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top 25 songs/it took six guys to get me out of there/lady thieves.

i figured i’d let you guys know what i (supposedly) listen to the most. some of these might be my mom’s doing.

  1. bright lights- matchbox twenty.
  2. boats and birds- Gregory and the Hawk
  3. Hours of Wealth- Opeth
  4. Lost- Avenged Sevenfold… (brother)
  5. Jealous guy- Casey James
  6. Candle (sick and tired)- White Tie Affair
  7. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1- Pink Floyd
  8. Falling Down- Atreyu♥
  9. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich- Lady Gaga (mom)
  10. Hold On- good Charlotte
  11. coffeshop soundtrack- all time low (thanks opie)
  12. He Lives In You- Lebo M (opening song of lion king 2)
  13. Fame- Lady Gaga (mom)
  14. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
  15. Truth- Seether
  16. Colors- Crossfade
  17. Honor- Atreyu ♥
  18. The light and the glass- Coheed and cambria ♥
  19. Jamie all over- Mayday Parade (thanks again opie)
  20. Black or white- Michael Jackson
  21. Trashin’ the camp- Phil collins ft. N*SYNC (tarzan soundtrack)
  22. Teeth- Lady Gaga
  23. Icky Thump- White stripes
  24. Dirty Diana- Michael Jackson
  25. Speechless- Michael Jackson
  26. and if we didn’t have the ones from my mom and brother, we get…Mother Superior- Coheed and Cambria
  27. Downfall- Matchbox twenty

so there’s that… and now to explain the next section of my title. when i parked this morning, the bell had already rung, and i wasn’t sure if they were letting us in after the first ten minutes again, so i was desperate for a spot. i took one that just happened to be three feet deep. couldn’t get out, so what do i do? fix my hair a little and stroll into the weight room and ask who wants to help “little ol’ me” *insert pout here* get my car outta the snow. six guys followed me across the school to push it out. epic win on my part. of course it’s sick, but i got my car out, and i didn’t have to call a tow truck… so everybody’s happy.

and now for the latest segment of things you don’t normally hear in first period…

  • “why have you got grow lights in your house, swarm??” “have you seen the yearbook photo requirements?” “what has that got to do with your grow lights?” “I shouldn’t talk about that, I’m trying to change the subject.”
  • “the guys in this room didn’t do a thing about it. Of course, there aren’t any guys in this room.”
  • “Hazen, you’re a brat. Just because you’re kinda big and semi-good lookin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nicen up. You could actually get a nice girlfriend who wouldn’t break up with you after a week cuz you’re a jerk.”
  • “so this thanksgiving was just bad. The guy carving the turkey cut his finger and it was a pretty good slice, so he was bleeding all over it. it was like drip, drip, drip, and i was the only one who saw it. well the guy had a little too much to drink and i had to take over and i didn’t know what to do  so i just didn’t say anything, so somebody got bloody turkey and it was just bad.”
  • “YOU ATE THE BLOODY TURKEY??” -me in a british accent
  • si, espanol uno es babyland.
  • say you have a guy who takes your woman, can you call him a ladrona, a lady thief? “miguel, you can call him anything you want, i’d say a lot worse than that.”
  • la ladrona siguio robando ellas, that means the lady thief kept on stealing ladies. “gracias, miguel…”

love, kelci

Around the World in 80 Beliefs : A Primer on a Quest

“The Tao that can be followed is not the eternal Tao / The name that can be named is not the eternal name” – Tao Te Ching 1-2

This was originally going to be a little post explaining Taoism briefly, to get the basic ideas across. But then I thought about it and decided that just sharing what I know about Taoism isn’t prudent. I might as well go and share everything I know and learn (since I am constantly learning more and more – I’m reading Analects right now, and I’m looking into Shinto, Mahayana (particularly Zen and Tibetan) and Theravada Buddhism). So I’ve decided this will be a new series in an attempt to glean as much as I can from everything – why just go for the Eastern ones? I truthfully know little to nothing about Protestant, Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Shiite or Sunni Islam, Baha’i, Judaism, Jainism, or Hinduism. I truthfully know nothing about any traditional African, North or South American beliefs. I don’t even really know what Voodoo is all about aside from something Pat Bush is really into (though he says he a ‘Bit’Ov’Thist – Bit Ov Thist, Bit OV That… (he’ll probably beat me for spelling it wrong (I wanted to end with three parentheses))). Hell, even Scientology, even if just for the laughs. So let’s go through it all. Every last bit of everything I can find out there ever. OK, that MIGHT be an exaggeration, but I’mma still do a lot of reading and researching.

