I know, two in a row, don’t go expecting anything. Anyway, I just wanted to get this out there that I am no longer in shape. I know, it doesn’t look it – I’m totally skinny and totally not-squishy, but really, it’s not because I’m fit. I have little muscle and no fat. I know this because I did a push-up test a few days ago – I barely was able to get 20 consecutive. It took all of my focus, concentration, and energy. I used to be able to do that almost without breaking a sweat. Too top it off, I used to run with Opie like a boss – a mile a day keeps heart disease away. Hell, I even ran outside of class, did a personal 5-k in 21 minutes (which I am proud of given that I never really was addicted to running, I just like to do it). Now, I breathe heavily at the top of the LA building stairs and could hardly run for a minute without feeling the irresistible (yet resisted) urge to just stop. I’m sad at myself.

Just like this, really, albeit with more Chili Fritos

And I’m sick of it. SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day), over and over. Time to stop this bullcrap. I started training again today for running – I’m working my way up. SLowly, though, because I have to lift and run around everywhere at my job. I come home and feel like I fought in WW1. But still, I’m starting doing some basic body-weight exercises again. I’ve got a plan (that I found online, Google it) that’ll get me to 100 consecutive push-ups in 6 weeks if I follow it (that’s 80 more than I can do right now, Jesus). In addition, my family has all started a running program that’ll work us all up from nothing really to a 5k in time for the Heart and Sole Run, which we all want to do. And to complement my push-ups, I’m doing squats/wall-sits every day, increasing steadily in general amount of work done, and burpees. God, I loathe burpees.

Burpees: God’s Punishment to Mankind for Everything in the History of Ever

Oh, and I did mention that I regularly have to haul around bags of dirt, concrete, bark, and the occasional BARBEQUE at work, right? So that’ll help with functionality. Plus I work at my mom’s studio, I’m trying to be an instructor, so I’m probably going to be doing yoga once a day or more (which I really shouldn’t bitch about because she often does it 5 times a day 5 days a week, but I’m still going to). Also, I’m going to have Jared, one of the bad-asses at work who has done martial arts all his life and can punch through two layers of drywall and elbow through one, show me some boxing and ground-game stuff for the next month or so. After that, I’m probably going to join The Grindhouse with Josh and maybe Adam if he wants to and their boxing program so that we can all be over 9000 (bringing our total to at least 27000)

But it is, Nappa – ball-crushingly terrifying, yes; but not wrong

All of this will be happening at the same time. Sort of like Inception, only with my body instead of my dreams (unless… nah I won’t get into that).. Ultimately, my goal is to have a physique like Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. I would put his picture here, but I fear that that would make any accomplishment seem inferior. I’m not really big into the UFC anymore, but I have always known GSP has the best technique and the best physique among all the Welterweights. Quite simply, he is the best looking monster you would ever see. Also, he’s a Canadian who speaks French, giving him the best of both worlds – the accent of the French without actually being a Frenchman.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m trying to gain weight during all this? Right now, I’m right around 155 on a good day after a pretty good meal. I wanna be 170-180, hopefully all muscle. I see my odds, and they get slimmer and slimmer as the summer goes on…

This is what I got when I Googled “wave goodbye.” I figured that it must be relevant somehow

Been Forever, but I’m Back

This was infuriating enough that I’ve just got to talk about it. Please, watch the video and then understand what happened so that you get the whole story, and you might understand how he could do such a thing.

It’s kinda disturbing, but it could be a lot worse.

Just watch from 0:45 to about 1:15. Critical Mass is a group of people who ride their bikes really just to show that they are on their bikes and stop city traffic. Hundreds of them, and only to stop traffic because fuck you, they’re on their bikes. No other reason. So if you need to get to work, and these assholes have decided on the route you need to use to get these, too fucking bad. Unless you’re this guy. I mean, yeah, it’s terrible. I feel bad for the bikers – kinda. I mean’ they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They put themselves there and then asked for it more than every 14-18 female MySpace/Facebook picture ever:

MySpace Asking For It
I would have a picture from Encyclopaedia Dramatica, but it’s gone now… I miss it so much…

But still, nobody should get run over (though really, they just kinda got plowed over the tops and sides). Would I run them over? No, but that’s because I naturally am against injuring anybody or anything that isn’t trying to injure me. These people really have no unified messages other than one general, stupid thing: bicycle awareness (which in and of itself is a joke because I am totally aware that there are indeed bicycles and people like to ride them for recreational and transportation purposes, there is little you can do to make me more aware of this fact). So to show that bicycle riders have every right to share the road with vehicles, they’ll stop traffic. When any vehicle aside from a motorcycle is, for all intents and purposes, a tank that can go 60+ MILES. PER. HOUR. If you get i front of them, that’s over a ton of metal going 35 in-town going straight up your ass. The odds are not in your favor of not getting injured – I’m sure that Russian Roulette with a 9mm has better odds of not getting you seriously wounded.

