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Its interesting to look back and see what my plans for college were seven-months ago. I felt pretty confident about going to Missoula at the time– it seemed like the best place I could go in-state; it had my major (I was seriously considering journalism at the time), the perfect distance away from home, and a “new-place-to-explore” atmosphere. I shared these plans with my friends and family, and even began to buy a few things for my dorm. It seemed like my path was set, and that the only thing between me and my future was senior year.

Fast-forward to today: I’m planning on going to college in Bozeman and majoring in Biochemisty.

Why the sudden change? There are multiple reasons: 1. I decided that journalism was no longer a feasible career choice. 2. Missoula is a very odd town… 3. I don’t like being around mass populations of people who don’t shower regularly, play disc-based games obsessively, and play acoustic guitars in awkward circles.

Those are just a few reasons, but I’m sure you get the picture. 😉

Basically, Bozeman is just better (and they have a really sweet-looking dorm building that I’m hoping to get a single room in).

I’m looking forward to the months ahead. With all of the college activity,  it seems weird to think of myself as a high school senior. It reminds me of something a former English teacher once said while discussing why she enjoyed teaching Sophomores the most. “Freshman are wild– they’re too ‘new’ and still trying to figure out who they are. Juniors are looking forward to being the kings of the school next year, and seniors are mentally lost in the months ahead.” Looking back on my high school career, I find myself agreeing with her. If there is any “normal” version of the high school student, it will probably found in the sophomore class, where the students are too young to be lost in what’s ahead and too old to be excessively awkward.

I’m also a bit sad to let West go. I remember walking through the halls of West on my first day of Senior year, thinking of all the people I was excited to see. When I realized that some of these people were gone (they were former seniors who graduated last Spring), I was pretty depressed. It’s almost as if seniors “fall off the grid” after graduation; they are no longer apart of the enclosed high school community. They are now a full-time member of the “real” world. I realize now that in a couple of months I will join them. I will abandon my younger friends at West and officially enter the “real” world.

I will be one of the “missing” people next year.

“Anyway, I kept standing next to that crazy cannon, looking down at the game and freezing my ass off. Only, I wasn’t watching the game too much. What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of a good-by. I mean I’ve left schools and places I didn’t even know I was leaving them. I hate that. I don’t care if it’s a sad good-by or a bad good-by, but when I leave a place I like to know I’m leaving it. If you don’t, you feel even worse.”

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

How will you say good-bye to high school?

– Will

POV Teen and Winter Weeks.

The beginning of my week has revolved around the first rehearsal of POV Teen. After finals, and a rousing weekend it was ever so lovely to start off my Monday with a table session of sharing scenes with my fellow artists.

The project POV Teen is something that gives highschoolers an opportunity to write, direct, cast, and act in a collaboration of scenes that create POV Teen.  I am in love with this project. I love working with my peers and writing with them. I love being the characters I am given, and finding the places to go with them.

Not only is this collaboration a lovely artistic project, but when I did it last year, I grew so much. I loved so much more and I was opened immensely. It is a beautiful, real, organic, and mystical process that cannot be matched.

In other news, I am so thankful finals is over. I was not concerned about any of my classes except for Physics, and that ended up working out OK. I’m pleased with how the week ended up, despite the initial stress.

College admissions letters are looming. Presently I have received acceptance from:

  • Western Washington University
  • University of Portland
  • University of Montana
  • Montana State University-Bozeman

I’m waiting to hear back from

  • Whitworth University
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Seattle University
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • University of British Columbia

So I am a bit on edge about things. But things will turn out how they turn out. Either way, next year I will be going to college, going away from Billings, and enjoying life. That is so exciting to me.

Aside from that, life is pretty ok. I am finishing up my speech season (I am presently blogging from a hotel in Glendive) and am enjoying school and POV. Life is treating me kindly in most aspects.

So for now 2011, there’s not a lot of conflict in this new semester, just a lot of love, whether it be recognized or not. However, I must depart.

