The Great Trip Game – A Scored Adventure!

So.  I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I legitimately think that, if I spend the bare minimum and save the maximum, I can go on a cross-country trip next summer (and if not this one, the next.)  And by cross-country, I mean that I’m crossing the country.  In an airplane.  The ocean too.  Until I reach the British Isles.  So I’m going to the British Isles next summer (I hope) and I’ll be there for a  month, I think.  And I’ve only been in an airplane once, so I’m guessing that it’s going to be kinda like the Indiana Jones movies.  Which means that I sleep with a fedora over my eyes while a red line just magically teleports me to where I want to go.

Kinda like this, only not.

Since I am leaving the country, I plan on having a total blast.  Like, such a blast that one could only survive it in a fridge (kudos, you know who you are).  I’m going to see Stonehenge.  I’m going to make faces like every other fucking tourist at the Royal Guard (aka, the dudes in the furry hats).  I’ll probably hop over on a ferry over to Ireland and see if they think Bono is a pompous ass too.  Go up north to Scotland and visit where my family came from.  See the sheep.  And I will drink.  A lot.

This will be me, boots and all. My folks will be proud.

Why will I be drunk ALL THE TIME?  Drinking age is 18.  In both Ireland and the UK. It’ll be the best way to meet people. And by people I mean easy hot British chicks (though I better stay sober enough to tell my syphilis from my crabs).  Awesome.  BUT!  I can’t just have drinking be the main goal – and that’s where this game comes into play.  I’ve decided to make a list of things to do, a Bucket List, if you will.  And I plan on making it awesome.  But it can’t just be any bucket list – otherwise, I have no incentive to actually do them this time.  So, I’m adding a nice twist – points.  I have made my 3-week journey to the British Isles a game.

And yet it won’t take even nearly as long as this godforsaken game.

So I need some help with my list and points values, which are totally open for debate.  I’ve already got it started, but I don’t feel like putting it down just yet.  I’d like to see suggestions and points values from others before I make my own.  Maybe this will set up the path for progeny of other 18-year old Americans like me.  And it will become the ultimate game of “Who can score the most points.” So let’s throw some ideas out there, ladies and gentlemen!


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