when we all got cold, we decided it was a good night for ihop. our servers name was dezzy, and golly whatta badass. she poured opie’s coffee UPSIDE DOWN. then a buncha kids walked in who i know from school. it was only 11, so i asked them why they left the dance early. they go, “DUUUUUDE OMG err’body got kicked out!!” sweet. glad i dodged that bullet. so then i went home, went to bed, and slept til two in the afternoon yesterday. HA. win. except i hate sleeping in late, cuz it makes me feel like i wasted the whole day. then i had to work. i passed out at work. twice. dunno why. yeeeeeeeeep, so i went home and watched tv. then i worked at church today and hung out with spencer, opie, ash, and cody. (not all at once of course, it would get far too rowdy.) good times. mhmyep. still think i have depression. any thoughts? also, 11 days til coheed and cambria. =D

love, kelci