By the title of this post, you may wonder: huh?

Well you see, I have this oratory I’ve been doing all year for speech and debate.

I added this little bit about Charlie Sheen a few months ago, and now he’s in the forefront of the news.

Simply, if he keeps his antics up, I sound even more relevant than ever in my speech. Yes, that means I have a symbiotic relationship with Charlie Sheen. It’s really disgusting, but oh well.

NOW that I sort of have a life again (since speech and debate has ended), I am focusing on more important matters any high school senior had ought to:

1. Excess Financial Aid Applications-I finished FAFSA, yet have to complete some sort of CSS nonsense profile via collegeboard.com. Ridiculous. Just give me the money I deserve, and let’s move on. These people don’t know who I am, obviously. WHO AM I?

Someone who doesn’t deserve to study my dad’s 2010 tax return, that’s who. Mergh.

2. SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS!!!-I have accounting, school-specific, national, and many other types of scholarships I’m currently completing. FUN. I LOVE IT. I wish I could do scholarships all day, every day. It’s just my thing. Ha. Ha. NO.

3. Playing Xbox 360-Sadly enough, I have revisited my most favourite (it deserves the British word) game: Mass Effect. As such, I have completed the first, and have moved onto the second. I’m surprised at how my game experience or what have you is quite different from the first. Bioware (maker of the game) wasn’t kidding when they said “every experience is different”. Lovely. Um.

The third is an unhealthy thing. Which leads me to the third entity:

4. HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS-It SEEMS as though everyone is BUSY lately. MERRWAH. That sounds is reserved for times that I’m slightly frustrated. I need social interaction, since the WHOLE year I’m around really loud, obnoxious, intelligent, and ridiculous high schoolers. I need a bit of that now that it’s completely over. 🙂 So DROP ALL POINTS OF INTEREST ON YOUR SCHEDULES, AND MAKE TIME FOR SPENCER. THANKS. BUDDY.

5. Making blogs, surfing the internet, and drinking coffee-This is the pinnacle of my free time. I do quite enjoy it. However on the part of surfing the internet much more, I have found several very…interesting music videos. I’ll give you one.


I’m sorry. Please don’t sue me for having your mind violently disengaged from all that is decent. Sue Ke$ha. I had nothing of interest to say, and that’s what happens. And that’s what we do.





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