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who are you again?

yeah… it’s been a while, i know. at the urging of the bossman, i have decided to explain why i haven’t been posting at all for a while.

Junior Term paper.

it’s hell. it’s not as bad as everybody makes it seem, but it is very time-comsuming. when i’m not researching my term paper(on depression), i’m giving friends a ride to wherever they wanna go, working(someone quit so i get more hours… yay?), shopping for a prom dress(i am going with bossman), or attempting to relax. what do i do for fun? drive around listening to my ipod, which is in desperate need of some new tunes. i saw brian regan with my family last weekend, and he said “an ipod is a wonderful device. it turns all the songs you love, into songs you never want to hear again.” which is generally true. i spend most of the time on my ipod pushing the next button. luckily, lady gaga’s new album comes out soon, and panic at the disco’s new album is coming out next month. yaaaaaaaaaaaay. both have released singles, and i gotta say i prefer P!atd’s “the ballad of mona lisa” to lady G’s “born this way”. i just have to point out one thing… if you are transgender, (nothing wrong with it) you weren’t born that way. that’s the whole point of being transgender. plot flaw in the new one there.

in other news… last payday, i made $149. it was almost completely gone that night. i went to walmart, cashed my check, got some things i’ve been wanting to try, (some new mascara, new soap for my bathroom, mt dew whiteout, 17 magazine, toothpaste, stride SPARK, and some grapes) you know. the good stuff. then i had to go to my dad’s house and babysit my little brother while he went to a meeting so i stopped by QDoba to get some quick dinner before then. i was in a hurry. this is already bad. i grabbed my wallet only out of my purse, left my keys on the seat, and proceded to realize i locked my keys purse AND cell phone in my car. awesome. so i figured i would just go in anyway and at least get something to eat while i figured out how to get my keys. i saw three people i kind of knew and didn’t want to talk to when i walked in, and just when i thought i’d have to ask one of them to use a phone, i saw my friend ashlee in the corner with her dad. she let me use her droid to get the number of the guy who always unlocks my car for me (for $40) and he did that and i went on my merry way. that’s half my paycheck spent. halfway home, *ding* my gas light comes on. sweet. spent another $30 on a half tank of gas. then i went home for about an hour and watched tv with my little brother, and then i picked up kalani from work. molly from her boyfriends, and ashlee from her house and we all went to noodle bowl express to just hang out. i spent another $13 dollars on food for my little brother and i. then i spent $20 dollars at hasting’s on a new lanyard, a coheed and cambria bracelet, and a car charger for my ipod. then i took everyone home and slept like a baby. not really. i suck at sleeping lately. so i spent $133 dollars before 24 hours had passed. i spent the rest the next day hanging out with joshua at grains of montana and paciugo. did you know they make violet flavored gelato? twas good.

i hope i get better about posting more. sorry this is way unorganized.

thanks for reading.

love, kelci

Music Monday: Go Radio

Music Monday is a new opinion column that discusses new releases. In this edition, Will discusses Go Radio’s newest album Lucky Street, which is scheduled to be released on March 1st.

Album art for Go Radio's next album.

As a fan of Mayday Parade’s hit-album A Lesson in Romantics, it would seem only natural for me to also love Go Radio, a band created by former MP member Jason Lancaster. Go Radio’s first EP (Do Overs and Second Chances) sounded like an extension of the musical vibes found in Lancaster’s last album with Mayday Parade (in a good way). Do Overs and Second Chances seems to contain all of the right musical elements that Mayday Parade lost with their most recent album, Anywhere But Here. Whether or not Lancaster’s departure from Mayday Parade affected them so negatively that they effectively lost their mojo is debatable, but his ability to bring the same energy to Go Radio is unquestionable.

However, after listening to a few of singles from Go Radio’s next album Lucky Street (coming soon on March 1st), I feel that Lancaster is trying to lead the band away from his Mayday roots. Lancaster’s vocals seem weak, and the strong, emotion-charged choruses one would expect from this album seem non-existent; his voice still sounds good though, just not very powerful. The singles “Any Other Heart” and “The Truth Is” come off as a major disappointment in comparison to songs from Do Overs and Second Chances, and suggest that the band is moving in a different direction.

I’m hoping that the rest of Lucky Street is less of a disappointment then it’s first two singles, or else I probably won’t buy it. While I can appreciate a band’s decision to move in a different direction and embrace new styles, it seems as if Go Radio is messing with an already perfect recipe. In an attempt to establish their own trademark sounds, they may be ruining what led them to success in the first place.

What do you think Mayday Parade/Go Radio fans? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below (even if you don’t like either band).

