Daily Archives: January 6, 2011


just kidding. but this is my first vlog or video of me ever, so enjoy the semi-awkward that ensues.

behind the scenes microblog intro / will’s vlog #8

We know you love twentyeleven, even if you’re too proud to profess your love for the blog in a comment on some of our posts. So to satisfy your silent, non-verbally requested desires for more content on what happens behind the scenes at twentyeleven, I’ve created a new microblog: behind the scenes.

It will mostly contain info on new features and updates coming to the twentyeleven project, but it will also have information on my numerous other web-pursuits.

I’ve also made a quick vlog with my new webcam. The video seems to get a bit glitchy toward the end, but the audio is crystal-clear and loud throughout. Enjoy.

– Will