“My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36

Yet some might then make a very valid argument that some of these things are not really religions in that they worship no particular deity or anything like that. For example, I personally do not believe that Confucianism is really a religion (at least not to me). This is because there are usually two schools of thought for many beliefs – the philosophical side and the religious side. This is because Confucianism is the teachings of one man, who says all of these different “rules” and “regulations” as to how humans should interact with one another (again, I don’t really know a lot about it other than “Confucius say some sex is good, more is better, and too much is just right.”). However, I have been told by my friend Josh, who did a research paper involving the subject, that many saw Confucius as a Jesus-like figure, and thus he is worshiped with “prayers” made to him. I had no idea (hence why I want to learn more), but it shows why I’m going to give two sides to every story. I won’t make it different posts, I’ll just make sure to discuss both sides (if I can find both). And be warned that I am indeed a rambler and probably will ramble on about anything that comes to my head in terms of musing on everything and such. I’ll also probably do one or two “Scenic Pit-Stops” to discuss what history I learn or other books that, while not religious, are considered by many to be very philosophical (for example, the samurai Musashi’s Book of Five Rings or Chinese general Sun Tzu’s Art of War) and talk about what I learn through them.

“Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors.” The Noble Qur’an 2:190

But I can’t just do everything. At least not right now. So I’m going to do 80 different beliefs, in honor of “Around the World in 80 Days.” These can be: religious texts like the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah; literature on other philosophies such as Humanism, Atheism, Optimism, Scientology; or possibly even simple “historical” texts on other beliefs that are traditionally more oral like Voodoo and Norse, African, Celtic, and Native American mythology and animistic beliefs. Further, in more honor of the piece that this title comes from, we’ll go from location to location in geographical order, ie from East to West to East. I’ll start with what I know and am in most interested in, being East-Asian beliefs, particularly China and Japan. From there to the Middle-East and Eastern Europe, then Central and Western Europe (Greece is going to be such a pain… I might need to get creative with Greece and Rome and all that). Though this does seem a bit off, since I’m covering large chunks of Africa now with other posts (aka, Christianity and Islam) I’ll then do traditional African. Jump over the Atlantic and we’ll do North then Sotuh American (Mayans and Aztecs will be really interesting), and Hell, just so as to not exclude anyone, we’ll look into the Pacific Islands as well (I ❤ Mana!).

“Odin is the All-Father. He is the oldest and most powerful of the Gods. Through the ages he has ruled all things. He created heaven and earth, and he made man and gave him a soul. But even the All-Father was not the very first.” – Prose Edda

So there it is. It may not be great, but I’mma do it for my own personal benefit. And I’m not going to put a schedule on this since, well, I think that that could just be insulting. I mean, who am I to decide that I can totally understand Christianity at all, much less in a week? With that said, I will try for one a week, but no promises are made since I have school and reading the Bible, the Qur’an, a book studying Thor and Odin and all the rest of Valhalla may take more than a week. In fact, this will probably be a big part of my entire life. But we all need to get started somewhere, and a survey is usually the best way to get going. I also will attempt to be considerate with everything so as to not offend, so my usual humor may be absent (don’t worry, I’ll still throw in my scathing posts that crack all y’all). So for now, I disappear into the nether of stuff.

What, I can’t be serious all the time.

We Don’t Get Engleesh 1

No, seriously, I’mma try and prove it. America’s problems are all based on the fact that we don’t even know our own god-damn language. Watch me prove it.

Really, this is a really small rant. Really small, but still, important. First, we don’t know what organic means. The first definition I found, as from reads thus: “noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon. ” The much-easier-to-understand definition is listed second: “characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms.” Which makes perfect sense. Organic is related to organism, which is anything that is alive (aka, not rocks).

But what are these?

So that makes sense as to why we can label corn and bread and beef and people-meat organic – they came from something that was once alive. Hell, from that definition, I might want to call coal organic. So that leads me to ask… if we can label one particular brand of corn “organic” is the next one not? Is the organic corn really corn and the other, usually cheaper brand of corn really very small, very yellow, very squishy rocks? Hopefully not.

If so, Gorons would love the inorganic corn.

Then why did we label one corn organic? It’s no more alive than the other corn. We somehow have decided that growing something without pesticides or “genetic engineering” or whatever the Hell “organic” food means allows us to call it organic. Why? Because nobody gets English. There’s probably a proper word out there. Any word other than organic for things that are already f**king organic. Hell, I’d even take “green” corn simply because it has been decided that a color can mean eco-friendly. That’s just not worth the fight.

Would green corn be peas?

And I’ve decided that, because of this whole lack of getting our own damn language, America is really screwed up. This is just a small example that just hit me recently, but it was the one that allowed for more pictures, which I like posting. I’ll probably go more into later, but I don’t want to right now. I’m too busy enjoying a nice glass of organic milk (case and MOTHER F**KING POINT!)

Put On Your Fatpants And Ride The Bandwagon to Wal*Mart

I almost began by saying, “Merry CHRISTMAS!” Yeah. The music has finally gotten to me; it’s repulsive.