With all the love in the world,

Molly Brown

Finals Week Hangover:

After a week filled with stress from semester finals, I celebrated like a champ.

Yesterday was intense. I was running on five-hours of sleep and zer0-caffeine. The morning passed with relative ease. After plodding out two pages (single-spaced) for my Genocide final, I left West at 11:00 AM and got lunch with Jon and Anne at Buffalo Wild Wings. After the epic luncheon, we drove downtown to Breakers to commence an epic pool showdown.

…and within the first five-turns of the first game, I sunk the 8 ball…

BULLSH*T! [1-0]

We played a three-game series, and Jon was already up by one-game off of an unlucky hit. As much as I wanted to redo it and call the game void, I allowed Jon to have this win, and then beat his ass at the next game. He’ll probably claim that I only won because he sunk one of my balls accidentally during the last few turns…

But seriously– if you didn’t want me to win, don’t sink my balls. That’s just stupid. 😀

So we were tied at 1-1 and began yet another game of pool. It got down to just the 8-ball in the end, and Jon was fortunate enough to have the ball lined up perfectly with the corner pocket on his turn. He sunk it, and the game ended.

So essentially, he just got lucky…

I also refuse to accept defeat. As I beat him the previous time we played pool, this sets the overall standings at 1-1, leaving us tied. This means that we must play once again, and finally settle on a true champ.

And you can bet that he isn’t getting a free win on the first game this time. 😉

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I have a job and was scheduled to work later in the afternoon. After a few more rounds of pool, I left for work. Work went smoothly and the shift passed with relative ease.

I was feeling pretty drained of all energy after work and just wanted to simply go home and pass out. But following my shift, I got a call from Jon. We had talked about going to The Green Hornet earlier in the day, and he was seeing if I still wanted to go. I was tired, but I also wanted to see the movie, so I decided to suck it up and go to the movie. This proved to be a good and bad move; the movie was great, but I didn’t get to sleep until around 1 in the morning.

My alarm went off at 7:30 AM and I groaned like an angry zombie. Sleep deprivation from the entire week had finally caught up to me, and it was not feeling so good.

I hate finals week… and it’s subsequent “hangover”.

After recovering from my hangover later in the day, I remembered that I had a blog to catch up on. Seeing as the last post on the blog was mine, I believe I’m not the only one who forgot to post during finals week. 😉

How are you feeling now that finals are over? And what are you looking forward to in the next semester? Leave a comment in the box below, yo.

– Will

Social Networking Etiquette:

I will shamelessly admit that I occasionally Facebook creep on people I barely know (or don’t know at all). It’s interesting (and startling) to learn more about someone without ever having any physical interaction with them.

[Also, if you like that one girl in your sixth-hour class but don’t really know much about her, it gives you a chance to discover her interests. This gives you have a half-assed chance at having a decent conversation with her– assuming you ever get the courage to talk to her. 😉 ]

But there is a fine line between “acceptable” Facebook creeping and just being creepy.

Just because someone puts their cell phone number on their Facebook profile DOES NOT mean that you should text them– especially if you’ve never met them in real life! (You also should not attempt to call them– that’s twice as creepy as texting.)

A person’s phone number is a very personal thing… Most people only give their digits to other people that they’ve met and trust enough to not abuse it. Simply because a person posts their phone number on Facebook does not mean that they don’t care who text messages them (there are multiple reasons for posting one’s number on Facebook; my personal reason for posting my number was so that my real-life friends could find it in case they ever lost it).

Bottom line: Do not text a person without receiving the number from the individual who owns said number first– especially if you got the number off of a social-networking site. It’s f**king creepy.

