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The Prospect of Time

As the final days of my senior year pass by, I pause for a moment.

I am going to be in school for another seven or eight years.

In that time, I hope to learn as much as I humanly can to, well, leave my mark on the world. I know it sounds excessively idealistic, and that I’m sort of “talking big”, but I know I have never said anything more true in my life. Living in mediocrity and having any association with commonplace character, actions, and dreams is something I wish to dodge with all my might.

My fixed and assured belief is that all the inhabitants of the world (eh, we can go ahead and say the universe) have a definite purpose. Truly, a purpose that does not affect the history and future of mankind is plain, dreary, and unfortunate. In a different light, look at our life spans–so short, so fragile, and utterly mortal. And yet…If one gives a bit of themselves into the equation of the common welfare of humanity, immortality is very much possible. I’m not going to sit here and say “WHY YES, I am going to be Dr. King Jr. or invent the light-bulb”, but that I have thought long and hard about what I am here for. It’s not for myself.

My future education and career choices will prove to be one of the most difficult tasks I might ever face. I’m not exactly certain what I will specifically spend my days painstakingly making my life’s meaning, but I have an idea. My life will mean something, and I’m not going to simply be living in a cubicle (think the office). =) I’ve thought about the fact I haven’t made it into a dramatically high ranking school in the nation. Would you like my opinion? I will pay less, and law school offers an excellent graduate education. Done and done.

Furthermore, I am not too certain I will stay in the great state of Montana after college. Because my counselor has even suggested it, I have seriously considered studying “abroad” elsewhere–likely domestically in a larger city–yes, people actually can in the same country. I just feel as though if I cannot find enough opportunity solely with my current choice, I will find others. Whatever it takes, I intend to become someone significant: regardless of how much work, tirelessness, pain, and time, I will win. I have a feeling if one offers their entire being to something, only good can ensue.


By the title of this post, you may wonder: huh?

Well you see, I have this oratory I’ve been doing all year for speech and debate.

I added this little bit about Charlie Sheen a few months ago, and now he’s in the forefront of the news.

Simply, if he keeps his antics up, I sound even more relevant than ever in my speech. Yes, that means I have a symbiotic relationship with Charlie Sheen. It’s really disgusting, but oh well.

NOW that I sort of have a life again (since speech and debate has ended), I am focusing on more important matters any high school senior had ought to:

1. Excess Financial Aid Applications-I finished FAFSA, yet have to complete some sort of CSS nonsense profile via Ridiculous. Just give me the money I deserve, and let’s move on. These people don’t know who I am, obviously. WHO AM I?

Someone who doesn’t deserve to study my dad’s 2010 tax return, that’s who. Mergh.

2. SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS!!!-I have accounting, school-specific, national, and many other types of scholarships I’m currently completing. FUN. I LOVE IT. I wish I could do scholarships all day, every day. It’s just my thing. Ha. Ha. NO.

3. Playing Xbox 360-Sadly enough, I have revisited my most favourite (it deserves the British word) game: Mass Effect. As such, I have completed the first, and have moved onto the second. I’m surprised at how my game experience or what have you is quite different from the first. Bioware (maker of the game) wasn’t kidding when they said “every experience is different”. Lovely. Um.

The third is an unhealthy thing. Which leads me to the third entity:

4. HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS-It SEEMS as though everyone is BUSY lately. MERRWAH. That sounds is reserved for times that I’m slightly frustrated. I need social interaction, since the WHOLE year I’m around really loud, obnoxious, intelligent, and ridiculous high schoolers. I need a bit of that now that it’s completely over. 🙂 So DROP ALL POINTS OF INTEREST ON YOUR SCHEDULES, AND MAKE TIME FOR SPENCER. THANKS. BUDDY.

5. Making blogs, surfing the internet, and drinking coffee-This is the pinnacle of my free time. I do quite enjoy it. However on the part of surfing the internet much more, I have found several very…interesting music videos. I’ll give you one.


