Psh. Productivity.

What does a girl do when she’s psyched herself up for an evening at work and then sent home due to an excess of hosts/hostesses at said work?

Well, she could study for the SAT that she’s retaking in less than two days…

Or do the anatomy project that is due tomorrow…

Or her briefs for government class…

Or attempt to start her speech for oratory…

But no.

She blogs instead.

Huzzah 🙂 such a productive soul, am I.

But then again, productivity is for squares, and due to this acute case of senioritis that seems to be settling even deeper into the core of my soul, I’ve been wasting my time every evening from the time I get home to the time I go to sleep.

Actually, now that I think about it, my average after-school day consists of the following:

Huzzah for Chick Lit.

My lovely, hairy kitty cat :)These are often what I look forward to most during the week.

And of course, Facebook.

Also, I’ve not only been filling my days with totally unproductive, mindless activities, but I’ve been simply exhausted all the time lately, because I can’t manage to get a good night’s sleep, damnit. So I get tired at 8:00 like an old lady in a nursing home, but can’t manage to shut my brain down until practically midnight.

Which is probably why it’s a good thing that I’ve now joined Speech and Debate, because now I actually have something that isn’t homework that I can do in my free time to keep my mind occupied, other than reading mindless chick-lit novels or watching trashy (albeit, very entertaining) reality shows on MTV.  So, fellow bloggers and blog-readers, if Speech doesn’t manage to keep me as occupied as I hope it will, suggestions for activities that will hopefully keep my mind sharp and occupied, but that are still fun,  would be very welcome.

Otherwise I feel like my brain will become one big pile of mental-apathy-induced brain-mush. Which isn’t exactly an attractive option.

On a relatively un-pessimistic note, I watched the Quentin Tarantino movie From Dusk Til Dawn and really enjoyed it. Ah, Quentin, you are a genius. But nothing can top Pulp Fiction.

Well, I’m tired, and I’m now officially out of things to write about. So much for creating an interesting blog entry for today…

“We are young! We are strong! We’re not lookin’ for where we belong! We’re not cool! We are free! And we’re running with blood on our knees!

“We could rule the world, on a silver platter, from the wrong to the right light, to an open stream.

“With a crash and burn, we could make it better, turn it upside down, just you and me.

“We are the dream. No other way, to be.”

This is a song by Mika and Redone called “Kick Ass” (or “We Are Young,” if you don’t want to use the profanity) and is, not surprisingly, the theme song to the movie Kick Ass. Which I really want to see. I really like the lyrics to this song and felt compelled to share them. 🙂

Thanks again for reading!


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