A Christmas Eve Introduction.

Greetings all!

So Will has so graciously allowed me to join this blog, therefore, I found it appropriate to begin with a post about myself.

My name is Molly Brown. I am a senior at Billings Central. I may not stand by the typical cliche that comes to mind when you think of that school, however. I’m no athlete, and in fact, I avoid sports for fear of embarrassing myself. I have been involved in theatre since the fourth grade and am presently a part of POV Teen 2011 (which you all should check out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_165734070124336&ap=1). Along with that, I’m rather a bookworm, and can be found lurking in A Few Books More downtown. I drink coffee like my life depends on it, and will often be found in various City Brews across town.

My occupation is not your run of the mill job. I am a tour guide at the Moss Mansion. Which has its own quirks, which I’m sure I’ll detail about in the future. Aside from that job, my only job is to enjoy my friends and family when I’m not working on the weekends.

Now, for some actual blogging content. Today is Christmas eve, which is either a big deal for your family, or it simply isn’t. My family falls into the first category listed. To further affirm this statement, let me rattle off my Christmas schedule:

December 23-24:

Spend time at the cabin in Red Lodge watching: The Snowman and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

December 24:

4pm- Get ready for Christmas Eve mass, casual is not an option.

4:30 pm- Arrive at Christmas Eve mass a half an hour early, to guarantee good seats.

6:30 pm- Go to Roy and Kim’s (yes, as in Roy Brown who recently lost the election for senator) for lobster and Alfredo

9:00 pm- My brother or I complain about being tired or ill, and my mother reminds the rest of the family at the event we have to wake up early tomorrow, thus we depart for home.

9:10 pm-11:00pm- Begin to open family presents while listening to Christmas themed jazz.

December 25th:

Round up the troops very early in the morning to visit my relatives in Basin, Wyoming. Oh yes, it exists. In Basin we brunch, open gifts, and depart. Then for the rest of the day we watch It’s a Wonderful Life and pretend we won’t ever fight again.

December 26th (no siree are we stopping the Christmas cheer yet):

Have father’s side of the family over for brunch, which turns into them leaving at four in the afternoon.

Once all the mandated festivities are over, we don’t take down the Christmas decorations until after Epiphany.

So now that you’ve read (or skimmed) over that Christmas agenda, welcome to the Brown family. You have just mentally endured my schedule for the next few days. No complaints here. I’m all about the celebrating.

So in generally, I love my family, love my friends (like Mr. Elitist Spencer Sheehan), and love my life.

The only difference in this Christmas, is that it is tainted with the anticipation of college acceptance letters. Gadzooks. More to come on that later.

So cheers to you all. I’ll be posting within the next week. A Merry December 24th to you all!


Molly Brown

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