Well, yesterday I feasted on turkey and my grandma’s impeccable gravy…(I could probably live off of it alone)…as well as homemade pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. YUM. YUM. YUM.

I feel so obnoxious during the holidays. I eat, buy, buy, wrap, unwrap, give, give, and drink cocoa. The last is more or less my most favorite. Thanksgiving was as entertaining as it usually turns out to be: laughing, politics, more politics, politics on FOX News concerning the series “The Rise, Fall, and Future of Conservatism” (which my grandma LOVED watching…me too slightly) and the whole lot. The entire thing is delightful and entertaining. 🙂


So, Shopko, we’re selling turkey roasters? Really? Do you THINK we need that after we’ve barely finished digesting said bird? NO! Bad idea to create a fortress of them which simply serves to be yet another obstacle in the store to hurdle over.

My mother and I were the sole shoppers this morning at five A.M. where we passed Best Buy, ever so fearfully (the parking lot was FULL. FULL…minus the expected fist fights…).

We went to Shopko, American Eagle, Penny’s (ties, shirts…slippers!), and Dillards (Calvin Kline shirts…SCORE).
All of said purchasing was for Christmas–I might get to have one shirt or something, but otherwise NNNNOOOO. It’s all for Christmas, which is a good thing…Hell, I passed some Calvin Kline SUITS and just about passed out with giddiness.

SPENCER DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER SUIT. I need to keep reminding me this. I have the essentials. Well, more than the essentials, which is overly-essential. My essentialness is above average then? Huh.

Well look at that, Spencer’s tired. Hello memory foam pillow. Goodbye twentyeleven!


*END TRANSMISSION!* COMMAND//:1010—-From, Spencer

Happy Thanksgiving! (audio post)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (I used the awesome post-audio-by-phone method to get this up.)

“We’re in High School Musical…in Montana…” & To Get Grocery Car-Smashed


Well in case you’re wondering (which OF COURSE YOU WERE), the meet was wonderful last weekend. I took second in the Original Oratory event, which, surprisingly, is the worst I’ve done all year–which, even though I worded it strangely, is a good thing. I’ve been kicking butt and taking names. Also,Billings Senior High has also been doing such. We placed third at the meet, which evidently hasn’t happened for a decade or so. No big deal. Only a teary-eyed coach. We missed awards though, which happened to be in the fanciest school I have ever seen (even in regards to Wyoming funding): Glacier High School.

To keep it simple, I found on the contractor’s site it cost about only 30 million dollars, and the school owns 60 acres. Holy Moses. Oh, and the cafeteria inside like High School Musical. No big deal.

"Don't stick to the status quo..." Oh my God. That's just odd, yet wonderful to behold.

Can’t you see random kids dancing down the stairs? I can…Anyway, the school was above par and thus, I give the billionare who donated money kudos for making Disney proud…maybe…:)

Ah, and then here’s the entrance of the mall-looking school. It looks like they shipped it from California. Interesting. Anyway, I really feel like a stalker. Had to do it. 🙂

For whatever reason, I REALLLLLLY enjoy architecture. Okay, now I’m done. Onto more relevant matters:

And oh look, it’s the holidays.

How fun.

I really do enjoy festivities, food, and family, yet I find myself  at odds with the public whenever said holidays occur. Today, Albertson’s was basically a sphere of anarchy, and gave me insight as to how the world will look when it does indeed end. A note: there will be a lot of trashy people trying to purchase boxed wine and cranberry sauce. I’ll be looking forward to that. Lovely.

Not that A Christmas Carol has anything to do with Thanksgiving in particular, but I sort of played Scrooge in the seventh grade. Huh. Well…I don’t HATE the holidays…just some people before Thanksgiving and Christmas, or after Thanksgiving (BLACK FRIDAY…*Jaws Music*)

One more thing: stay off the roads; they’re despicable. I almost died. FIVE TIMES. Well, I’m not sure about that. People are stupid drivers at times, unfortunately. STUPID. DRIVERS.

execution1010101//: —-from, Spencer

…well, sh*t.

Lately, I’ve been kind of frustrated with the whole “dating scene”. It seems like everywhere I look, there’s a bunch of couples acting all “couple-ish” together, and it makes me feel like a lonely bastard. I think I’m a pretty nice guy– why the hell am I alone?

In the midst of pondering that question and daydreaming about random things, I read a blog post on SparkLife that discusses the “Nice Guy” syndrome.

Not to be confused with a guy who’s just nice, the “Nice Guy” harbors romantic intentions toward his female friends, hides said intentions from himself and from her, and grows increasingly frustrated as the girl in question continues to date other guys. This is fruitless, frustrating, and it never ends well; in many cases, the embittered “Nice Guy” will eventually start acting like a jerk because he’s convinced that his “niceness” is keeping him in the friend zone, when the real problem is that girls can’t read his mind.