Russian Roulette for Morons
It’s funny because the clip will automatically put the bullet in the chamber.

I just don’t understand the logic. What I do get is a group of smart bicyclists that call themselves Critical Manners. What do they do in response to Critical Mass? Follow bike laws. You know, by stopping at stop signs and red lights, giving proper turn signals, staying in bike lanes when available. You know, polite stuff. That would make motorists much more respectful of bikers if that happened more often. But no, fuck common sense and getting people to like us and understand us by not being antagonistic. We’ll follow real logic, like most smug, self-righteous pieces of wanna-be-hippie shit: instead of showing how the meat industry is terrible because they wash ground beef in ammonia and mix it with ligaments and cartilage to make it seem like more than it is, we’ll just go to a steak house and chain ourselves to the doors; instead of showing how the whaling industry still happens and gathering a petition to increase international control over the industry, we’ll just attack whaling ships because those people are EVIL PEOPLE, not just people doing their jobs, possibly the only ones they know how to do that pays for them and theirs. No, that would be too logical. Instead, let’s stop people from going to work, ambulances from gettin to hospitals, fire trucks from getting to fires, because we are on our bikes and deserve to be respected.

Jesus Agrees
He’s just all right with me, but still, J-dog has my back on these fucking hippies (hipsters? Fuck it, these assholes in general.)

The Anticipation Grows…

Long time no type huh. Sorry about that. =\

I’m sitting here in the chair, wondering when I’ll be able to leave. Anticipation laces through my mind with probing questions, “How many more days? How many more events? What are your grades like? What will you do this summer?” My mind is achingly bored. These classes, though fun, are mind numbing on certain days and make me want to punch in a wall. Or a sheet of tissue paper…. that might be less painful. I’m jittery and on edge, counting down, figuring the hours that I still have to endure within these walls. It’s a tiresome wait. An agonizing wait. The days drag by slower and slower. I discover new things daily, and attempt to live with zest, zeal, and positivity. But it becomes difficult when no one is trying, no one is expecting great things, and no one expects things of you. I’m waiting. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. What will tomorrow bring? What will my future look like? I can probably answer this question easier than the others. All I have done is obsess about my future, about the plans eventually to happen. Pouring over the various checkpoints to reach my first class of college August 24th. I have created list after list, calculated, searched for jobs, filled out various applications, and conducted mini surveys of my mind about how it might be. Gah! I am tiring myself, sitting at home and participating in these silly brain games associated with the “to be’s” and “not to be’s”. Can the summer approach any slower than the sluggish pace it has carried over these past four weeks?

Summer, if you’re listening, this is not the time to be lazy.

Yours truly,


Dear WiFi Router:


I know you don’t like me, but a friendly “F*** you!” would have been better then just randomly dying. Damned DSL-modem/wireless router combos…

Thanks (or rather “I hope you rot in the ninth ring of Hell, you dirty electronic P.O.S.),


Hey TwentyEleven Crew,

    I know that we’ve been MIA for a few weeks (again), but look for new content to begin coming in on a regular basis soon. The school year is coming to a close, and teachers are slowly lowering the insane workload to a semi-reasonable level (either that, or I’m just getting used to it). Videos and postcasts will be hittin’ the blog soon, so stay tuned…

    –  Will


I apologize to anyone reading this of my absence in this blog. While life has been very busy and cluttered with activities, there were not a ton of new things to report about. However, now a few things have developed.

First and foremost, I am going to attend the University of Puget Sound this fall.

I received my acceptance Tuesday, and will send my confirmation Monday. While I am very excited, and know in my heart of hearts that this college is the one, I can’t help but be skeptical. My skepticism is in one aspect, and one aspect only. That being, cost. Puget Sound, while wonderful, is a wee bit pricey. In the college savings that I presently have, I will be able to be pay for the next two years. However, after that, I’m not quite so sure.

