Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

“Can you imagine how much it would suck to get rear ended like that guy did?”

which is what i told opie when we stopped behind a car looking much like this one at lunch today. pay attention class, this is where it gets interesting. BAM! i got rear ended. thank god there wasn’t any damage, but what the hell? i got slammed by a landscaping truck that was towing a pretty good sized trailer, and there’s the hint of a scratch on my car. the guy got out of his truck immediately and apologized, said there was no threatening damage, and then asked if i wanted his info. keeping my fellow roadgoers in mind, i said we should pull into the parking lot next to us and figure things out from there. when i looked at it, i had issues finding any damage at all, so i told him to get outta there and drive more carefully. why? why didn’t i just exchange information just to be on the safe side? first, i didn’t care. my back bumper is peeling anyway, so whats the point of keeping the paint in good condition? (haha, i hope you cringe.) second, i did the exact same thing to a minivan at a coffee kiosk about a month ago. pay it forward, my friends. pay it forward.

i suppose it’s karma for not posting as often as i meant to when we started the blog. (haha) i was thinking about a post in first period today. about my ADD meds. so. a day of irony for kelci. how typical of a monday.