ALSO: Please do not try to flirt with someone by sending them a message on Facebook. It’s creepy, pathetic, and ridiculously obvious. Nothing says “I’m desperate” like sending a flirty message to someone you’ve never met simply because you think they look cute. If you don’t have some real-life connection to this person (ex. they’re a friend of one of your friends, you have a class with them, etc.), don’t send them an obviously desperate message. A casual IM is much less creepy

Please keep this in mind the next time you Facebook creep…


Those Who Have Been Creeped by Online Creepers Way Too Many Times
(aka Will)


P.S. The above things have happened to me multiple times (most recently, tonight), with some people coming off as super-creepy and others as merely interested in meeting someone new. There’s a way to interact with other people using social networking, and the easiest way to do it without creeping someone else is to ask yourself before you message/text/IM: Would I feel creeped out if some random person did this to me?

P.S.S. I’m removing my cell phone number from Facebook tonight…

A Weekend To Ponder.

Well, since the new year struck, I haven’t blogged.  Thus this one needed to be created.

The week back to school after break was mixed. While the events after school were perfectly lovely (went to the art museum, saw True Grit) the general school was just awful. I had a difficult time resuming my general motivation, and that hit me hard.

Unfortunately, since my body was used to a break by the end of the week it reacted poorly and hindered my Friday. Thus perpetuating me being rude and having to cancel several different events. However the sickness is at bay presently, fingers crossed it remains that way.

Saturday morning and afternoon and early evening was dominated by a speech meet, which was less than thrilling. 1st in HOI, and 4th OO, so not terrible, but just a very long day. The evening was filled with preparing a project for finals, and that was a bit tedious. However the final parts of the evening were a fascinating collection of failed bowling attempts, Scrabble, Denny’s and post it notes.

And now, after a POV meeting, I am blogging here. Really wishing I didn’t have any homework, and didn’t need to sleep. Either would be ideal. Yet, both are prevalent facts of life.

This week just highlighted the fact that I’m ready to be done with Billings. I am so tired of high school, and I am so tired of the high school mentality. I want mature conversations, and fun interactions. As college approaches around the corner, I could not be more excited. Not that I’m simply living in the future, but man the future is looking lovely at this point.

General thoughts of the week:

-What holds us back from telling people how we really feel? Why is it so difficult for us to just say, Hey I really am rather infatuated with you. Just know that. I think if we told the people we love the most how we really felt, we’d be more whole. I want that wholeness.

-Why can’t we love strangers? Dear strangers in my life: I love you. I love you because you are unique, because you smile and laugh, and cry and breathe, and you have flaws and skills and that makes you a beautiful collection of habits. We are all this wonderful web of unique and overlapping traits. Dear stranger, I love you for everything you do wrong, and everything you do right. For every hesitation or impulse my heart grows for you. I may not always agree with you. I may not always appreciate how you treat others. But my goodness, you are here. You are on this earth. And that is pretty fucking great.

-College. enough said. I find out whether I get into my number one choice on March 15th. I’m terrified.

In general, my mind is racing with thoughts on everything. I am just so inundated with wants, desires, and impulses. I want to see them all through. Here’s to hoping.

I just finished a book called Man Walks Into Room by Nicole Krauss. It had some lovely thoughts in it. So I’ll leave you with a couple.

“If being in love only made people more lonely, why would everyone want it so much?”

“In the end, we die as alone as we were born, having struggled to understand others, to make ourselves understood, but having failed in what we once imagined was possible.”

With that, I must go.


Molly Brown

k i lied. THIS is the first video of me. i forgot.

we saved leopold. i apologize for ashley’s ashley-ness and being LOUD


just kidding. but this is my first vlog or video of me ever, so enjoy the semi-awkward that ensues.

behind the scenes microblog intro / will’s vlog #8

We know you love twentyeleven, even if you’re too proud to profess your love for the blog in a comment on some of our posts. So to satisfy your silent, non-verbally requested desires for more content on what happens behind the scenes at twentyeleven, I’ve created a new microblog: behind the scenes.

It will mostly contain info on new features and updates coming to the twentyeleven project, but it will also have information on my numerous other web-pursuits.