I’m sorry. Please don’t sue me for having your mind violently disengaged from all that is decent. Sue Ke$ha. I had nothing of interest to say, and that’s what happens. And that’s what we do.





The Wondrous Spencer Sheehan College List, Speech & Debate Endings, Why Valentine’s Day Is The Devil, and Coffee Addictions Revisited

So here’s the skinny on where I’ve been accepted thus far:

Gonzaga University
University of Montana
University of Portland
Carroll College
Then, I’m currently waiting to hear from:

Boston College
Georgetown University
Seattle Pacific University
Rocky Mountain College
The Davidson Honors College (In U of M)

That’s about it, folks. I really think I should apply to somewhere in Florida, though…I mean:


Yeah. Um. My life sucks 🙂

Onto Speech and Debate.

Last weekend was the state meet in Great Falls. Twas’ fun! Um…Some of us made a splash in their newspaper after a day…

I’m not in this one, but it was in between an impromptu round

For the long and short of it, my team did okay…I got third in my event.



So, for Business Professionals of America, my club purchased NINE HUNDRED roses. Yeah. To sell. I’m excited and frightened at the same time. That’s a lot of love to go around…Ahem. But it should be a hit.

One more thing: my coffee addiction is escalating. Want to hear what I’ve had in the past week? Okay. Great.

1. Grande Huckleberry Latte, 3X shots
2. London Fog, Large
3. Large Hazelnut Latte, 2X shots
4. Coconut Latte, 2X shots

…that’s just starting monday. Yeah. Um. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m going to break the bank. It’s all for a good cause though, right? My not falling asleep. Yay.



The Chocolate of Doom, Creepy Kindle Voices, And Sci-Fi Love Revisited

Aloha, it’s the kindle.

Although this isn’t the pinnacle of my nerd-presents, it’s so handy. I can read digital books at reduced prices, make notes right on the pages, and even tweet/facebook you phrases that I find witty. It’s all so very heart warming, eh? This is the truth, except one fatal detail: TEXT TO SPEECH. Now, I’m quite happy with this function of Amazon’s Kindle, yet the man voice is quite creepy. I’ll go ahead and attach a snippet (turn UP the volume; it’s a tad quiet…and creepy):

And even creepier, the woman:

Great, no? No. Creepy, and somewhat utilitarian. Spencer’s kindle. Fair and Balanced. You decide.

I have a few words of wisdom to those who might find themselves in the same predicament to which I find myself.

Use moderation.

Fine, it’s not as much as I used to have as a kid during Halloween, but still. This is Christmas. Not “LET’S GORGE OURSELVES TO THE POINT OF COCOA POISONING”—Day. Why do I have handfuls of delectable chocolates? I don’t know. They probably walked into my life one night, deciding it would improve my life. Sadly, it has only somewhat prompted me into blogging about it. Tacky.


Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney


It was wonderful. I don’t care what anyone says, thinks, or does, it was great. The special effects were stunning, plot actually not too bad, and science that isn’t necessarily believable by our standards, but intriguing nonetheless. Tron was very action packed, but moderated by the attention to detail in scenery and storyline. Please go see it. As a measurement of how much I enjoyed the thing, I kinda bought the movie poster online at Amazon for $9.99.

Don’t call my life pathetic. I prefer enlightened, thank you very much.



Christmas Wishes…And Threats

Put On Your Fatpants And Ride The Bandwagon to Wal*Mart

I almost began by saying, “Merry CHRISTMAS!” Yeah. The music has finally gotten to me; it’s repulsive.

Well, yesterday I feasted on turkey and my grandma’s impeccable gravy…(I could probably live off of it alone)…as well as homemade pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. YUM. YUM. YUM.

I feel so obnoxious during the holidays. I eat, buy, buy, wrap, unwrap, give, give, and drink cocoa. The last is more or less my most favorite. Thanksgiving was as entertaining as it usually turns out to be: laughing, politics, more politics, politics on FOX News concerning the series “The Rise, Fall, and Future of Conservatism” (which my grandma LOVED watching…me too slightly) and the whole lot. The entire thing is delightful and entertaining. 🙂


So, Shopko, we’re selling turkey roasters? Really? Do you THINK we need that after we’ve barely finished digesting said bird? NO! Bad idea to create a fortress of them which simply serves to be yet another obstacle in the store to hurdle over.