That being stated, I know that if I don’t go to my favorite college, Puget Sound, I won’t feel all together right. I know that if I don’t get out of Montana, I may never leave. So for the next two years, I have a guaranteed change. We’ll see how it goes from there.

Already my mind is at ease with my decision in general, though. I can visualize things so clearly, that helps me know I made the right choice.

Second, as of this coming Monday, I will begin tech week for POV Teen 2011, which opens Friday. Oofta! This has been a long stretch of writing and rehearsals, but it has been so worth it. I’m excited to carry on with it all the more, and bring POV to life before an audience. I love that I have that sort of opportunity.

Now, for the shameless plug. If any of you have not purchased your tickets for POV, or have no idea when it is, do I have some information for you! If you go to this link:

After you do so, you will discover the number to call to purchase/reserve tickets, and also the individual facebook events per night. So if you want to make sure we know you’re going, respond! The more people the merrier. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Shameless plug: complete.

So really the two main things in my life right now are school and POV Teen. High school hasn’t changed for me really, however the promise of college makes it all the sweeter. Aside from that, I’ve been on a pretty repetitive day to day schedule, which has been significantly busy.

For now, this is all I have to cloud your minds with.  Farewell dear twentyeleven-ers, I will back to blog next week, or sooner, to repent for my lack of blogging.

Love always,



If A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words…

…then an incredibly awkward video should be worth at least a hundred, right? After watching a few Geico commercials that were made in fifteen minutes or less (remember the “sexy grandpa” one?), I felt inspired to make my own video. Enjoy.


By the title of this post, you may wonder: huh?

Well you see, I have this oratory I’ve been doing all year for speech and debate.

I added this little bit about Charlie Sheen a few months ago, and now he’s in the forefront of the news.

Simply, if he keeps his antics up, I sound even more relevant than ever in my speech. Yes, that means I have a symbiotic relationship with Charlie Sheen. It’s really disgusting, but oh well.

NOW that I sort of have a life again (since speech and debate has ended), I am focusing on more important matters any high school senior had ought to:

1. Excess Financial Aid Applications-I finished FAFSA, yet have to complete some sort of CSS nonsense profile via Ridiculous. Just give me the money I deserve, and let’s move on. These people don’t know who I am, obviously. WHO AM I?

Someone who doesn’t deserve to study my dad’s 2010 tax return, that’s who. Mergh.

2. SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS!!!-I have accounting, school-specific, national, and many other types of scholarships I’m currently completing. FUN. I LOVE IT. I wish I could do scholarships all day, every day. It’s just my thing. Ha. Ha. NO.

3. Playing Xbox 360-Sadly enough, I have revisited my most favourite (it deserves the British word) game: Mass Effect. As such, I have completed the first, and have moved onto the second. I’m surprised at how my game experience or what have you is quite different from the first. Bioware (maker of the game) wasn’t kidding when they said “every experience is different”. Lovely. Um.

The third is an unhealthy thing. Which leads me to the third entity:

4. HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS-It SEEMS as though everyone is BUSY lately. MERRWAH. That sounds is reserved for times that I’m slightly frustrated. I need social interaction, since the WHOLE year I’m around really loud, obnoxious, intelligent, and ridiculous high schoolers. I need a bit of that now that it’s completely over. 🙂 So DROP ALL POINTS OF INTEREST ON YOUR SCHEDULES, AND MAKE TIME FOR SPENCER. THANKS. BUDDY.

5. Making blogs, surfing the internet, and drinking coffee-This is the pinnacle of my free time. I do quite enjoy it. However on the part of surfing the internet much more, I have found several very…interesting music videos. I’ll give you one.


I’m sorry. Please don’t sue me for having your mind violently disengaged from all that is decent. Sue Ke$ha. I had nothing of interest to say, and that’s what happens. And that’s what we do.





who are you again?

yeah… it’s been a while, i know. at the urging of the bossman, i have decided to explain why i haven’t been posting at all for a while.

