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Legacy & Evolution

The TwentyEleven Project was established back in 2010 to capture the “senior year experience” before, during, and after; authors who wrote for this blog posted from their perspectives as juniors, seniors, and college freshman. The goal was to capture this unique period of time in life, and the changes that come with it.

TwentyEleven ended May 2011, when the seniors on the blog graduated that year. Now, the old group of authors has come together again, six years later, to write and share how their lives have changed since this blog ceased to be active. The new blog is aptly named The TwentyEighteen Project.

Much has changed in the six-years that have passed since this blog ended. If you were a fan of this blog when it was active, I hope that you will join us on this new endeavor.

Thanks for being apart of twentyeleven, and we hope to see you on twentyeighteen.


P.S. Outside of twentyeighteen, I’ve also been active on my personal blog, The Final Summer. Feel free to check out that blog if you want to know what I’ve been up to since twentyeleven ended.

who are you again?

yeah… it’s been a while, i know. at the urging of the bossman, i have decided to explain why i haven’t been posting at all for a while.

Junior Term paper.

it’s hell. it’s not as bad as everybody makes it seem, but it is very time-comsuming. when i’m not researching my term paper(on depression), i’m giving friends a ride to wherever they wanna go, working(someone quit so i get more hours… yay?), shopping for a prom dress(i am going with bossman), or attempting to relax. what do i do for fun? drive around listening to my ipod, which is in desperate need of some new tunes. i saw brian regan with my family last weekend, and he said “an ipod is a wonderful device. it turns all the songs you love, into songs you never want to hear again.” which is generally true. i spend most of the time on my ipod pushing the next button. luckily, lady gaga’s new album comes out soon, and panic at the disco’s new album is coming out next month. yaaaaaaaaaaaay. both have released singles, and i gotta say i prefer P!atd’s “the ballad of mona lisa” to lady G’s “born this way”. i just have to point out one thing… if you are transgender, (nothing wrong with it) you weren’t born that way. that’s the whole point of being transgender. plot flaw in the new one there.

in other news… last payday, i made $149. it was almost completely gone that night. i went to walmart, cashed my check, got some things i’ve been wanting to try, (some new mascara, new soap for my bathroom, mt dew whiteout, 17 magazine, toothpaste, stride SPARK, and some grapes) you know. the good stuff. then i had to go to my dad’s house and babysit my little brother while he went to a meeting so i stopped by QDoba to get some quick dinner before then. i was in a hurry. this is already bad. i grabbed my wallet only out of my purse, left my keys on the seat, and proceded to realize i locked my keys purse AND cell phone in my car. awesome. so i figured i would just go in anyway and at least get something to eat while i figured out how to get my keys. i saw three people i kind of knew and didn’t want to talk to when i walked in, and just when i thought i’d have to ask one of them to use a phone, i saw my friend ashlee in the corner with her dad. she let me use her droid to get the number of the guy who always unlocks my car for me (for $40) and he did that and i went on my merry way. that’s half my paycheck spent. halfway home, *ding* my gas light comes on. sweet. spent another $30 on a half tank of gas. then i went home for about an hour and watched tv with my little brother, and then i picked up kalani from work. molly from her boyfriends, and ashlee from her house and we all went to noodle bowl express to just hang out. i spent another $13 dollars on food for my little brother and i. then i spent $20 dollars at hasting’s on a new lanyard, a coheed and cambria bracelet, and a car charger for my ipod. then i took everyone home and slept like a baby. not really. i suck at sleeping lately. so i spent $133 dollars before 24 hours had passed. i spent the rest the next day hanging out with joshua at grains of montana and paciugo. did you know they make violet flavored gelato? twas good.

i hope i get better about posting more. sorry this is way unorganized.

thanks for reading.

love, kelci

Rewind: The Sideways News

In the last Rewind: column, I talked about how I became interested in blogging. While digging through my desk and my closet this weekend, I stumbled upon some things I had written way back in Freshman year. Two of the things I found were reflections I penned out on lined paper in the early weeks of Freshman year. One discusses 9/11 and the other is summary of how I felt after two-weeks of high school. Both of these reflections were later posted onto a website/blog that I had forgotten about until today.

