Frequently Asked Questions

(For the confused, stupid, and/or lost.)

What is this blog about?

Well, genius, if you look at the top of the screen there is an About page. Perhaps you should check that out.

If you’ve read that page and are still scratching your head when you read the posts, then here’s a simple answer: the blog is about everything. The authors for this blog are free to write about everything, and they often do. Sometimes we use each other for topic ideas (ex. the whole “love conundrum” series), but usually we just write about whatever we feel like at the moment.

Who runs this blog?

That’s a tricky question to answer. Technically we all run the blog because everyone is allowed to freely post whatever they want, whenever they want without any formal approval process. We all contribute to the blog, and everyone’s contributions are valued equally (even if some of us post more than others…). However, you’ll often see me (Will) referred to as the “boss man” because I’m the guy who brought everyone together.

So, can I get in on this?

Sure. If you would like to join in on the fun, you’re more then welcome to. Simply waltz up to one of the blog authors and tell them you would like to join the twentyeleven project. They may look at you funny and say something like, “Oh, the twentyeleven project! I haven’t posted on there in ages…”, but don’t be discouraged. Chances are they’ll pass the memo on to me. If you don’t know any of the authors or you believe they haven’t passed the memo on, you can e-mail us at: thetwentyelevenproject@gmail.com

Where is the project based?

The twentyeleven project is based out of Billings, MT, but one of our authors (Kayla!) posts from Flint, Michigan.

When did the project start?

The project started on August 26th, 2010 (see our first posts on that day here), the first day of school for upperclassmen in School District No. 2 high schools in Billings.

Can I get on twentyeleven.org at school?

Yes, currently twentyeleven is not blocked by the Barricuda filter.

When will the project end?

Who knows. Originally, it was slated to end at the class of 2011’s graduation, but the blog is technically set up to continue indefinitely. (The “before, during, after” concept would remain intact next year– juniors during the 2010-11 school year would simply become the “during” perspective next year, seniors would become the “after” perspective, and college freshman would remain in the “after” perspective… To continue with this original theme, we would have to recruit new juniors next year, but that’s another story for a later date… Stay tuned.)

I imagine that we will all slowly abandon the blog when we “grow up” and get too busy to post (or just not care anymore), but if (or when) that happens is unknown.

How often do you guys post? Is there any kind of schedule?

Unfortunately (and fortunately), there is no schedule of when we will post. Most of us try to post at least once a week to keep content on the site “fresh”, but some people will only post one or twice a month. The authors here are free to post whenever they can or want to– which is why you may see authors who post once or twice a month suddenly start posting like crazy and then slow down again. It’s erratic, but it makes the site unique.

(This FAQ was updated by Will on January 4th, 2011.)

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  1. Love the blog.

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