The Chocolate of Doom, Creepy Kindle Voices, And Sci-Fi Love Revisited

Aloha, it’s the kindle.

Although this isn’t the pinnacle of my nerd-presents, it’s so handy. I can read digital books at reduced prices, make notes right on the pages, and even tweet/facebook you phrases that I find witty. It’s all so very heart warming, eh? This is the truth, except one fatal detail: TEXT TO SPEECH. Now, I’m quite happy with this function of Amazon’s Kindle, yet the man voice is quite creepy. I’ll go ahead and attach a snippet (turn UP the volume; it’s a tad quiet…and creepy):

And even creepier, the woman:

Great, no? No. Creepy, and somewhat utilitarian. Spencer’s kindle. Fair and Balanced. You decide.

I have a few words of wisdom to those who might find themselves in the same predicament to which I find myself.

Use moderation.

Fine, it’s not as much as I used to have as a kid during Halloween, but still. This is Christmas. Not “LET’S GORGE OURSELVES TO THE POINT OF COCOA POISONING”—Day. Why do I have handfuls of delectable chocolates? I don’t know. They probably walked into my life one night, deciding it would improve my life. Sadly, it has only somewhat prompted me into blogging about it. Tacky.


Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney


It was wonderful. I don’t care what anyone says, thinks, or does, it was great. The special effects were stunning, plot actually not too bad, and science that isn’t necessarily believable by our standards, but intriguing nonetheless. Tron was very action packed, but moderated by the attention to detail in scenery and storyline. Please go see it. As a measurement of how much I enjoyed the thing, I kinda bought the movie poster online at Amazon for $9.99.

Don’t call my life pathetic. I prefer enlightened, thank you very much.



One response to “The Chocolate of Doom, Creepy Kindle Voices, And Sci-Fi Love Revisited

  1. Sadly, I feel the urge to buy a poster now. And go re-watch the movie again… and again… and again…

    When is it coming out on DVD? I WANT IT NOW! haha

    Did I mention that my current desktop background is a TRON slideshow? ‘Cause it totally is.

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