“Video Killed the Radio Star…”

If you’ve been hiding under a rock during the past few days (or you’re not friends with us on Facebook), you probably haven’t seen some of the epic YouTube videos that we’ve been posting on the twentyeleven channel.

Frankly, we think that’s a travesty.

So to appease all of you e-hermits who actually go outside and enjoy the fresh air, here are the videos we posted yesterday.

First up: Spencer’s Video — “My Negotiation”

Next, Will’s video: “Cool Kids wear the same shirt & the Poke War Call Out”

If you’re one of those dedicated fans who have already watched those videos and were sorely disappointed by the lack of new material in this post, fear not– new stuff is on the way. Stay tuned…

– Will

P.S. Check out our videos as soon as they’re posted by subscribing to the twentyelevenproject YouTube channel.

2 responses to ““Video Killed the Radio Star…”

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  2. “frankly, we think that’s a travesty.”

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