Lonely Kelci is Lonely.

i have no best friend. if you say to yourself, HEY! what about me?

1. when was the last time we hung out? when was the last time you wanted to see me?

2. when was the last time we trusted each other with something? do you tell me things as deep in your mind as i tell you?

3. do you use me in any sense of the word? do you ask me to do things for you that you know you shouldn’t ask for?

4. have you ever lied to me? chances are i’ve never once lied to you.

5. there’s a difference between nice and friends. you can be completely nice to a person, and even hang out every once in a while, and never call them a friend.

6. do you even like me? do you smile at me for me, or for you?


2 responses to “Lonely Kelci is Lonely.

  1. 1. At the TRON movie. And I always enjoy seeing you.
    2. Uh, I believe a few hours ago. I would say I share more then you do at times.
    3. No.
    4. I don’t believe I’ve ever lied to you.
    5. True statement, though I don’t think it applies here.
    6. Yep. And I rarely smile at anyone. 😉

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