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Legacy & Evolution

The TwentyEleven Project was established back in 2010 to capture the “senior year experience” before, during, and after; authors who wrote for this blog posted from their perspectives as juniors, seniors, and college freshman. The goal was to capture this unique period of time in life, and the changes that come with it.

TwentyEleven ended May 2011, when the seniors on the blog graduated that year. Now, the old group of authors has come together again, six years later, to write and share how their lives have changed since this blog ceased to be active. The new blog is aptly named The TwentyEighteen Project.

Much has changed in the six-years that have passed since this blog ended. If you were a fan of this blog when it was active, I hope that you will join us on this new endeavor.

Thanks for being apart of twentyeleven, and we hope to see you on twentyeighteen.


P.S. Outside of twentyeighteen, I’ve also been active on my personal blog, The Final Summer. Feel free to check out that blog if you want to know what I’ve been up to since twentyeleven ended.

We’re Not Finished Here Yet…

If you’ve been checking the blog in the past two-weeks, you’ve probably noticed a lack of fresh content. For whatever reason, it seems that all eight of us decided to take a two-week vacation away from the blog. Regardless of what the actual reason for the extreme lack of new posts is, I feel the need to emphasize that the twentyeleven project is not dead! Look for new posts on the blog in the next couple of days– I imagine the appearance of this post on the blog will inspire the other authors to quit slacking. 😉

– Will

behind the scenes microblog intro / will’s vlog #8

We know you love twentyeleven, even if you’re too proud to profess your love for the blog in a comment on some of our posts. So to satisfy your silent, non-verbally requested desires for more content on what happens behind the scenes at twentyeleven, I’ve created a new microblog: behind the scenes.

It will mostly contain info on new features and updates coming to the twentyeleven project, but it will also have information on my numerous other web-pursuits.

I’ve also made a quick vlog with my new webcam. The video seems to get a bit glitchy toward the end, but the audio is crystal-clear and loud throughout. Enjoy.

– Will


Merry Christmas!

We know how much you like re-gifted figgy pudding...

Merry Christmas, twentyeleven readers! We hope your Christmas Day is going well (and if it isn’t, we hope you have a rockin’ New Years). As a “thank you” to all of the dedicated fans who check out everyday (even when we don’t have new posts), we would like to announce the following additions:

  • Live Webcasting: We announced that it would be coming soon last month in this promo podcast, and now it’s here! Santa happily provided us with a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and a CAD U7 microphone so that we could create a kick ass HD webcasting studio.
  • Podcasting: If you loved ’em on The Final Summer, then you’ll be glad to hear that they’ll be coming to twentyeleven soon… like tomorrow.
  • MORE VIDEOS… ‘Nuff said. (If you haven’t seen the twentyeleven videos yet, check them out here.)

…and last (but certainly not least)

  • We have a new author! Molly Brown officiallyjoined the twentyeleven crew a few days ago, and we are excited to have her on-board. We look forward to her future posts. (Check out her intro post here.)

We hope the rest of your Christmas Day is great, and wish you a Happy New Year!

– Will

twentyeleven admin

Happy Thanksgiving! (audio post)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (I used the awesome post-audio-by-phone method to get this up.)

Podcast: Live Webcasting Promo (*featuring a random rap)

Live webcasting coming soon via-uStream. Check out the promo podcast below!

Can’t get enough twentyeleven, eh?

It’s OK, we understand. You want it, and we got it.

Connect with us on:

Twitter: @OP13: Will’s Twitter Page/ the official twentyeleven tweet deck

FACEBOOK: the official twentyeleven Facebook page

YOUTUBE: the official twentyeleven YouTube channel

And Coming soon… uStream

the official twentyeleven project uStream page

ALSO… Podcasting upgrade coming soon!

My Day: A Vlog

If you didn’t know already, the twentyeleven project has it’s own official YouTube channel. We’ve had a channel for a few weeks now, but the first video was posted on it today, by me. This video is basically a short vide0-log (vlog) about my third day as a Senior. It’s on the long-ish side as far as YouTube videos go, and I wouldn’t exactly call it my best work, but it’s something to watch if you’re extremely bored and need to kill ten minutes.

I made the video with my phone, a Palm Pre Plus. The video quality is passable, but definitely not spectacular. My Kodak z8612IS takes better video, but it’s kind of big and not exactly pocket-friendly. (I’m probably going to use it to make an intro video for the channel in a few days, so you can compare the video-quality then.) I’m hoping to buy a Flip UltraHD video camera and Sony Vegas in a few weeks with some birthday cash, so I can improve the video quality and video editing.

What about podcasts? Well, folks, the cash-flow around OP13 studios is a bit on the slim-side at the moment, so podcasts won’t appear until I receive my next paycheck on September 10th. I still have my trusty old Snowball Mic though, so I may bust out a few podcasts on my personal blog* if I feel so inclined.

So that’s it. Remember to stay tuned and check back for fresh posts daily.

– Will


* My personal blog technically ended on August 25th, the last day of Summer vacation. However, I left a big empty space in posts where my summer vacation took place, so I will be updating that blog a bit with those older posts. I may randomly post something on there in the future, but don’t expect daily posts, or even somewhat regular posts.


Today we launch the twentyeleven project, a blogging community. There are multiple authors posting for the project, so there will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like the project, and we also hope that you are active within our community. You can do this by commenting on posts you find interesting, stupid, funny, insightful, offensive, thought provoking, etc. The more active you are within the community, the more we will know about what you like! So make sure to comment often– we will read them and usually respond to them within a day or two (some of our bloggers post randomly, so they may not be able to respond to your comments as soon).


– Will

Coming soon…

the twentyeleven project officially begins 8.26.2010