Daily Archives: November 14, 2010

Friday Flop.

Friday was one of the crummiest days I’ve had in a long time. It started bad and ended worse. Overall, it was just a shitty day.

First period: where the crappy day began. We were supposed to memorize and recite lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth in my AP English class. I, being the forgetful person that I am, totally spaced the whole thing and frantically tried to memorize a set of lines in 15 minutes. When it was my turn to spit out my lines, I failed. Miserably. I think I managed to recite two lines out of ten, and even then I needed some help. I wasn’t even allowed to graciously exit– my teacher suggested “trying again” on Monday before I could admit defeat. I walked back to my desk with my face glowing red, my heart thumping away, and my brain angrily chanting obscenities.

(To be perfectly honest, I fail to see the point of remembering and reciting lines. Is there really any educational value in memorization and vocal-regurgitation? And if there is, how exactly does that apply to the AP English test? If you know, feel free to elaborate in a comment on this post.)

As if that wasn’t enough, I managed to walk into a desk on my way back from sharpening a pencil. Instead of just bumping the desk, my shoe hit the desk at the peak of my stride and basically kicked it. It was very noisy and quite embarrassing. As if that wasn’t enough, someone said, “Jeeze,” as if I had just kicked the damn thing because I was angry or something.

Listen jackass commentator: I’m already having a shitty day– I don’t need you to openly vocalize your opinion about my blunders. Shut your mouth or I will gladly shut it for you (with Super Mighty Glue).

The rest of the school day went smoothly. After school, I went to work feeling motivated. This sense of motivation did not pay off, however, as I ended up staying almost an hour late trying to finish a task I started at the beginning of my shift. I left work feeling drained, depressed, and mad at myself for not getting everything done on time.

It was just a really shitty day, ya know?

– Will

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