The Wondrous Spencer Sheehan College List, Speech & Debate Endings, Why Valentine’s Day Is The Devil, and Coffee Addictions Revisited

So here’s the skinny on where I’ve been accepted thus far:

Gonzaga University
University of Montana
University of Portland
Carroll College
Then, I’m currently waiting to hear from:

Boston College
Georgetown University
Seattle Pacific University
Rocky Mountain College
The Davidson Honors College (In U of M)

That’s about it, folks. I really think I should apply to somewhere in Florida, though…I mean:


Yeah. Um. My life sucks 🙂

Onto Speech and Debate.

Last weekend was the state meet in Great Falls. Twas’ fun! Um…Some of us made a splash in their newspaper after a day…

I’m not in this one, but it was in between an impromptu round

For the long and short of it, my team did okay…I got third in my event.



So, for Business Professionals of America, my club purchased NINE HUNDRED roses. Yeah. To sell. I’m excited and frightened at the same time. That’s a lot of love to go around…Ahem. But it should be a hit.

One more thing: my coffee addiction is escalating. Want to hear what I’ve had in the past week? Okay. Great.

1. Grande Huckleberry Latte, 3X shots
2. London Fog, Large
3. Large Hazelnut Latte, 2X shots
4. Coconut Latte, 2X shots

…that’s just starting monday. Yeah. Um. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m going to break the bank. It’s all for a good cause though, right? My not falling asleep. Yay.



One response to “The Wondrous Spencer Sheehan College List, Speech & Debate Endings, Why Valentine’s Day Is The Devil, and Coffee Addictions Revisited

  1. You applied at Rocky? I didn’t know that. It’s a great school. Yea, it really is. And, you would already have a general ed class complete if you came here. How cool is that?
    All kidding aside, it is a good school. Compared with the homework load of most college students elsewhere, Rocky is cake. I have about 5-7 hours per week of homework and I’m taking 16 credits.
    I highly recommend it.
    Plus, because I assume you have decent grades and did decent on the ACTs/SATs, you will probably get at least 11 thousand in scholarships per year for 4 years.
    I had a 3.55 and a 27 ACT score and got 11 thousand.
    So yea.

    ok, buh bye!

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