Daily Archives: October 12, 2010

The love conundrum… Junior’s perspective.

so. not to brag or anything, but i KNOW i don’t suck. i’m not bad lookin. in fact, most days, i’m pretty good lookin. i’m funny, nice, sweet, and i tend to smell good on a regular basis. so WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? turns out i don’t care. i’ve always been the one in my group of friends who’s always taken, and since last march, i’ve been single. feels good. i like it, and i’m not complaining. but it makes me wonder if there may be something wrong when not only have i not been asked out since then, i’ve barely been given a second glance.  a couple of my friends have been working on “setting me up” with someone, and the first couple have ended before anything started… as in i get uncomfortable with letting people in now. so i push them away, and that’s how you end up being single forever… i’m comfortable with how i am now, but this can’t be a necessarily good thing. help?

love, kelci