My mother and I were the sole shoppers this morning at five A.M. where we passed Best Buy, ever so fearfully (the parking lot was FULL. FULL…minus the expected fist fights…).

We went to Shopko, American Eagle, Penny’s (ties, shirts…slippers!), and Dillards (Calvin Kline shirts…SCORE).
All of said purchasing was for Christmas–I might get to have one shirt or something, but otherwise NNNNOOOO. It’s all for Christmas, which is a good thing…Hell, I passed some Calvin Kline SUITS and just about passed out with giddiness.

SPENCER DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER SUIT. I need to keep reminding me this. I have the essentials. Well, more than the essentials, which is overly-essential. My essentialness is above average then? Huh.

Well look at that, Spencer’s tired. Hello memory foam pillow. Goodbye twentyeleven!


*END TRANSMISSION!* COMMAND//:1010—-From, Spencer

“We’re in High School Musical…in Montana…” & To Get Grocery Car-Smashed


Well in case you’re wondering (which OF COURSE YOU WERE), the meet was wonderful last weekend. I took second in the Original Oratory event, which, surprisingly, is the worst I’ve done all year–which, even though I worded it strangely, is a good thing. I’ve been kicking butt and taking names. Also,Billings Senior High has also been doing such. We placed third at the meet, which evidently hasn’t happened for a decade or so. No big deal. Only a teary-eyed coach. We missed awards though, which happened to be in the fanciest school I have ever seen (even in regards to Wyoming funding): Glacier High School.

To keep it simple, I found on the contractor’s site it cost about only 30 million dollars, and the school owns 60 acres. Holy Moses. Oh, and the cafeteria inside like High School Musical. No big deal.

"Don't stick to the status quo..." Oh my God. That's just odd, yet wonderful to behold.

Can’t you see random kids dancing down the stairs? I can…Anyway, the school was above par and thus, I give the billionare who donated money kudos for making Disney proud…maybe…:)

Ah, and then here’s the entrance of the mall-looking school. It looks like they shipped it from California. Interesting. Anyway, I really feel like a stalker. Had to do it. 🙂

For whatever reason, I REALLLLLLY enjoy architecture. Okay, now I’m done. Onto more relevant matters:

And oh look, it’s the holidays.

How fun.

I really do enjoy festivities, food, and family, yet I find myself  at odds with the public whenever said holidays occur. Today, Albertson’s was basically a sphere of anarchy, and gave me insight as to how the world will look when it does indeed end. A note: there will be a lot of trashy people trying to purchase boxed wine and cranberry sauce. I’ll be looking forward to that. Lovely.

Not that A Christmas Carol has anything to do with Thanksgiving in particular, but I sort of played Scrooge in the seventh grade. Huh. Well…I don’t HATE the holidays…just some people before Thanksgiving and Christmas, or after Thanksgiving (BLACK FRIDAY…*Jaws Music*)

One more thing: stay off the roads; they’re despicable. I almost died. FIVE TIMES. Well, I’m not sure about that. People are stupid drivers at times, unfortunately. STUPID. DRIVERS.

execution1010101//: —-from, Spencer

The Soul of A Cow: Insights of Political Science

Yesterday, my Introduction to Political Science class finished reading Plato’s Republic. A wonderful book with many different takes on the human condition, yet mostly about whether it is most profitable to be just or unjust.

So naturally, Plato goes into this whole long tangent about humanity, the types of governments, and the soul.


In the assumption the soul is real, our class discussed Plato’s own view

concerning animals. He says in the afterlife we are to choose our next life

(do note this is a Greek philosopher, so yeah–he doesn’t hold contemporary

views on this), with the option of a:

1. Tyrannical/Evil life (yes, think dictator)

2. Virtuous/Good life (think Mother Teresa)

3. Moderate/Normal/Middle of the Road life (Joe the Plummer. Ha.)

The first three are human lives. Now, we have animals and plants.