I’ve also made a quick vlog with my new webcam. The video seems to get a bit glitchy toward the end, but the audio is crystal-clear and loud throughout. Enjoy.

– Will


Lonely Kelci is Lonely.

i have no best friend. if you say to yourself, HEY! what about me?

1. when was the last time we hung out? when was the last time you wanted to see me?

2. when was the last time we trusted each other with something? do you tell me things as deep in your mind as i tell you?

3. do you use me in any sense of the word? do you ask me to do things for you that you know you shouldn’t ask for?

4. have you ever lied to me? chances are i’ve never once lied to you.

5. there’s a difference between nice and friends. you can be completely nice to a person, and even hang out every once in a while, and never call them a friend.

6. do you even like me? do you smile at me for me, or for you?


ah, Mondays. “so you blaze, right?” (12/27/10)


*bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz* before work.  text from molly. “my mom wants to know if you wanna sleep over.” not you? okay. “yeah! i do!” text dad. “can i sleep over at molly’s?” “yep just be home tomorrow by 9:45.” “you got it chief.” get off at 11. go to pick up molly from her boyfriend’s. pass taco bell. get REALLY hungry. *screeeeeeee* turn around. drive through, “yeah can i just get a crunchwrap and a milk?” “no. HAHA HA i’m just playin. pull up.” he opens the window. mind: “wow you’re really cute.” mouth: “hi.” “hey, i hooked you up with some  cinnamon twists for free.” mind: “blue eyes. wow.” mouth: “thanks.” “yeah, you want a drink? i mean, i know you got a milk, but like…?” mouth: “sure. pink lemonade?” “what size?” “i don’t care.” “okay. here ya go. :)” charming smile and i drive off, not knowing what hit me. i pick up molly, just finishing the crunchwrap when i get there, and she gets in. “you suck! i wanted to ask you if we could go to TB!” “we can go back. i just have to drop off mckeale’s poster before we go to your house.” “ok.” drive BACK to taco bell, order molly’s food (really awkward already) “k so that’ll be 264 dollahs” “at the third window, right?” pull up.  “heeeeeey, i remember you!” *charming smile* “yep.” handed card, handed food, “so how are you doing tonight?” “fine, don’t you have like six cars in line?” “ahh, F**k em.” “um. okay.” “hahaha but really, you should probably go, i could get in huge trouble.” “alright, later.” screeeeeeeeeee get lost on 48th looking for mckeales house, call her mom, find her house, give her the poster, leave, “kelci. you should go back to taco bell.” why… “why?” “so you can get his number.” “hahaha. he probably wouldn’t give it to me. isn’t your mom all ‘wtf where are they?’??” “hmm, she’s asleep.” go back to taco bell. again. this time i skipped the speaker and went straight to the window. “ahh, you again?” *smile smile smile* “yep, we’re back.” “well what do you need this time?” “um, i just want your number.” “oh, OH! yeah, hell yeah! one second.” *slams window, scrambles to find pen* ego boost for me. “ummm. i can’t find a pen that works. do you have one?” (molly) “dude, just put it in your phone.” “i can just put it in my phone.” “ah, yeah… so it’s not a cell phone number cuz i don’t have one… it’s my home phone.” gives me his number and i put it in my phone. “so yeah, i’m anthony, and you are?” “kelci.” “kelci. cool. so wait, you blaze right?” *record scratch* i had no idea what he was asking. i didn’t even process what he said until after i responded. *pause* “yeah, uh, oh, yeah, yeah.” “sweet, so what are you doing at like two?” *realize what i just did.* shit. “um. SLEEPING.” “darn, cuz that’s when i get off, and i have a fat quarter sitting at home.” “uh huh, sleeping.” “alright well just call me tomorrow, that’s my day off.” *wink* “k bye” SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE leave. “NOPE! NOT HAPPENING!” delete number. end of story. all of this happened. just my luck.


**apologies if you don’t understand the format i put this in**