Finals Week Hangover:

After a week filled with stress from semester finals, I celebrated like a champ.

Yesterday was intense. I was running on five-hours of sleep and zer0-caffeine. The morning passed with relative ease. After plodding out two pages (single-spaced) for my Genocide final, I left West at 11:00 AM and got lunch with Jon and Anne at Buffalo Wild Wings. After the epic luncheon, we drove downtown to Breakers to commence an epic pool showdown.

…and within the first five-turns of the first game, I sunk the 8 ball…

BULLSH*T! [1-0]

We played a three-game series, and Jon was already up by one-game off of an unlucky hit. As much as I wanted to redo it and call the game void, I allowed Jon to have this win, and then beat his ass at the next game. He’ll probably claim that I only won because he sunk one of my balls accidentally during the last few turns…

But seriously– if you didn’t want me to win, don’t sink my balls. That’s just stupid. 😀

So we were tied at 1-1 and began yet another game of pool. It got down to just the 8-ball in the end, and Jon was fortunate enough to have the ball lined up perfectly with the corner pocket on his turn. He sunk it, and the game ended.

So essentially, he just got lucky…

I also refuse to accept defeat. As I beat him the previous time we played pool, this sets the overall standings at 1-1, leaving us tied. This means that we must play once again, and finally settle on a true champ.

And you can bet that he isn’t getting a free win on the first game this time. 😉

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I have a job and was scheduled to work later in the afternoon. After a few more rounds of pool, I left for work. Work went smoothly and the shift passed with relative ease.

I was feeling pretty drained of all energy after work and just wanted to simply go home and pass out. But following my shift, I got a call from Jon. We had talked about going to The Green Hornet earlier in the day, and he was seeing if I still wanted to go. I was tired, but I also wanted to see the movie, so I decided to suck it up and go to the movie. This proved to be a good and bad move; the movie was great, but I didn’t get to sleep until around 1 in the morning.

My alarm went off at 7:30 AM and I groaned like an angry zombie. Sleep deprivation from the entire week had finally caught up to me, and it was not feeling so good.

I hate finals week… and it’s subsequent “hangover”.

After recovering from my hangover later in the day, I remembered that I had a blog to catch up on. Seeing as the last post on the blog was mine, I believe I’m not the only one who forgot to post during finals week. 😉

How are you feeling now that finals are over? And what are you looking forward to in the next semester? Leave a comment in the box below, yo.

– Will

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