1. Any given animal, tamed or untamed

2. Any given plant

So now the question came up as: do DOGS HAVE SOULS?

(Our professor’s dog had passed away a few months ago, so he was hopeful)


Given that our class couldn’t even define a “soul”, we weren’t sure. I’m inclined to think animals do have souls.

Apparently though, Western culture seems to be in love with the idea of dogs, cats, and such to have souls, while cows and fish do not. Such makes it supposedly easy for us to eat the other animals, such as COWS. Yes, we talked about such.

Our professor then presented the myth of God and the Grand Canyon. Something like:

“God made a line down the middle of the canyon. Humanity was directed to one side (because they have souls) and animals to the other side (they have no souls). However at the last moment, the dog jumped to the other side.”



I don’t care though. How sad.

No one will take away my filet mignon.



The end.




How To Impromptu Your Way To H(e double hockey sticks)

Ah. Well hello. It’s you.

I kinda sorta maybe missed you. Well just look at that. How sentimental.

Well, let me tell you a bit about my life as of late.

I have been doing quite admirably in Speech and Debate at the last two tournaments: Helena and Missoula. I compete in Original Oratory. It’s quite interesting: strange judges, hilarious judges, smart judges, young judges; the whole bit is lovely. I also love my competitors. They’re always fun.


Well, where to begin.

The competitor in the event is given a comic (political) or quote.
Give a 3-5 minute speech on said topic.
Try not to B.S. the entire thing.
Try not to offend the judge.
Try not to offend audience.
Try not to go under time.
Try not to sound like a babbling fool.

Well, I can be proud to say I only failed at the last–once–when I went on a random tangent about India, Kashmir, and Pakistan…Oh, and Plato. Yes. No, not the the stuff kinder-gardeners use. The philosopher. (In three speeches of mine…he appeared…out of no where, sadly)

Overall, I learned three things in Missoula’s tournament:

1. Grey suits are bad luck.
2. Judges mistake your name for another person’s, who is not very good in the event, hurting your scores
3. The above doesn’t matter, because you win anyway. (Yay?)
4. I was wrong about the whole, “THREE THINGS”…thing.
5. I can’t get a big head about winning my event.
6. My mom watches Glenn Beck too much.



P.S.: I don’t have anything against FOX, just the self righteous. At times. OHH, and I didn’t use correct grammar. SORRY. You know who you are. I’m talking to you. I don’t care. HA!

Isn’t it obvious I don’t care? … … … …

Poor Elmo. Good God.

Uh huh. Yes, I forgot to blog for a while. As in, about a month. Or two. Indeed, I can report to you that I’m deeply saddened that I was so busy. I have quit my job at city brew sadly, yet this allows time for more miscellaneous crap, like speech and debate, bpa, and of course, the blog (ohhh, national honor society too). Anyway. Here are my updates.

1. Spirit week, (AKA HOMECOMING) was awesome. I’m too scared to show my toga, but I will show my extreme black and orange day (next to my friend Taylor) 🙂
My hair is a mess, but all is well.

Yeah, you're jealous. In case you're wondering, electric tape is very extreme.

Anyway, this week I have mid-terms for my Political Science class. FREAKING SCARY. I will have to write a really huge summary on Plato’s The Republic in less than an hour and a half. FUNNN. Well, otherwise everything’s just hunkeydory. I’m writing up scholarship essays, and memorizing/practicing my new Oratory speech for the Speech & Debate team. I can tell you I imitate Katy Perry at one point…as in….

So yeah. My speech has to do with our obsession with celebrities, rather than IMPORTANT matters…need I say more?

I hope not.

If I didn’t, just watch Elmo. He’s practically being assaulted by Katy and her overly-shown cleavage. For preschoolers. Great stuff. Masterpiece of an episode. 🙂