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So this is the New Year

This past week for me at least has been a pretty big conglomeration of feelings.

Initially, the overwhelming feeling was the idea that this is the last holiday I will spend at home as a high schooler. Next year, I’ll be off somewhere, doing things I want to do, meeting new people, and learning new things.

Then the next feeling came. The next feeling was about how much I have. I am so lucky to have the people I call friends and family. And that was a very good feeling.

Then the next feeling. The fact that I’ve been let down a lot recently in the matters of the heart. I wish I could go on about that, but I have a feeling no one wants to read that. So, in short, it seems I’m just not worth the trouble of a relationship, only a fling.

Then another. Lonely. Lately at school I’ve been quiet and only go there to do my work and leave. I don’t like it there. And I can’t wait to graduate.

My other life outside of school is fine though. My friend Jessie has been gracing me with her presence consistently, and that makes me so happy. But it’d be nice to have a little something else too.

But the encompassing feeling is this: love.  I am in love with my world, and everyone else’s. The fact we can all interact with words, gestures, and contact amazes me. I’m in love with all the unique traits we all hold and how that makes us all different. I’m in love with how we intertwine with shared interests, glances, or feelings. I love how a simple noise, scent, or touch can transport us all back to the good and the bad.

Right now I’m listening to Winter Song done by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. This song was an anthem for my last winter.

“Is love alive?”

And despite all the let downs, my irriations, or my desires left unfulfilled, I believe love is alive. It may sound cheesy or something more akin to what you would hear in a poorly done Hallmark movie, but I believe it is. Because I’m in love with everyone. No matter how much I may not like some of their traits, or attitudes, I know that they are human, and we will always share that common ground. In my opinion, that alone is pretty amazing.

So this is the new year, we’re moving on and claiming we will better ourselves.

For this year I only have one resolution. To love more, without fear of the damages. I need to look past my fears, and my self conscious manner and just enjoy everyone, even if that may be a challenge. And I hope you all do the same.

This song below, is the song that’s been the theme of my winter. My favorite part, “words are futile devices” is what I’ve been thinking about lately. Listen, love it, and love more.  It’s a lovely song. And I can’t stop listening to it. It’s something that I’m going to bring into the New Year, musically, I think.

So many exciting things are approaching. And I am so scared.

“… if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.”- Ivan Turgenev.

I’m not ready for a lot of things. But I am so excited to begin.

With all the love I can muster,

Molly Elizabeth Brown

REWIND: 2010

We’re a mere 14-hours away from 2011, so it seems like the perfect time to take a look back at 2010.

2010. For me, the year brought a lot of things. Mostly, it brought a lot of self-reflection through writing. The Final Summer blog was the place where most of this self-reflection took place, and it also recorded my daily life during the summer. (Writing a new post everyday is a lot harder then it looks, folks.)

The best place to start your look back at 2010 is here– the first post on The Final Summer. Then, work your way forward in time through the posts until you reach the end of the summer. Then, read the first posts on twentyeleven.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve.

– Will

P.S. Look for more posts throughout the day and just after midnight.

The Chocolate of Doom, Creepy Kindle Voices, And Sci-Fi Love Revisited

Aloha, it’s the kindle.

Although this isn’t the pinnacle of my nerd-presents, it’s so handy. I can read digital books at reduced prices, make notes right on the pages, and even tweet/facebook you phrases that I find witty. It’s all so very heart warming, eh? This is the truth, except one fatal detail: TEXT TO SPEECH. Now, I’m quite happy with this function of Amazon’s Kindle, yet the man voice is quite creepy. I’ll go ahead and attach a snippet (turn UP the volume; it’s a tad quiet…and creepy):

And even creepier, the woman:

Great, no? No. Creepy, and somewhat utilitarian. Spencer’s kindle. Fair and Balanced. You decide.

I have a few words of wisdom to those who might find themselves in the same predicament to which I find myself.

Use moderation.

Fine, it’s not as much as I used to have as a kid during Halloween, but still. This is Christmas. Not “LET’S GORGE OURSELVES TO THE POINT OF COCOA POISONING”—Day. Why do I have handfuls of delectable chocolates? I don’t know. They probably walked into my life one night, deciding it would improve my life. Sadly, it has only somewhat prompted me into blogging about it. Tacky.


Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney


It was wonderful. I don’t care what anyone says, thinks, or does, it was great. The special effects were stunning, plot actually not too bad, and science that isn’t necessarily believable by our standards, but intriguing nonetheless. Tron was very action packed, but moderated by the attention to detail in scenery and storyline. Please go see it. As a measurement of how much I enjoyed the thing, I kinda bought the movie poster online at Amazon for $9.99.