The website that I had forgotten about was the old The Sideways News website. The Sideways News was a newspaper that I started with some of my friends during junior high. We would get together during the summer and write various news stories about stuff that was going on in our neighborhood, Billings, and anywhere else we felt like writing about. I tried to restart The Sideways News several times after it “died” during my 8th grade year (essentially, the original website was shut down by my school because I posted a poster with a link to my website on my locker), but I never managed to stick with it for much longer than a few months at a time. I also never managed to recapture the interest of the few “editors” who were involved with the newspaper when it was at its prime… and let’s face it– one man can’t write a newspaper. 😉

During one of this times where I tried to resurrect the newspaper, I started blogging. They were fairly short posts, and I didn’t stick with it very long. The horror known as Freshman Honors English quickly ended my brief period of optimism toward this writing prospect, and I only manged to plod out two posts on that blog.

Eventually, I tried to resurrect the newspaper again, but I was unable to log-in to the old Freewebs account that the website was hosted by. After several tries, I gave up and moved The Sideways News over to the Weebly platform. Having a new website to set up and rebuild recaptured my interest in blogging again, so I set up yet another blog on this website. The posts on this blog take place from the beginning of second semester in Freshman year all the way up to the summer before Sophomore year. It’s amusing to see some of the things I’ve written on this blog… One of these posts is rant about the daytime television horror known as Oprah– check it out if you’re in the mood for a laugh.

Looking back on all of these blogs and websites, I feel like an uber nerd. Seriously, who the hell has/had their own website during junior high? And better yet, how many kids were sent to the principal’s office for putting a poster on their locker that advertised the URL of said website in junior high school?*

That’s all for this edition of Rewind:. Stay tuned for another flashback in a few weeks…

– Will


* Yes, I seriously was sent to the principal’s office TWICE for taping a piece of paper with a link to my website on my locker. The first time I was sent in, the office was filled with three teachers, the School Resource Officer, and the principal. I was already nervous because this was the first time I had ever been in the principal’s office for something other than a lame ass award, and it didn’t help that a quarter of the teaching staff AND a police officer were also there. It was a really stupid meeting, and I never really got into any school trouble (ex. detentions, suspension, etc.). My dad did, however, force me to delete the website that was getting me into trouble and also”grounded” me from making future websites for a while… As you can see from the two TSN websites I posted links to above, that didn’t really stop me. 😛


Self-Portrait: One-Month Later

One month into my senior year and I’m already reverting to the basics of the past three years of my life: writing extensively, playing guitar, and dabbling in various forms of photography. After going to Wal*Mart this evening to buy toga essentials (a white flat sheet and a three-pack of sleeveless t-shirts [also known as A-shirts, tank tops, and “wife beaters”]), I went into my bedroom and grabbed the acoustic guitar that got me through the crappy part of my sophomore year. I played for a while, randomly combining chords into a slow, hopeful sounding melody. Then I grabbed my camera.

What do you think? Is it stupid, boring, random, meh… OR is it interesting, unique, cool, legit…  or something else? Let me know.

– Will

P.S. I have some video of a bowling trip I went on with Anne and Jon today that I might put up sometime this weekend… Stay tuned.

The College Perspective: Back to the Bottom of the Totem Pole

The top of the high school totem pole looked so very nice, but here I am back at the bottom of a new one.

Hello. Hi. Hey. I’m Kayla.

^ That’s me ^

In two weeks I start my first year of college. In one week I move into my first apartment. It has two bedrooms; there’s only one person currently planning on living in it, which is a problem.

I’m using the ’11 Project as a means to share my experiences as a freshman in college. Although it has yet to officially begin, I’ve already experienced a slew of new, usually terrifying experiences that just beg to be shared.

I will furthermore be providing: The College Perspective.

( : Kayla


Today we launch the twentyeleven project, a blogging community. There are multiple authors posting for the project, so there will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like the project, and we also hope that you are active within our community. You can do this by commenting on posts you find interesting, stupid, funny, insightful, offensive, thought provoking, etc. The more active you are within the community, the more we will know about what you like! So make sure to comment often– we will read them and usually respond to them within a day or two (some of our bloggers post randomly, so they may not be able to respond to your comments as soon).


– Will