“We’re in High School Musical…in Montana…” & To Get Grocery Car-Smashed


Well in case you’re wondering (which OF COURSE YOU WERE), the meet was wonderful last weekend. I took second in the Original Oratory event, which, surprisingly, is the worst I’ve done all year–which, even though I worded it strangely, is a good thing. I’ve been kicking butt and taking names. Also,Billings Senior High has also been doing such. We placed third at the meet, which evidently hasn’t happened for a decade or so. No big deal. Only a teary-eyed coach. We missed awards though, which happened to be in the fanciest school I have ever seen (even in regards to Wyoming funding): Glacier High School.

To keep it simple, I found on the contractor’s site it cost about only 30 million dollars, and the school owns 60 acres. Holy Moses. Oh, and the cafeteria inside like High School Musical. No big deal.

"Don't stick to the status quo..." Oh my God. That's just odd, yet wonderful to behold.

Can’t you see random kids dancing down the stairs? I can…Anyway, the school was above par and thus, I give the billionare who donated money kudos for making Disney proud…maybe…:)

Ah, and then here’s the entrance of the mall-looking school. It looks like they shipped it from California. Interesting. Anyway, I really feel like a stalker. Had to do it. 🙂

For whatever reason, I REALLLLLLY enjoy architecture. Okay, now I’m done. Onto more relevant matters:

And oh look, it’s the holidays.

How fun.

I really do enjoy festivities, food, and family, yet I find myself  at odds with the public whenever said holidays occur. Today, Albertson’s was basically a sphere of anarchy, and gave me insight as to how the world will look when it does indeed end. A note: there will be a lot of trashy people trying to purchase boxed wine and cranberry sauce. I’ll be looking forward to that. Lovely.

Not that A Christmas Carol has anything to do with Thanksgiving in particular, but I sort of played Scrooge in the seventh grade. Huh. Well…I don’t HATE the holidays…just some people before Thanksgiving and Christmas, or after Thanksgiving (BLACK FRIDAY…*Jaws Music*)

One more thing: stay off the roads; they’re despicable. I almost died. FIVE TIMES. Well, I’m not sure about that. People are stupid drivers at times, unfortunately. STUPID. DRIVERS.

execution1010101//: —-from, Spencer

One response to ““We’re in High School Musical…in Montana…” & To Get Grocery Car-Smashed

  1. Just be glad that you don’t have some silly retail job on Black Friday. It’s going to be a day filled with stupid, obnoxious, sales-hungry customers for me… I’m stocking up on Red Bull, NOS, Monster, and Rockstar as we speak…

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