Junior Term paper.

it’s hell. it’s not as bad as everybody makes it seem, but it is very time-comsuming. when i’m not researching my term paper(on depression), i’m giving friends a ride to wherever they wanna go, working(someone quit so i get more hours… yay?), shopping for a prom dress(i am going with bossman), or attempting to relax. what do i do for fun? drive around listening to my ipod, which is in desperate need of some new tunes. i saw brian regan with my family last weekend, and he said “an ipod is a wonderful device. it turns all the songs you love, into songs you never want to hear again.” which is generally true. i spend most of the time on my ipod pushing the next button. luckily, lady gaga’s new album comes out soon, and panic at the disco’s new album is coming out next month. yaaaaaaaaaaaay. both have released singles, and i gotta say i prefer P!atd’s “the ballad of mona lisa” to lady G’s “born this way”. i just have to point out one thing… if you are transgender, (nothing wrong with it) you weren’t born that way. that’s the whole point of being transgender. plot flaw in the new one there.

in other news… last payday, i made $149. it was almost completely gone that night. i went to walmart, cashed my check, got some things i’ve been wanting to try, (some new mascara, new soap for my bathroom, mt dew whiteout, 17 magazine, toothpaste, stride SPARK, and some grapes) you know. the good stuff. then i had to go to my dad’s house and babysit my little brother while he went to a meeting so i stopped by QDoba to get some quick dinner before then. i was in a hurry. this is already bad. i grabbed my wallet only out of my purse, left my keys on the seat, and proceded to realize i locked my keys purse AND cell phone in my car. awesome. so i figured i would just go in anyway and at least get something to eat while i figured out how to get my keys. i saw three people i kind of knew and didn’t want to talk to when i walked in, and just when i thought i’d have to ask one of them to use a phone, i saw my friend ashlee in the corner with her dad. she let me use her droid to get the number of the guy who always unlocks my car for me (for $40) and he did that and i went on my merry way. that’s half my paycheck spent. halfway home, *ding* my gas light comes on. sweet. spent another $30 on a half tank of gas. then i went home for about an hour and watched tv with my little brother, and then i picked up kalani from work. molly from her boyfriends, and ashlee from her house and we all went to noodle bowl express to just hang out. i spent another $13 dollars on food for my little brother and i. then i spent $20 dollars at hasting’s on a new lanyard, a coheed and cambria bracelet, and a car charger for my ipod. then i took everyone home and slept like a baby. not really. i suck at sleeping lately. so i spent $133 dollars before 24 hours had passed. i spent the rest the next day hanging out with joshua at grains of montana and paciugo. did you know they make violet flavored gelato? twas good.

i hope i get better about posting more. sorry this is way unorganized.

thanks for reading.

love, kelci

Music Monday: Go Radio

Music Monday is a new opinion column that discusses new releases. In this edition, Will discusses Go Radio’s newest album Lucky Street, which is scheduled to be released on March 1st.

Album art for Go Radio's next album.

As a fan of Mayday Parade’s hit-album A Lesson in Romantics, it would seem only natural for me to also love Go Radio, a band created by former MP member Jason Lancaster. Go Radio’s first EP (Do Overs and Second Chances) sounded like an extension of the musical vibes found in Lancaster’s last album with Mayday Parade (in a good way). Do Overs and Second Chances seems to contain all of the right musical elements that Mayday Parade lost with their most recent album, Anywhere But Here. Whether or not Lancaster’s departure from Mayday Parade affected them so negatively that they effectively lost their mojo is debatable, but his ability to bring the same energy to Go Radio is unquestionable.

However, after listening to a few of singles from Go Radio’s next album Lucky Street (coming soon on March 1st), I feel that Lancaster is trying to lead the band away from his Mayday roots. Lancaster’s vocals seem weak, and the strong, emotion-charged choruses one would expect from this album seem non-existent; his voice still sounds good though, just not very powerful. The singles “Any Other Heart” and “The Truth Is” come off as a major disappointment in comparison to songs from Do Overs and Second Chances, and suggest that the band is moving in a different direction.

I’m hoping that the rest of Lucky Street is less of a disappointment then it’s first two singles, or else I probably won’t buy it. While I can appreciate a band’s decision to move in a different direction and embrace new styles, it seems as if Go Radio is messing with an already perfect recipe. In an attempt to establish their own trademark sounds, they may be ruining what led them to success in the first place.

What do you think Mayday Parade/Go Radio fans? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below (even if you don’t like either band).

We’re Not Finished Here Yet…

If you’ve been checking the blog in the past two-weeks, you’ve probably noticed a lack of fresh content. For whatever reason, it seems that all eight of us decided to take a two-week vacation away from the blog. Regardless of what the actual reason for the extreme lack of new posts is, I feel the need to emphasize that the twentyeleven project is not dead! Look for new posts on the blog in the next couple of days– I imagine the appearance of this post on the blog will inspire the other authors to quit slacking. 😉

– Will