I do not deserve this. the things that aren’t my fault:

  1. the three-way traffic into the school being a mile long when i got there, the same time i always do.
  2. my mom is a teacher, and therefore uses that to somehow enforce that she won’t call me in 5 minutes late to school.
  3. the parking ouside of the school is nuts. i have at least a 5-minute walk from the closest spot i could get. why won’t i buy a parking pass? I don’t know where the money is going. the wide-screen TVs that are strategically placed to block the busiest intersections, making me late, and landing me here? i think NOT. wouldn’t you wanna take care of the asbestos first? i suppose my priorities are a little more in check. and i’m not in charge. my bad.

the things that are my fault:

  1. I went back to my house after i left to turn off all our lights to save my mom some money, she’s been complaining about bills.
  2. i took a little bit longer getting ready today, because i was trying to look good for a guy i’m not having lunch with anymore. my luck, right?

and so now i’m all splotch-faced in ISS because i cry like a baby when i’m pissed. and another rant against SD2: why are there teachers in the dean’s office? did the deans die? No. where are they? A BASKETBALL GAME. you would think at least one of them is supposed to stay here. being a dean takes some commitment to actually being at that school during school, doesn’t it? the irony that i was being lectured about responsibility kills me. I suppose i got a little “break” out of it. this is my 5th “R” (i don’t even know what that means) so technically, I should be at the truancy center. Instead, i’m staring at a terribly-painted mural (no offense, just in case, i’m really upset) in the cafeteria. oh boy!! i’m so overjoyed that i’m not doing the same exact thing at the truancy center… the “dean” said, “i’m actually glad you’re upset, because it shows you’re a good kid and you don’t want this.” WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?! thanks anyway, i guess. on the bright side, i can do homework, read, listen to music, write anything i want, and shut the heck up. i choose the alternative and look at the glass with two drops in it. i’m not going to lunch, i’m not getting asked out, i’m sure the fact that i had to cancel due to ISS makes me significantly more attractive, and i seriously look like a train hit me. this is humiliating.¬† i do have my birthday to look forward to, though. i’ll be celebrating without my grampa, since he’s dead. i have to celebrate seperately with my mom, dad, and brother, because they’re divorced and he moved out. within the same week. i’ll probably be able to go to sushi for dinner, but it’ll be silent or small-talk, because none of us ever want to say anything. did i mention it’s on a monday? i don’t want any presents from anyone, i just want my family and my life back. It’s freezing in here. then again, i have the average body temperature of a lizard. I cannot believe the conversations i had last night. my big brother told me he loves me, i’m the perfect sister, fun to be around, don’t let others influence me, and he’s proud of who i am. did you hear that? he’s proud. that went from 0-60 in a flash. I guess he always laughs at my jokes and we get along alright, but that was really mushy for him. it’s really nice to hear from anyone. my good friend said he wanted to date me, my best friend told me he’s impressed with me for handling all the stuff i do handle, and that he’s not giving up. and now i’m here. figures.

the above post was written this morning in ISS because i REALLY needed to blow off some steam. not mocking any of the ridiculous stuff i put down is appreciated.

so that’s my day. oh, and i can’t go to the art museum with joshua after school, because my mom won’t let me. *THUMBS UP, WORLD!!*

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