Don’t call my life pathetic. I prefer enlightened, thank you very much.



Live from I-90…

Hey All,

I’m currently typing this post from the highway. (Interstate 90 is looking like a frigid, windy bitch, for those of you interested in road conditions.) Barely 20 minutes into the drive, we passed a truck flipped on its roof in the ditch (ambulances were already on-scene when drove by). The temperature in our current location (which is somewhere in Wyoming, I think) is a scorching -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The windows in the back of the truck are completely frosted over, and the cabin is flooded in darkness.

Morale is high– kind of. We’ve already watched two-episodes of South Park and the second-half of Step Brothers.

(OK– I have a location! We just passed Moorcroft.)

It looks like we’re in for a few more hours of driving… I’ll post an update when we finally arrive in Deadwood.

Reporting LIVE from I-90,

Sent from my iPod

UPDATE (11:16 P.M): We’ve arrived at our hotel in Deadwood (we’ve actually been here for a few hours– Jon and I went down to the arcade for a bit). The weather is chilly, the room is warm, and the hall outside our room smells a bit like dead skunk in certain places (specifically, near the vending machine).

We stopped at a gas station in Spearfish before we arrived at our hotel. For some reason, I felt the need to take a few stupid pictures. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Why is there a condom machine in the gas station bathroom?)

– Will


twentyeleven podcast #001:

This is just a quick three-minute long podcast discussing TRON: Legacy, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Go Radio. Tune in to get your movie, book, and music fix of the week.


– Will

P.S. Be sure to leave us some comments, suggestions, etc. on the new “Feedback” page. We would greatly appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks.

Thirteen Reasons Why

This book is chillingly fantastic.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a novel about a girl who commits suicide and leaves a set of tapes behind to explain why she took her life. The reasons why she took her life revolve around a series of hurtful actions by multiple people that eventually snowballed until she had no control over how others perceived her.

After reading the story, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. How many times have we said things to other people that were hurtful out of spite and never thought twice about it afterward? How many times have we done hurtful things and never apologized?

It’s really scary when you think about it. It’s almost as if you have the power to influence others emotions, actions, and self-esteem simply through a few words. You never really realize this power until something happens as a result of it, and by then it’s usually too late to repair the damage.

Another thing that fascinated me was the concept of leaving something behind to explain one’s perception on certain events after they are gone (I’ve always been fascinated with this idea– it’s partially why I own a journal). The tapes are a bit to chilling for my taste though– something about hearing a dead person’s voice after they are gone seems a bit too eerie.

It did not, however, change my perception of suicide. I’ve never seen suicide as a solution for any of life’s problems, even when I’ve been quite depressed. I can’t decide if I love life too much to even consider it or if I’m simply too stubborn to not go down swingin’.

Whatever the reason may be, I simply have never viewed suicide as an option or a solution for anything. My end-all solution for problems that seem “too difficult to handle” has always revolved around running away. I’m not quite sure why, but running away seems to have the allure of being able to start over, escape  from the problems, and have the option to go back (if you choose). However, there are a lot of complications involved with running away, and I’ve never seen it as a legitimate solution for any of my problems (besides, the past usually has a way of catching up to you).

(Editor’s note: Don’t worry, folks– I’m not planning on running away. I’m simply discussing my thoughts on it.)

Basically, Thirteen Reasons Why provided me with three things that I appreciate:

  1. A compelling story that kept me up until 2 AM (and continues to leave me going back through the book at various points).
  2. A realization of what my thoughts and actions have on others.
  3. A look at a morbid topic that isn’t discussed often, and the importance of maintaining hope in the darkest times.

It’s a fantastic book, and definitely something I would recommend.

Keep it fresh! (Whatever the hell that means….)

– Will

Merry Christmas!

We know how much you like re-gifted figgy pudding...

Merry Christmas, twentyeleven readers! We hope your Christmas Day is going well (and if it isn’t, we hope you have a rockin’ New Years). As a “thank you” to all of the dedicated fans who check out everyday (even when we don’t have new posts), we would like to announce the following additions:

  • Live Webcasting: We announced that it would be coming soon last month in this promo podcast, and now it’s here! Santa happily provided us with a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and a CAD U7 microphone so that we could create a kick ass HD webcasting studio.
  • Podcasting: If you loved ’em on The Final Summer, then you’ll be glad to hear that they’ll be coming to twentyeleven soon… like tomorrow.
  • MORE VIDEOS… ‘Nuff said. (If you haven’t seen the twentyeleven videos yet, check them out here.)

…and last (but certainly not least)

  • We have a new author! Molly Brown officiallyjoined the twentyeleven crew a few days ago, and we are excited to have her on-board. We look forward to her future posts. (Check out her intro post here.)