We’re Not Finished Here Yet…

If you’ve been checking the blog in the past two-weeks, you’ve probably noticed a lack of fresh content. For whatever reason, it seems that all eight of us decided to take a two-week vacation away from the blog. Regardless of what the actual reason for the extreme lack of new posts is, I feel the need to emphasize that the twentyeleven project is not dead! Look for new posts on the blog in the next couple of days– I imagine the appearance of this post on the blog will inspire the other authors to quit slacking. 😉

– Will

Waiting For My Real Life to Begin

Well, although my past weeks have been filled with various activities, rehearsals, appointments, homework assignments, and cups of coffee, I’ll choose to focus on the activity of this weekend: Prom.

In nearly every high school movie you see, Prom is overdone, and dreamed up to be some grand ball, there are sweet live bands, and lovely decorations, and true love everywhere.

My Prom was much more normal, and much better.

I typically am not one to choose to elaborate on a high school dance, or give much note to it besides being a nice way to spend a Saturday night. However, this one in particular holds a certain significance. It is the final one. This is the final time that I will put on a nice dress for the purpose of a school dance. This is the final time that I have to listen to classroom drama about who is taking who, and who has what dress. I am so relieved.

That being said, I had a blast. My way of spending this evening was perfect. I took a great friend, my fellow elitist, Spencer Sheehan, and it was a great time. I loved my dress, loved my group, and couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.  I had all my friends at my house taking pictures, and having dinner. It was simple, and lovely. As we arrived at the dance it was easy to fall in and find those I enjoy most, and just dance to the bad music that is on nearly every high school dance playlist.

In the words of Spencer, “Where is the techno?” Indeed. The techno was no where to be found, but in spite of that it was enjoyable.

I find that after this “Senior Prom Night” I am all the more ready to move on and get my footing in some place new. To be honest, if I was told I could go to the college of my choice right now, I would pack my bags, say my good byes, and depart.

My eagerness to leave is not due to my dislike for Billings (or at least not entirely), or my restlessness. It is that in my heart of hearts, I know I am ready. I can think of it, imagine it (good and bad scenarios) and feel ok. I will find my way, and I am so ready to do that.

So while I did dance and sing my heart out to Ke$ha Saturday night, I know that I’d much rather be in my dorm, doing homework, dreaming of studying history for the rest of my life.

There is a song I’ve been listening to lately, by Colin Hay, and it’s called “Waiting For My Real Life To Begin,” and while I know I’ve been living my real life this whole time, I know that what is ahead for me will be so much more. Below is an awesome version of it that premiered in one of my favorite shows, Scrubs.

So Senior Prom, the ultimate cliche, but the catalyst to an immense sense of nostalgia, and to the beginning of something entirely strange and wonderful.

Cheers darlings,


I’ll Take the Low Road: A Rambling of a Newly-Found Rugger

Tonight was my first real venture into a new world. That’s fancy talk for saying that my first real rugby practice was tonight. It was insane. I love this damned game, and right now, I haven’t even really played. It’s confusing as f**k, but dammit, I still want to play. It’s so worth anything that comes from it right now. I’m sorry, I’m almost speechless from how great I feel. I guess I’ll start by schooling the uninitiated in the basics.

Basically, rugby is the only manly and successful member of the football line (that I care about, at least). Basic history is some guys were playing football in England back in the early 1800s, and one, who has this engraved on his tombstone, picked up that ball and ran with it, thus making rugby. It grew into one of the most popular sports in the world, with the Rugby World Cup second in views globally only to the Football World Cup (America needs to jump on the band-wagon). When it came to America, it was played quite well, but as Americans became fat, they slowly morphed rugby into gridiron, which is the NFL. So, in a nutshell, rugby is the successful, manly, healthy son of a popular wuss (aka hipster) and was unfortunate enough to create a fat son that is really only popular because Americans have to be different from the rest of the world (aka, a redneck). It’s if Teddy Roosevelt were the son of a Frenchman and the father of Bubba from Mississippi. You know what he thinks of that? F**k ’em, we’ll play rugby anyway.

So rugby is a continuous game like football, but a contact game like gridiron. The goal is to get the ball from one end to another so your team can score by “touching the ball on or past the try line with force” so that you can score a try or kicking it through the uprights so you can score that way. There are sixteen people on each team, and though each has a specified job during the scrum, in open play, anybody can do anything, including score, run with, pass, and kick the ball. The ball can be kicked at any time in any direction, but it can only be thrown backwards (technically it can be thrown laterally, but that’s a really dicey call that some refs could call a forward pass). Once the play with the ball is tackled, there is a small fight for possession, called a ruck, and a maul is essentially a standing ruck (from my understanding, though I don’t have a grasp on the finer points). Once the winner is determined (by who got the ball) it is thrown out of the ruck and play continues. If there is a foul, the teams scrum (which is similar to the O-line and D-line smashing in gridiron at the beginning of every play) which is pictured below. Further, if the ball goes into touch (or out of bounds for us Americans) the ball can be thrown in via line-out, which is where the teams toss a few players into the air in an attempt to gain possession of a ball thrown into play from the touch line.

