I have been struggling with something recently. This idea of complacency that has consumed America. We sit around on our butt’s as we see news story after news story depicting the horrible instances that happen around the world. We see the pictures of children in Haiti, the war in Uganda, or even the battles in Iran and Afghanistan.  We sit, we watch, heck we even cry a little, but we do nothing. I find it baffling and ironically funny that we can look into a refrigerator full of food and say “There is nothing to eat.” Or peer into our wardrobe full of clothing and remark in dismay “Ughh I have nothing to wear!” Think about this: You can only eat one meal at a time. You can only wear one outfit at a time. Yet we have weeks worth of food stocking our pantries and freezers. We have months worth of clothing filling our closets. We have $5 in our pockets, and complain that it isn’t enough for the lunch we want. Half the world’s population lives off of $1 a day for pete’s sake! I’ve been troubled by this phenomenon for weeks, even months. I have read a book recently called Primal by Mark Batterson. There is a section called “Are you okay with this?” It goes something similar to this: Every 28 seconds, a child dies from contaminated water. Are you okay with this? America’s poor are in the top 5% of the richest people in the world, and the world’s poverty is dropping. Are you okay with this? And on and on it goes with the heart pulling statistics. So let me ask you: Are you okay with this? Because I sure as hell am not! Sometimes I think we get stuck in the rut of “It’s too big for me to impact.” But we are so wrong. We think, Eh I’m just in high school. What can I do? We think we have to be rich or famous or even an adult to make a difference in the world. Guess what? That’s a lie. King Tut was 9 years old when he became Ruler of Egypt. Jesus’s Disciples were between the ages of 14-18. Joan of Ark was age 19 when she became known. The examples could continue. My point being, your age should NEVER hinder you from changing the world. And you don’t have to be famous or rich either. You can start by making a difference in the lives of people around you. Maybe it is your calling to travel over seas and help out the Orphanage in Uganda. But maybe your calling is to help out that seven-year-old who is struggling in school. Or maybe helping your next door neighbor who can’t shovel the snow from their driveway. Even tipping the barista who just made your favorite latte an extra dollar to brighten his/her day. Saying hello to someone new in the hallway. Helping your sister or brother out with their homework. Offering to do the dishes tonight, even when it isn’t your turn to do them. ANYTHING helps. I’m not saying sell all your clothes and never buy groceries. Just realize how blessed you are and try to reach out to others who might not be so blessed. Write a letter to our troops, even if you don’t know them. DO SOMETHING. Anything except let the world pass you buy as you naively sit and watch the television. Things are happening around you. Be aware of them, and try to make a difference in someone’s life today. Or tomorrow, since it is pretty late. Haha.

Yours Truly,

P.S.  Long time no see huh? So sorry. My life has been one crazy roller coaster, but it should be settling down a bit here for Thanksgiving.

P.P.S. And I also apologize if this post is jumbled. I’m tired, and revved up about this topic all at once so I’m sure it’s a bit confusing. Oh well.

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