We hope the rest of your Christmas Day is great, and wish you a Happy New Year!

– Will

twentyeleven admin

A Christmas Eve Introduction.

Greetings all!

So Will has so graciously allowed me to join this blog, therefore, I found it appropriate to begin with a post about myself.

My name is Molly Brown. I am a senior at Billings Central. I may not stand by the typical cliche that comes to mind when you think of that school, however. I’m no athlete, and in fact, I avoid sports for fear of embarrassing myself. I have been involved in theatre since the fourth grade and am presently a part of POV Teen 2011 (which you all should check out on facebook: Along with that, I’m rather a bookworm, and can be found lurking in A Few Books More downtown. I drink coffee like my life depends on it, and will often be found in various City Brews across town.

My occupation is not your run of the mill job. I am a tour guide at the Moss Mansion. Which has its own quirks, which I’m sure I’ll detail about in the future. Aside from that job, my only job is to enjoy my friends and family when I’m not working on the weekends.

Now, for some actual blogging content. Today is Christmas eve, which is either a big deal for your family, or it simply isn’t. My family falls into the first category listed. To further affirm this statement, let me rattle off my Christmas schedule:

December 23-24:

Spend time at the cabin in Red Lodge watching: The Snowman and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

December 24:

4pm- Get ready for Christmas Eve mass, casual is not an option.

4:30 pm- Arrive at Christmas Eve mass a half an hour early, to guarantee good seats.

6:30 pm- Go to Roy and Kim’s (yes, as in Roy Brown who recently lost the election for senator) for lobster and Alfredo

9:00 pm- My brother or I complain about being tired or ill, and my mother reminds the rest of the family at the event we have to wake up early tomorrow, thus we depart for home.

9:10 pm-11:00pm- Begin to open family presents while listening to Christmas themed jazz.

December 25th:

Round up the troops very early in the morning to visit my relatives in Basin, Wyoming. Oh yes, it exists. In Basin we brunch, open gifts, and depart. Then for the rest of the day we watch It’s a Wonderful Life and pretend we won’t ever fight again.

December 26th (no siree are we stopping the Christmas cheer yet):

Have father’s side of the family over for brunch, which turns into them leaving at four in the afternoon.

Once all the mandated festivities are over, we don’t take down the Christmas decorations until after Epiphany.

So now that you’ve read (or skimmed) over that Christmas agenda, welcome to the Brown family. You have just mentally endured my schedule for the next few days. No complaints here. I’m all about the celebrating.

So in generally, I love my family, love my friends (like Mr. Elitist Spencer Sheehan), and love my life.

The only difference in this Christmas, is that it is tainted with the anticipation of college acceptance letters. Gadzooks. More to come on that later.

So cheers to you all. I’ll be posting within the next week. A Merry December 24th to you all!


Molly Brown

Coming Soon

This is just to say that I am still here, and I will still be in fact posting my journey. Finals was a bitch (kinda) but it was more or less me being really, really lazy. And I regret that (kinda). So, from next Thursday on through 79+ consecutive Thursdays, I will have another day of my journey posted unless I specifically note otherwise. It should be at noon just like this one is posted, automatically. So yeah, that’s basically it. I’ll also post up any other interesting happenings that go on (I’ve got a good one coming up) that are outside of my quest (though they are also partially included because I am just that meta).



That was directed at opie and spence. and even josh a little, for the sole purpose of making it look like i haven’t been slacking majorly. my life caught up to me… so i’m seventeen, and here’s a list of the AWESOME STUFF I GOT!



okay, you caught me… this one’s mostly a joke. i just had to show off this adorable little kid copying me.

purple chuck taylors...okay, this is probably my favorite present. my friend jason got me purple chuck taylors. they’re in my size, but the men’s version. so my large-footed pal spencer sheehan gets em. 🙂

lady gaga shirt!

my friend molly got me ANOTHER lady gaga shirt (she got me one last year too) so now i have one for every day of the week. call me obsessed and i’ll give you a thumbs up and smile.

the middle one's mine.

yes, they are awesome. lady gaga heartbeats by Dr. Dre. studio quality. the REAL DEAL.

obv. this isn't me. but this is my new shirt. i love it.


momma doesn’t want me to pushpin it to my ceiling, so i’m honestly considering putting it in my car.

this is my new wallet. i have a matching phone cover. i wanna color them both. neon. yep.

MY NEW BINDINGS (they niiiiiice)

new mints 🙂

aaaaaaand my baby, phillip.

and that’s just birfday stuff. there’ll probably be a follow-up in a more crisscrosstmassy flavor. nom.

in case you couldn’t tell, love, kelci.