Well, shit. That would have been useful to know a long time ago. It would have prevented me from going through months of frustration and self-loathing, and then subsequent months of mild depression. Alas, it didn’t, and I’m still the bottled-up, angst-ridden teenager I’ve always been. The rest of the post continues through a discussion on the importance of confidence (something I usually lack in “public situations” for some unknown reason) and how chicks dig guys who are confident.

I get why confidence is valued. It makes sense– nobody wants to date a nervous twitcher who has zero self-confidence. At the same time, I’m often plagued by a constant fear of rejection that makes me seem really awkward. Recently, my “I don’t really care about much of anything” attitude has began to turn that fear into a feeling of “I don’t really give a shit what other people think anymore”-attitude, which I initially perceived to be a good thing.

Other posts on the SparkLife site said things about the importance of being nice to people. Yeah, that should be a total “DUH!”, but lately I’ve been kind of a grump ass. The whole “I don’t give a shit” attitude that I was complacent with because it was making me feel as if I had more self-confidence was actually turning me into a bitter asshole. I know that I’m supposed to be nice to other people, and I generally am pretty nice (though I wonder if some people actually recognize when I’m joking about something and not just being a dick sometimes…) to everyone. I don’t say mean things to people. In fact, I don’t really say much of anything to most people. I’m just kind of quiet because I think I’ll end up saying something stupid. That, or I’m just so damned tired that I can’t think of anything worth saying.

Essentially, I’ve come to realize something that should have been obvious all along:

  1. Girls like nice people.
  2. Girls like confident people.
  3. Girls like people who talk, and actually show that they like someone rather than pray for some miracle sign from above to show their affection.

So now that I’ve “woken up” and “seen the light”, I just need to do something with the new advice. “Being enlightened” and actually doing something with said advice are two very different things…

– Will


I have been struggling with something recently. This idea of complacency that has consumed America. We sit around on our butt’s as we see news story after news story depicting the horrible instances that happen around the world. We see the pictures of children in Haiti, the war in Uganda, or even the battles in Iran and Afghanistan.  We sit, we watch, heck we even cry a little, but we do nothing. I find it baffling and ironically funny that we can look into a refrigerator full of food and say “There is nothing to eat.” Or peer into our wardrobe full of clothing and remark in dismay “Ughh I have nothing to wear!” Think about this: You can only eat one meal at a time. You can only wear one outfit at a time. Yet we have weeks worth of food stocking our pantries and freezers. We have months worth of clothing filling our closets. We have $5 in our pockets, and complain that it isn’t enough for the lunch we want. Half the world’s population lives off of $1 a day for pete’s sake! I’ve been troubled by this phenomenon for weeks, even months. I have read a book recently called Primal by Mark Batterson. There is a section called “Are you okay with this?” It goes something similar to this: Every 28 seconds, a child dies from contaminated water. Are you okay with this? America’s poor are in the top 5% of the richest people in the world, and the world’s poverty is dropping. Are you okay with this? And on and on it goes with the heart pulling statistics. So let me ask you: Are you okay with this? Because I sure as hell am not! Sometimes I think we get stuck in the rut of “It’s too big for me to impact.” But we are so wrong. We think, Eh I’m just in high school. What can I do? We think we have to be rich or famous or even an adult to make a difference in the world. Guess what? That’s a lie. King Tut was 9 years old when he became Ruler of Egypt. Jesus’s Disciples were between the ages of 14-18. Joan of Ark was age 19 when she became known. The examples could continue. My point being, your age should NEVER hinder you from changing the world. And you don’t have to be famous or rich either. You can start by making a difference in the lives of people around you. Maybe it is your calling to travel over seas and help out the Orphanage in Uganda. But maybe your calling is to help out that seven-year-old who is struggling in school. Or maybe helping your next door neighbor who can’t shovel the snow from their driveway. Even tipping the barista who just made your favorite latte an extra dollar to brighten his/her day. Saying hello to someone new in the hallway. Helping your sister or brother out with their homework. Offering to do the dishes tonight, even when it isn’t your turn to do them. ANYTHING helps. I’m not saying sell all your clothes and never buy groceries. Just realize how blessed you are and try to reach out to others who might not be so blessed. Write a letter to our troops, even if you don’t know them. DO SOMETHING. Anything except let the world pass you buy as you naively sit and watch the television. Things are happening around you. Be aware of them, and try to make a difference in someone’s life today. Or tomorrow, since it is pretty late. Haha.

Yours Truly,

P.S.  Long time no see huh? So sorry. My life has been one crazy roller coaster, but it should be settling down a bit here for Thanksgiving.

P.P.S. And I also apologize if this post is jumbled. I’m tired, and revved up about this topic all at once so I’m sure it’s a bit confusing. Oh well.

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