So, in a nutshell, it’s the endurance of a footballer; speed of a sprinter; passing, running, and catching skills of a quarterback and half-back; the physicality of gridiron; and the brutality of combat sports.

All without pads and substitutions only allowed for a bleeding injury.

And the occasional Zulu, just because they don’t have enough fun with it as it is.

I mean, it’s hard to imagine that they can enjoy this, right?

I guess you just have to try it to get it (HAHAHA, PUN!)

This is called “Ashlynn slowly being driven mad by college apps.”

I apologize for basically dropping off the face of the earth for the past couple…months…or so. Speech, Netflix, college applications, finals, Netflix, stressing out about college applications, work, and Netflix have all utterly consumed my life, to the point where I just feel burnt out all the time (well…I guess I can’t put Netflix in that category. But due to its mind-invading, soul-sucking nature, I’ve found myself glued to my TV screen watching entire seasons of Dexter and Arrested Development and haven’t found the willpower to pry my eyes away just yet).

As any high school senior will tell you, the college application process sucks. Completely. You think of college as something distant, something that only exists in the far off world of “young adulthood,” that magical place where you actually have to buy your own groceries and shampoo, don’t have to tell anyone where you are at four in the morning, and can choose to spend entire days attached to your laptop watching Netflix without people bothering you to unload the dishwasher. You trick yourself into thinking you have more time than you actually have before you have to start the application process and decide your future (yikes). Then before you know it, it’s the Thursday before your applications are due, and you have a speech meet on Friday and Saturday, Saturday being the deadline, and you basically have to get your entire list of applications completed and sent in by midnight Thursday night, as well as all of their supplemental essays and requirements, while still getting enough sleep to function the next day, or you’re completely screwed.

Not that this has ever happened to me. Ahem.

But it’s not just the actual process that sucks; the waiting period after you’ve finally gotten them into the admissions people is brutal. Colleges like to equip you with a method of checking the  “status” of your application. Basically this means you get to make sure the college has received everything it need to receive in order to accept or reject you. This method, instead of relieving stress, generally causes even more stress to boil up, because, surprise, surprise, all colleges don’t receive your information at the same time, and they aren’t all very good at updating your “status-checking account” very promptly, so you end up not knowing whether or not everything in each application is going to make it to every school, and you start totally freaking out and obsessively checking the websites every hour or so waiting for them to show that they have received all of your applicaiton materials so that you’ll be able to go to college and get a degree and a job and support yourself so that you don’t have to go sell yourself on the corner of Montana Avenue, or work any number of minimum-wage retail jobs.

 And I apologize for that sentence, but it was necessary to convey the terror I’m currently experiencing.

And the worst part about the whole thing is that, after going through all of that stressful mental anguish, you possibly won’t even be able to go to the college of your choice because your parents aren’t independently wealthy and might not be able to finance a private liberal arts education, which will either force you to take out a plethora of student loans that your degree in English Literature will not be able to pay off, or go to the significantly cheaper state school that you have made your high-school priority to avoid.

Blech. I’m just going to be glad when I have this all figured out and can breathe again.

Thank God I have Netflix to soothe my college woes. Muahaha.

I need an intervention.

So, I felt obliged to post something since I haven’t in a very long time, and though this was probably boring as hell to read, at least it was something.

Good night, and good luck,


P.S., Yes, I stole that line from a newscaster from the 1950s.

The Wondrous Spencer Sheehan College List, Speech & Debate Endings, Why Valentine’s Day Is The Devil, and Coffee Addictions Revisited

So here’s the skinny on where I’ve been accepted thus far:

Gonzaga University
University of Montana
University of Portland
Carroll College
Then, I’m currently waiting to hear from:

Boston College
Georgetown University
Seattle Pacific University
Rocky Mountain College
The Davidson Honors College (In U of M)

That’s about it, folks. I really think I should apply to somewhere in Florida, though…I mean:


Yeah. Um. My life sucks 🙂

Onto Speech and Debate.

Last weekend was the state meet in Great Falls. Twas’ fun! Um…Some of us made a splash in their newspaper after a day…

I’m not in this one, but it was in between an impromptu round

For the long and short of it, my team did okay…I got third in my event.



So, for Business Professionals of America, my club purchased NINE HUNDRED roses. Yeah. To sell. I’m excited and frightened at the same time. That’s a lot of love to go around…Ahem. But it should be a hit.

One more thing: my coffee addiction is escalating. Want to hear what I’ve had in the past week? Okay. Great.

1. Grande Huckleberry Latte, 3X shots
2. London Fog, Large
3. Large Hazelnut Latte, 2X shots
4. Coconut Latte, 2X shots

…that’s just starting monday. Yeah. Um. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m going to break the bank. It’s all for a good cause though, right? My not falling asleep. Yay.