I know, two in a row, don’t go expecting anything. Anyway, I just wanted to get this out there that I am no longer in shape. I know, it doesn’t look it – I’m totally skinny and totally not-squishy, but really, it’s not because I’m fit. I have little muscle and no fat. I know this because I did a push-up test a few days ago – I barely was able to get 20 consecutive. It took all of my focus, concentration, and energy. I used to be able to do that almost without breaking a sweat. Too top it off, I used to run with Opie like a boss – a mile a day keeps heart disease away. Hell, I even ran outside of class, did a personal 5-k in 21 minutes (which I am proud of given that I never really was addicted to running, I just like to do it). Now, I breathe heavily at the top of the LA building stairs and could hardly run for a minute without feeling the irresistible (yet resisted) urge to just stop. I’m sad at myself.

Just like this, really, albeit with more Chili Fritos

And I’m sick of it. SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day), over and over. Time to stop this bullcrap. I started training again today for running – I’m working my way up. SLowly, though, because I have to lift and run around everywhere at my job. I come home and feel like I fought in WW1. But still, I’m starting doing some basic body-weight exercises again. I’ve got a plan (that I found online, Google it) that’ll get me to 100 consecutive push-ups in 6 weeks if I follow it (that’s 80 more than I can do right now, Jesus). In addition, my family has all started a running program that’ll work us all up from nothing really to a 5k in time for the Heart and Sole Run, which we all want to do. And to complement my push-ups, I’m doing squats/wall-sits every day, increasing steadily in general amount of work done, and burpees. God, I loathe burpees.

Burpees: God’s Punishment to Mankind for Everything in the History of Ever

Oh, and I did mention that I regularly have to haul around bags of dirt, concrete, bark, and the occasional BARBEQUE at work, right? So that’ll help with functionality. Plus I work at my mom’s studio, I’m trying to be an instructor, so I’m probably going to be doing yoga once a day or more (which I really shouldn’t bitch about because she often does it 5 times a day 5 days a week, but I’m still going to). Also, I’m going to have Jared, one of the bad-asses at work who has done martial arts all his life and can punch through two layers of drywall and elbow through one, show me some boxing and ground-game stuff for the next month or so. After that, I’m probably going to join The Grindhouse with Josh and maybe Adam if he wants to and their boxing program so that we can all be over 9000 (bringing our total to at least 27000)

But it is, Nappa – ball-crushingly terrifying, yes; but not wrong

All of this will be happening at the same time. Sort of like Inception, only with my body instead of my dreams (unless… nah I won’t get into that).. Ultimately, my goal is to have a physique like Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. I would put his picture here, but I fear that that would make any accomplishment seem inferior. I’m not really big into the UFC anymore, but I have always known GSP has the best technique and the best physique among all the Welterweights. Quite simply, he is the best looking monster you would ever see. Also, he’s a Canadian who speaks French, giving him the best of both worlds – the accent of the French without actually being a Frenchman.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m trying to gain weight during all this? Right now, I’m right around 155 on a good day after a pretty good meal. I wanna be 170-180, hopefully all muscle. I see my odds, and they get slimmer and slimmer as the summer goes on…

This is what I got when I Googled “wave goodbye.” I figured that it must be relevant somehow

2 responses to “SSDD

  1. HA! It’s funny because she has a tramp stamp. 😀

    I’m totally out of shape too. Yes– Opie, the kid who could pull a 5:30 mile last year is out of shape. Blegh. I’ve been sporadically lifting and hitting the elliptical at my house, but it’s not the same as training regularly. I don’t have any kind of a plan, and I honestly don’t have the focus for one right now. Senioritis has sunk in– hard. I have little desire to do anything beyond what’s required, and event that’s difficult.

    My goal is to get ripped before Fall. College girls love a man with muscles, righ’?!?

  2. Oh hells to the yeah yeah! And scars. Know this, though – there will be people more ripped than you, and that’s OK, because they are terrifying.

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