Live from I-90…

Hey All,

I’m currently typing this post from the highway. (Interstate 90 is looking like a frigid, windy bitch, for those of you interested in road conditions.) Barely 20 minutes into the drive, we passed a truck flipped on its roof in the ditch (ambulances were already on-scene when drove by). The temperature in our current location (which is somewhere in Wyoming, I think) is a scorching -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The windows in the back of the truck are completely frosted over, and the cabin is flooded in darkness.

Morale is high– kind of. We’ve already watched two-episodes of South Park and the second-half of Step Brothers.

(OK– I have a location! We just passed Moorcroft.)

It looks like we’re in for a few more hours of driving… I’ll post an update when we finally arrive in Deadwood.

Reporting LIVE from I-90,

Sent from my iPod

UPDATE (11:16 P.M): We’ve arrived at our hotel in Deadwood (we’ve actually been here for a few hours– Jon and I went down to the arcade for a bit). The weather is chilly, the room is warm, and the hall outside our room smells a bit like dead skunk in certain places (specifically, near the vending machine).

We stopped at a gas station in Spearfish before we arrived at our hotel. For some reason, I felt the need to take a few stupid pictures. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Why is there a condom machine in the gas station bathroom?)

– Will


6 responses to “Live from I-90…

  1. Hold on a tic. LIVE from your iPOD?!?!?!?!
    What service?
    Data plan?
    WHAT? WHAT?!!?!


    Do you have to pay extra for the mobile hotspot?
    I have that on my droid. I just wish..meh.
    I can link it to my computer w/o the hotspot thing. Huh.

    • No, there isn’t an extra fee for the hotspot feature on the Pre– there was some kind of package deal when I bought mine and I lucked out (hence why I chose WebOS over Android).

  3. dude I’ve used that exact condom machine!

    also DROIID

    • Man, you went all the way to South Dakota to buy some condoms? (If you needed balloons, you could have just stopped by one of party stores in Billings! haha)

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