Waiting For My Real Life to Begin

Well, although my past weeks have been filled with various activities, rehearsals, appointments, homework assignments, and cups of coffee, I’ll choose to focus on the activity of this weekend: Prom.

In nearly every high school movie you see, Prom is overdone, and dreamed up to be some grand ball, there are sweet live bands, and lovely decorations, and true love everywhere.

My Prom was much more normal, and much better.

I typically am not one to choose to elaborate on a high school dance, or give much note to it besides being a nice way to spend a Saturday night. However, this one in particular holds a certain significance. It is the final one. This is the final time that I will put on a nice dress for the purpose of a school dance. This is the final time that I have to listen to classroom drama about who is taking who, and who has what dress. I am so relieved.

That being said, I had a blast. My way of spending this evening was perfect. I took a great friend, my fellow elitist, Spencer Sheehan, and it was a great time. I loved my dress, loved my group, and couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.  I had all my friends at my house taking pictures, and having dinner. It was simple, and lovely. As we arrived at the dance it was easy to fall in and find those I enjoy most, and just dance to the bad music that is on nearly every high school dance playlist.

In the words of Spencer, “Where is the techno?” Indeed. The techno was no where to be found, but in spite of that it was enjoyable.

I find that after this “Senior Prom Night” I am all the more ready to move on and get my footing in some place new. To be honest, if I was told I could go to the college of my choice right now, I would pack my bags, say my good byes, and depart.

My eagerness to leave is not due to my dislike for Billings (or at least not entirely), or my restlessness. It is that in my heart of hearts, I know I am ready. I can think of it, imagine it (good and bad scenarios) and feel ok. I will find my way, and I am so ready to do that.

So while I did dance and sing my heart out to Ke$ha Saturday night, I know that I’d much rather be in my dorm, doing homework, dreaming of studying history for the rest of my life.

There is a song I’ve been listening to lately, by Colin Hay, and it’s called “Waiting For My Real Life To Begin,” and while I know I’ve been living my real life this whole time, I know that what is ahead for me will be so much more. Below is an awesome version of it that premiered in one of my favorite shows, Scrubs.

So Senior Prom, the ultimate cliche, but the catalyst to an immense sense of nostalgia, and to the beginning of something entirely strange and wonderful.

Cheers darlings,


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