Week VIII: Epic Fail.

Last week was the eighth week* of the school year. Assuming that there are 18-weeks in a semester (based off the fact that there are three six-week grading periods), we have less than 28 more weeks of school until graduation.

Holy shit.

It is important to note that 28 school weeks does not equal 28 real weeks. If you wanted an estimate based off of how many days until graduation, then we would have (as of October 16th, 2010 @ 11:04 P.M.) 226 days until May 30th, 2011… or seven months and two weeks.

226 days. We still have a lot of time to kill.

Is it sad that I’m already feeling minor effects of Senioritis? Homework has become more of an afterthought than a primary concern. College applications and essays and emails are always present, like an annoying older sister pestering me to do something. I feel like there is a tremendous load of stress pressing down on me, and all I want to do is run away and escape to a place where deadlines, due-dates, and mandatory assignments are non-existent.

What’s sad about all of this is that compared to last year, I have very little homework. I get out of school an hour earlier, and I only work Friday through Sunday. Nobody is really nagging me about college stuff– however, my e-mail inbox is flooded and my mailbox is constantly filled with applications. I’m putting what I consider minimal effort into my schoolwork and still managing to earn a B in my classes. I’m starting to sleep better, and I’m enjoying most of my classes.

So why do I feel so stressed?

Is it because I expect that I should be investing more time in my college search? Is it because I’m worried about saving money for a car? Or College? Is it because I still struggle to figure out my major?

And if none of those things are the root cause of my stress, then why do I feel so restless?

This week was probably the most stressful week of the year so far. My parents decided to install hardwood flooring in our house, and because of this everything had to be moved out of most of the rooms. I was unceremoniously evicted from my bedroom and my bed was relocated to my sister’s room. Most my possessions lie in brown cardboard boxes in the basement. Privacy is virtually non-existent. My cameras and my journal are inside cardboard boxes. My makeshift weight room in the basement is now surrounded by these boxes. Both of my guitars, my amp, and all of my effects pedals are in the basement.

Some of my most prized tools of creative expression are in the basement.

My laptop is not in the basement. Nor is my iTouch. Aside from my bed, my backpack, and the schoolbooks within it, my other possessions include two sharpies, a legal pad, mail from various colleges, my messenger bag, a Motor Trend magazine, Skullcandy headphones, clothes, and my cell phone. I also have an alarm clock and a small black stool that I use as a makeshift nightstand.

Things could definitely be much worse– I have no doubt of that– and I am thankful for the things that I do have right now. I suppose that the main thing that I miss is privacy. I miss going to bed in my own room, with everything set up the way I like it. I miss doing homework at my old desk with my awesome blue desk lamp. I also miss my kick ass pineapple lamp.

Basically, this week just sucked. I never thought that I would ever leave to go to school in the morning from the La Quinta hotel… but I did on Friday morning. There’s nothing quite like eating a complimentary continental breakfast twenty-minutes before first period…

I’m going to end this long-winded rant here and go to sleep. Hopefully Week IX will be better.

– Will


* Based off quick estimation.

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