The Prospect of Time

As the final days of my senior year pass by, I pause for a moment.

I am going to be in school for another seven or eight years.

In that time, I hope to learn as much as I humanly can to, well, leave my mark on the world. I know it sounds excessively idealistic, and that I’m sort of “talking big”, but I know I have never said anything more true in my life. Living in mediocrity and having any association with commonplace character, actions, and dreams is something I wish to dodge with all my might.

My fixed and assured belief is that all the inhabitants of the world (eh, we can go ahead and say the universe) have a definite purpose. Truly, a purpose that does not affect the history and future of mankind is plain, dreary, and unfortunate. In a different light, look at our life spans–so short, so fragile, and utterly mortal. And yet…If one gives a bit of themselves into the equation of the common welfare of humanity, immortality is very much possible. I’m not going to sit here and say “WHY YES, I am going to be Dr. King Jr. or invent the light-bulb”, but that I have thought long and hard about what I am here for. It’s not for myself.

My future education and career choices will prove to be one of the most difficult tasks I might ever face. I’m not exactly certain what I will specifically spend my days painstakingly making my life’s meaning, but I have an idea. My life will mean something, and I’m not going to simply be living in a cubicle (think the office). =) I’ve thought about the fact I haven’t made it into a dramatically high ranking school in the nation. Would you like my opinion? I will pay less, and law school offers an excellent graduate education. Done and done.

Furthermore, I am not too certain I will stay in the great state of Montana after college. Because my counselor has even suggested it, I have seriously considered studying “abroad” elsewhere–likely domestically in a larger city–yes, people actually can in the same country. I just feel as though if I cannot find enough opportunity solely with my current choice, I will find others. Whatever it takes, I intend to become someone significant: regardless of how much work, tirelessness, pain, and time, I will win. I have a feeling if one offers their entire being to something, only good can ensue.

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