ah, Mondays. “so you blaze, right?” (12/27/10)


*bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz* before work.  text from molly. “my mom wants to know if you wanna sleep over.” not you? okay. “yeah! i do!” text dad. “can i sleep over at molly’s?” “yep just be home tomorrow by 9:45.” “you got it chief.” get off at 11. go to pick up molly from her boyfriend’s. pass taco bell. get REALLY hungry. *screeeeeeee* turn around. drive through, “yeah can i just get a crunchwrap and a milk?” “no. HAHA HA i’m just playin. pull up.” he opens the window. mind: “wow you’re really cute.” mouth: “hi.” “hey, i hooked you up with some  cinnamon twists for free.” mind: “blue eyes. wow.” mouth: “thanks.” “yeah, you want a drink? i mean, i know you got a milk, but like…?” mouth: “sure. pink lemonade?” “what size?” “i don’t care.” “okay. here ya go. :)” charming smile and i drive off, not knowing what hit me. i pick up molly, just finishing the crunchwrap when i get there, and she gets in. “you suck! i wanted to ask you if we could go to TB!” “we can go back. i just have to drop off mckeale’s poster before we go to your house.” “ok.” drive BACK to taco bell, order molly’s food (really awkward already) “k so that’ll be 264 dollahs” “at the third window, right?” pull up.  “heeeeeey, i remember you!” *charming smile* “yep.” handed card, handed food, “so how are you doing tonight?” “fine, don’t you have like six cars in line?” “ahh, F**k em.” “um. okay.” “hahaha but really, you should probably go, i could get in huge trouble.” “alright, later.” screeeeeeeeeee get lost on 48th looking for mckeales house, call her mom, find her house, give her the poster, leave, “kelci. you should go back to taco bell.” why… “why?” “so you can get his number.” “hahaha. he probably wouldn’t give it to me. isn’t your mom all ‘wtf where are they?’??” “hmm, she’s asleep.” go back to taco bell. again. this time i skipped the speaker and went straight to the window. “ahh, you again?” *smile smile smile* “yep, we’re back.” “well what do you need this time?” “um, i just want your number.” “oh, OH! yeah, hell yeah! one second.” *slams window, scrambles to find pen* ego boost for me. “ummm. i can’t find a pen that works. do you have one?” (molly) “dude, just put it in your phone.” “i can just put it in my phone.” “ah, yeah… so it’s not a cell phone number cuz i don’t have one… it’s my home phone.” gives me his number and i put it in my phone. “so yeah, i’m anthony, and you are?” “kelci.” “kelci. cool. so wait, you blaze right?” *record scratch* i had no idea what he was asking. i didn’t even process what he said until after i responded. *pause* “yeah, uh, oh, yeah, yeah.” “sweet, so what are you doing at like two?” *realize what i just did.* shit. “um. SLEEPING.” “darn, cuz that’s when i get off, and i have a fat quarter sitting at home.” “uh huh, sleeping.” “alright well just call me tomorrow, that’s my day off.” *wink* “k bye” SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE leave. “NOPE! NOT HAPPENING!” delete number. end of story. all of this happened. just my luck.


**apologies if you don’t understand the format i put this in**

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